Top 5 Best Toy Stores in Tokyo Japan

(a capella theme music) – [Announcer] Yellow Productions Presents: – The best toy stores in Tokyo, Japan. Japan is known for some
of the most creative toys worldwide, and Tokyo
has some of the best toy stores in the whole country. In this video, I’ll show
you my favorite toy stores, and how to get to them. The first one, I’m standing in front of. It’s Yamashiroya Toy Shop. This toy shop is six floors of some of the coolest toys that money can buy. It’s located across from the Ueno Station. To get here, you go out the central exit of Ueno Station, and then, you go out the Hirokoji exit. You’ll see the big yellow sign like that. And just out Hirokoji
exit, Yamashiroya is right across the street, behind
that big green tree. In this video, it’s got Star Wars on it. It’ll probably have a different
brand when you go there. So, I say this one’s the coolest. Why? Not because it’s the biggest. It is six floors, but
the floors are small, but it’s the best laid out, and the best displayed for the toys. All of the major toy exhibits
have these video monitors that display information about the toy, how to use it, and give you a video to see just how fun playing with that toy is. They’ve got six main floors of toys. Basement has fancy characters. First floor, trendy toys. Second floor, anime. Third floor, games and, that’s
supposed to say, “Variety.” Fourth floor are toys for smaller kids, though all of them are very, very cute. Look at those big eyes. The fifth floor is for hobby, craft, and really cool Japanese figures. These things are amazingly decorated, and they’re not cheap. This guy here, 9,720 yen. It’s about a hundred bucks. They’ve got models of just
about everything here, from World War II tanks, to fancy exotic sports cars, to old samurai houses and castles. And even, the Eiffel Tower. No. That’s Toyko Tower. So, I got some really huge bears. 3,400 yen. About 300 bucks. And of course, over here, Japanese fake food, but not just any fake food, like a baby in fake food, and carrots in very odd poses. At the basement is where you’ll find all the stuffed animals. Disney ones, and Totoro, one of the most
famous Japanese characters. Some of these Disney
characters, The Duffys, are going for crazy prices. Darth Vader Duffy? 13,000 yen, or about $130. And if the inside of the
store wasn’t cool enough, outside, they’ve got all
these little capsule things, that you can buy all these
collectible capsule toys, and they’ve got a set of Marvel themed vending machines. Now, that’s just neat. My second favorite toy store
in Tokyo is Kiddy Land. They have three locations in Tokyo, but my favorite one is the location in Harajuku on Omotesando Street. Kiddy Land has been in
business for 70 years, since 1946, and they are currently celebrating their 70th anniversary. Kiddy Land has five floors of shopping, basement to the fourth floor, each floor has a
different character theme. We’ll start our way at the basement, and walk our way up to the top. The basement is the Snoopy Town shop. Snoopy, Snoopy, Snoopy, and more Snoopy. One of the really cool
things about this store is not just the toys they
sell, but how they’re themed. You can see there’s lots of
Snoopy all around this floor, painted on the walls, and
even a Snoopy bus over here. The entrance floor, the first floor, has the newest characters. When I was there, they were
showcasing Detective Conan. The second floor has
Studio Ghibli characters. You can see Totoro,
there on the lower right. They have Miffy the Bunny. You can see Miffy painted on the left, some Disney characters, among
other things on this floor. The third floor has girls
toys and boys toys, and Legos. Some really big Lego looking
characters on the upper right, with Lego brick sets in the back, and my favorite Japanese
anime character, Sailor Moon. And the top floor is the Rilakkuma store, and the Hello Kitty Shop. Kiddy Land is just so
much fun to walk through, and everything is just so, so cute. To get to Kiddy Land, take the Tokyo Metro to the Meiji-jingumae Harajuku Station. Go out exit four. Make a hard U-turn, when you
come out of this staircase, and go down this street,
Omotesando, about a hundred meters. You’ll be going in the
direction that’s down the hill. That way. The third best toy store
in Tokyo is Yodobashi. Yodobashi, actually, not just a toy store. It is Japan’s largest electronics chain. And one of their biggest
locations is in Akihabara. It is right outside Akihabara Station. Yodobashi is one of the best places to go for toys, at a fairly reasonable price. They’ve got a whole floor
dedicated just to toys. My fourth favorite toy store in Tokyo is the Hakuhinkan Toy
Park, located in Ginza. Hakuhinkan is neat because it is open 365 days a year, with no closing days. It’s got five floors of toy shopping, classic toys, board games,
puzzles, really neat. And finally, number
five, not just a store, but a whole complex, Nakano Broadway, located off the Nakano JR Station. This is a Japanese toy collector’s dream. This isn’t for kiddie
toys, but this is for the kind of toys that
adults would collect. You can easily spend an
entire day in this place. I’ve got a whole separate
video on the Nakano Broadway. You can find the link comin’
up here in just a sec. So, I hope that after watching this video, you’ll be able to buy some cool toys on your visit to Tokyo in Japan. If you enjoy this video, and you’d like to see more like it every Sunday, then please subscribe, or follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus. Links are in the description below. Or you might enjoy watching
one of these other videos. Click any of them to watch. (soft contemporary music)

