Carry about is total net stars per hour That’s got a shocked by the coin fairy dragon into hero power only when I buy and rent You want to hit you? It doesn’t really overload my weapon in any way like it allowed me to use my weapon charges more cleanly, you know Do we keep this deckhand acute killer fairy dragon? We’re on point. Yeah, that’s not Trained cooking this purple belly man. Yeah, Billy, man It’s no we have room for SAP when you’re running fairy dragons, right? Never underestimate J Alexander, man What if you could run like a thirty five card deck listen hearthstone Would that be ripe for abuse I’m sure there’s a way to abuse a higher deck count. Hey, what’re you play deck? Well, did you see this? bitch fire on fairy dragon You Yeah, cuz we can just go dagger pass in the deck can’t coin Edwin, that’s a very nice though I want a dagger pass in deckhand Queen Edwin. Yeah, I I do too Maybe dress as well. I’ll see what I could do. I probably I’m strongly mixed feelings about the feeling way better about this all of a sudden I Walk one check All right noted Yeah, can I get six six Well, probably they’ll with a combo the shark her dinner can have very strict. Yeah, that’s the game He sat dart on last game that’s what someone in my chat said Okay, that’s a Pathan edit time held your dread quarter. Okay. You don’t want a sec does 6x Edwin ever Yeah, it comes down bigger backs I have it misses the nuts against the Sixers is why you want to make an eight eight against rogue? But it just wasn’t in the cards this time I think I love like when I play Road the way I mean, I build my attacks I do it make it a 6x intentionally so that it gets back step of this Worst-case scenario, we can backs ever own spirit of the show. I want to pose for one at this point Okay Okay, let’s use fine. I Don’t think we’re I don’t think we’re gonna be casting when I go tech for till six I don’t think I’m doing anytime soon, but it felt like he’s not playing stuff for me to poke So I just kind of wanted to do it Maybe if I draw a prep and I raiding party into some taunts I might way I’ll pick soon And there’s no way you don’t take the de Mestre inherit Well, this is the line where I really didn’t want to poke but I Know in my head it felt like you didn’t have this based on how last turn went Back step. I think I back step the 1/3 bring you back said that to him. I like backstabbing the two one as well Okay, so we can make a rod it’s pretty good just go buy it Yeah weeks we should rush first and then make the two drops Yeah. Oh, yeah ball thing. Isn’t that good at this rush because this rush makes it so big. Yeah you Have to do in the opposite order. I think fate set shadow stepping the faceless lack is Oh We did get the man a great through warded for proper sequencing we can fill step it in blip Yeah, you should Know It’s only one extra man in there. I don’t think it’s worth doing that. I Don’t know. We’re not gonna catch Edison, okay Where’s like not cast tonight card ever it gets pretty good with a lot of cards in my deck My triggers coming to mind is something I would want to shadows tab That’s right. He just in killer Oh 300 Spell damage team I’ll try this blood man Yeah, yeah, you’re gonna be the one me to the man or eighth, right? And we’re just gonna shut us at the miscreant Do you want to trade your mystery into the one for shadow step it I kind of wanted to go face Just get your dread Kors tears and play this crimson, huh at least one right protect your life total How about we just waggle picked red Corsair Like Eviscerator, that’s right. Yeah, it seems okay Maybe now is the turn that we shadow step the the face is lucky Your dread cursor it’s gonna cost Walton so this manner it means tada God that’s weird I’ll just make it backs and go stuff by some more stuff I discover one spell Esther. Oh my god that 100 Thick Wow. Oh Wow did that just lose you together? Skill intensive game wait, he’s getting confused I’ve gotten confused already. I Guess yeah, not eating it. Huh? Missile launcher. Just cos let’s begin cool Nice you dead and 14 17 18 I’m counting I Like this blade flirt slow click yeah play through Scotty Okay, I guess like the missile launcher just killing it stuff anyone There’s probably castrating party this turn actually wish my Casper ham party so we get another of course, sir That makes sense Trade three threes, but the deck put it what if we shaved the three three and then sassy deck things is the deck guns always dying and we just this ship defconn is just a Light infrared. Yeah Ready that seems good Any player the Miss Walker ballplayers is a winner in my book Check it out Center plays so fast What did you guys think of that last turn yes, all right all His stuff died like yeah, I think get you and gallon or saying the same thing and you just like made attacks and Another way to end it up in a really similar thing. I took my earbuds out cuz I wanted to just play they turned myself like it was like Gone said got mine at red then absolutely different I see what you did was something better because you always want to go Leroy this right you want I think is actually stay with you. No worries It was slightly more it was slightly more value to go shit that can but your play was just more tempo and temple good when Someone’s dead Lost the game and then Evelyn again Sophie oh Do they climb to rank? Speaking with you. Thank you missile launchers. What is playing hunter these days? Oakley there’s some like there’s like beast mech hybrid there. I haven’t seen like pure mech much recently My first game of the day against hunter