Top 5 Best Tech Deals Under $5 2017

hey guys welcome to another video here are five tech ideas under five dollars without any further delay let’s get right into it starting off our list we have a phone stand for only 499 it’s full of many bodies silver color not only looks good it’s also quite functional you can use this to charge your phone while it’s sitting at a pleasanter view angle it is metal and should be able to hold devices up to 16 ounce has advertised you can get this in other colors but they are a bit more expensive but honestly Sarah looks great in most setups and if you want to save a little lower you can get this in hot pink as well next up we have carmen’s for under three dollars according to the advertisement it should be able to hold phones of all sizes and it should be able to rotate 360 degrees other than that nothing special it’s just a regular car mount and goes on your racial using a suction cup it also has a soft pad inside the grip we should be able to protect your phone from scuffs and scratches for under three dollars you can get it with free shipping next up we have portable tripod another item under three dollars with shipping ideally they are made for smartphones and it’s a very cheap and inexpensive way to get some steady videos and even pictures I’m pretty sure you asking something like this in the past somewhere they are flexible and rotatable so you should be able to move them around to get the perfect shot next up we have aux cable not a lot to say about this this is two meters long it’s gold-plated and it’s a cold war which looks much cleaner no matter where you want to use it inside your car house or on the go it also comes with one year warranty from amazon and i would any day pick coil wires over the regular ones they look better and they’re more functional next up we have a lovely microphone for a little over five dollars but if you really want to improve your audio on budget this is worth considering this will definitely give you better audio than the built-in microphones you’ll ever use it is 150 centimeters long and if you do end up using allowable your microphone like this just plug it into your smartphone and you’ll be able to record all your audio right into your smartphone use it as a bonus item that is always worth including this is FM transmitter 405 dollars and if you don’t know what FM transmitters are these are basically devices that are able to translate the music songs playing on your phone right to your car’s radio system they work pretty simple you just write an empty radio station on your car and just tuned in to that and use the same radio station on the FM transmitters plugging the FM transmitter onto your phone using the headphone jack and give the FM transmitter power using the cigarette lighter and you all set to go a cheap alternative if you don’t have build an aux system and yeah guys that will do it for this video let me know what product you like in a comment below if you did like this video give it a thumbs up and if you haven’t already subscribed consider subscribing for more content and has always been to watch

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