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67 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Toy Stores in Tokyo Japan

  1. Awesome. I pretty much went to all those stores. I often go to yamashiroya and yodobashi. As a kid i used to go to kiddyland though that building was renovated. Hakuhinkan was the one i mentioned to you before which is by far the best toy store i have seen in japan though not in the most convenient location. Tokyo station in the basement can count too in a way but a bit of a mess due to the many many shops. I went to nakano last week and its been awhile since ive been there. Its not as good as it used to be sadly. But a great place for tourists to visit.

  2. I'm pretty sure i hear a very odd version of "La Bamba" with a kid singing it in the second store… Japan, you amaze me lol.

  3. Nakano Broadway is awesome. I live here in Tokyo, and if you would like to see some of the more obscure vintage toy shops let me know! Cheers 🙂

  4. Thank God we found this. Since were going to Japan this August this Channel helped us alot in locations, food, etc. (We used this to Brainstorm to!).

  5. I been to Japan a lot of times, and man, their toy stores are light-years better than the US. What do we have in the US? Oh yeah, Toy's-R-Us, a cheapo corporate store that sells low-quality, overrated brands, and overpriced cheaply knock-off toys.

  6. 1:58 I think you mean thirty four thousand yen. As the label reads 34,500, and three thousand four hundred yen most certainly isn't $300.

  7. Hi friends, I am interested a super market directly deal with manufacturer, plz. Send us web address or email. Plz.

  8. I actually went to The Gundam Base in Diver City, which is in Odaiba. As you can guess, there are lots of Gunpla being sold there, there are even Gunpla exclusive to there. Also, if you go to Diver City's festival plaza, you can see a life-sized Unicorn Gundam statue. However, the Gunpla being sold there aren't very cheap.
    There's another location where you can buy cheaper Gunpla. It's a department store in Shinjuku called 'LABI'. The Gunpla being sold there are cheaper.

  9. OMG I'm so happy I found this!! You showed about kiddyland which had detective conan and since I didn't know that anime, I searched for it and now I have watched over 400 episodes and it's my favorite anime EVER!! Thanks ❤️

  10. Looks like that first one was Akihabara. 20 minutes from me…. dunno, didnt watch the whole vid, but i think so

  11. 群馬のトイプラネット、秋葉原のまんだらけも楽しいので行ってみてください。

  12. If you're looking for plastic models kits and hobby supplies, Akihabara can't be beat. Yodobashi is amazing and has anything you could want. Yellow Submarine and Volks are awesome as well. All of them are close to the station too.

  13. Your vid makes me want to go back to Japan to add more toys to my collection lol
    Thanks for the vid man. Keep it up!

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