today, someone had over the turn through war gear and I scooped Basically, I know I’m keeping the mist green. I’m wondering if I keep the shadow step because I have the miscreant I Lean towards yes this time around coin miscreant then have shadow step follow-up sounds pretty nice Could keep their app. No, why would I? I’m extremely miscreant things for lackeys. Its way brighter is better than the rat Does that can’t no one excited shadow step really juices the Edwin. Oh, yeah, the deccan on one you talked me into it No way. He has a secret I Would be cheated in Play So Rattrap is a big thing in snake trap that’s like a one of your plate to rats Top it’s kinda gonna tell you what it is, right, but what he does Want to do that we go coin us as seven into a shadow step miscreant. I was just gonna dagger it Now you’re a risk snake which is about one in seven Snake there. I Guess my point seven. How does this turn three answer my si seven. He plays like Misha into it In which case we want to let ourselves drop rep to kill if writing party probably But although that would activate the rat trap, I guess My problem is like what are we doing with our man in the next turn if we don’t? Look like coin Edwin shadows the Bedouin That’s not very good. No, it would be like if we dagger a next turn would be like coin miscreant Lackey Which sounds like it’s proc a rat trap, so I’m kind of talked I like how this coin si plays two cards of turn rat traps pretty likely it’s the most likely secret Mm-hmm The three three is good against most boards here I guess be huh for trades it could be a little Walker I mean worst case I read a new I think you’re pretty good Oh A peg face, right? I Want to play two cards turn right, that’s probably back seven. Let’s go We’re back seven. Oh cool that’s great makes more sense How important is it for us to attack face here? I think it’s pretty good I think even the first secret could be explosive the second also I don’t want to backstab trade cuz like freezing gets me what if we just go back said miss screen past. Oh, no No, the face attacks actively quite good If you don’t attack against hunter secrets, they then you’re playing around everything and you’re actually just in a big amount of trouble That’s locked myself not the end of the world Today one’s read rep or snake Could still be snake? We have no we have no. Oh, yeah, it can’t be freezing right? You know, it can’t be cruising. That’s right Yeah, but deck checkers wrong I think like there its shadow step better than backstab Yeah. Yeah Bank sounds better. Thanks for that. Step is better. Thank you. That’s what I want. I Guess so by logic is why I didn’t wanna attack was because we get lackeys and sometimes they’re like rush lucky It can’t be explosive either. It’s it’s rather snail What you’re saying yelling is like you you’re so like all in on the notion It’s like freezing then you get blown up by explosive. So like the consistent line is just attack them Yeah, there’s explosive and misdirection are both like net deck means like attacking face is really good there. I Didn’t actually it could have been any secret might one don’t care. It was more like yeah One five goes nicely and say, uh, I want to know if they’re rat traps. I’m kind of tempted to trade to proc snake He lives in the market if we’re gonna do that Okay, you’re saying this this turn is probably faceless lackey edwin, huh and face At the latvia for Lackey because there’s actually spots where we can actually manage to trade not good I’m gonna go face faceless Lackey and Edwin. It’s a lot of pressure. We play around everything. Why don’t we face lucky first? Yeah Yeah, yeah that combo I’m saying well. No, he’s weird. I know alfalfa. Oh It’s ro laugh. I don’t think you even wanna trade. It’s not about trading. It’s just you pushed one extra damage Yeah, it’s just better gallon was just pointing out. My order was slightly wrong and he’s very right. Yeah, you don’t attack first We know it’s not exposed to that. But yeah, yes. It’s rat snake deck tracker even knows now We knew that last turn Dec tracker caught up this turn. It didn’t understand them what happened with the misdirection attack. I don’t exactly know the all the misdirection attractions and I’m I don’t either but that those parts we knew like I definitely knew like The freezing or explosive would aprox when we attacked face. Just yeah, look at you’re freezing overrides in this direction. I believe I don’t know if they’re like both gonna proc or what but if the misdirection procs when I attack face it should also be Order pled cuz I’ve played my chair of Mister action like four years ago Cuz you used to do it against miracle rogue, right? You just played misdirection. Is you eaglehorn bow the face no So to play around rat snake, I played two cards of turn and never trade Excellent. I’m into it. I don’t know why that’s guys traitor Cuz I’m winning the race And cuz I can’t trade cuz a snake could be a block right you I mean you could definitely start trading yeah, I mean I would I would be really interested in anything that I really want to hit that tool or I want to see what’s in the lackey, but I always say fan at all of our problems were soaked like we Actually you broke it’s by doing that. Okay. So the problem you want to make sure that it’s a Snakes first before doing that right? Yeah, I was think I want to hate my one 500 meters to one I would hit the for for in first cuz I think we’re gonna shadow step it if it is snakes so Okay, so rat trap we’re playing two cards here which is We can see what’s in the box for it’s probably a very alaki miscreant Yeah, but we can see what’s in the box and maybe we can deal with the ref. It was like SEP Assassinate what does that kill bull blood seems really good 6x Exactly killer the six six from the rat trap. Yeah. We just don’t need to activate it though I think he just call you just cold blood. That’s great and attack them. Yeah, yeah Yeah, okay. You talked me into that If we got a trade traded and misbranded I Really like killing the hound here. Yeah, and he’s trading into my for one I just gained a life dad. And also it stops KC from killing the five five Wow a lot of the reasons yeah Casey there’s no much more of well reason Oh Positioning wall Maitre me. Anyways Wow, he trades there. He doesn’t smoke at all. He’s like full defense cuz he’s dual Jin Alright Suffolk. We have rating this great. Hope I think so, too. I Was good. That was a good drug. You just feel like makes the game very easy to win Mental note don’t keep shout a step against hunter because it’s really bad against freak against rat trap. Oh, yeah, I mean In a real a reality, it might actually be against this specific that miss grim might not actually be that good It’s still good. It’s I think it’s so good it lets you It’s not that good It’s less good, but still really good. It’s really Captain Jack weather that as a whole. Okay, so now he has all the secrets Yeah, so he’d probably plus second rats are hand soap rocking the first rack got pretty bad What secret was you play here snipe for always snake Okay, I’m thinking snake one five goes face to start the turn and then I’m gonna face this Lackey talk waggle. Yeah Probably snake. It was a secret that you probably aren’t gonna rock, right? Oh, That’s a huge role who – Anton so I want to guys write The whole drawing card seems really bad like I’ve Myra’s I wanted you know, I think that you’re right. I think I think so It’s kind of good. Yeah, and one of the reasons that I like I want to poke him for us No, no, no because we have a four drop free drugs next I’m thinking like I Just can’t see myself trading with the dagger because he has a snake up So he can kill a snake if you really comes down to it you oh You’re saying I might have to hit a taunt and then I need a snake with the dagger. Okay. Yeah One of these is that a really serious crown years because he only has eight man at this turn if you had nine mm Yeah, yeah, we’re killing him before Zildjian. Yeah, they get an attack in and that is big I actually I Think that we want to go like three drop one drop one drop three drop nice turn to go as wide as possible To play on deadly shots. No. No, there’s a rat. I don’t want to proc I Mean, it just depends on what we get off the Saros crown, right? There’s a there’s a lot of stuff that changes based off of what happens Yeah You might want to like attack into explosive trap but like the star of the turn just kiss yet Leroy’s We almost always do that, yeah. We’re probably not trading to the snake Louis it’s pretty likely. Oh He’s a and up forcing our hand. Yeah Well draw like a backstabber an sa-7 My name is right. So it’s a Visser eight the three two one one goes face them crown Okay at this point, you know, uh, I think we’re gonna supposed are we just supposed to like Flex on him and just move the wrap now It’s too much stuff 99 or says I don’t think that you’ve made an error here because I would have I mean I guess I don’t think it’s rat snake. I Could I don’t wanted to start with sheriffs crown because if we got Malygos It would’ve been pretty pretty good This all face So based on how that last turn when we miss to Dan we missed one damage Right, but it was still the right play because what would actually happen is I had the top deck the eviscerate Yeah to not need the dagger to deal with a snake. So you guys were very right to not poke face It just worked out badly in this scenario It wasn’t very right I thought it was very mine. It’s very minor, right it is yeah, I mean we’re talking about 1 dagger attack That we prompt given we’re only playing two cards were often read a green this turn to that can be held into account. Yeah That’s an explosive trap Yeah, we still have a loving what’s the other one phrasing He has to be dead here, right Have 9 plus 12 21 he’s fucking dead Through to Christmas free easily actually I over counted bite. No I got it right Yeah, very very large Christmas tree Excellent work or not? We might want to start with dagger face No, no, you want to sort that. Okay, we know what these are. There’s no misdirect. I Just need to light it really words that right to play I Mean really there’s ignite believe this stuff goes off Or are you thinking about girl? Does it not work if he goes freezing trap second misdirection does that does the misdirection proc even if the meeting is written before? So in in terms of where okay, so it’s in terms of where in what order does secrets were played it worked out fine but wouldn’t it have been bad if he had a Played the freezing before the misdirection Freezing would have resolved missed rec wouldn’t have if it was mister act then freezing then mr AK would have gone off then we would have picked up the minion So we had the one for saying is what if we won he had gone freezing then misdirection Because the way we did it We caught the freezing, but it could have still been misdirection, right? TOP 5 LEGEND – SHARKWAGGLE ROGUE DECK 2019 | RISE OF SHADOWS | HEARTHSTONETop 5 Legend Tempo Rogue Rise of Shadows is 62 season hearthstone. Best Sharkwaggle Rogue 2019 Rise of Shadows.

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