– Today! – The top five tech deals on Amazon. – And a free tablet giveaway. (dramatic music) Hi, I’m the YouTube
Deal Guy, Matt Granite. – And I’m intern Amy. – We are back, now I wanna point out, whether you know me from
your local TV station or USA Today, Amy, what are you holding? – I’m holding what we’re
going to give away. – Yeah, free Fire Tablet to at least one subscriber at the end of this video. Two weeks ago, Amy gave
away a free iPad Air, yes. – And last week, we gave away five of Matt’s most popular deals away to you. – It was epic, and one of the things we actually did last week,
just because we were getting a lot of requests for it, I did a top five Amazon deal roundup, but it
was a very successful roundup, so today we’re doing
it for under 25 bucks. Before we get to this roundup, which I’m really excited to show you, and to be eligible for any
of our giant giveaways, which are weekly, easy, three
easy steps to be eligible. We’re gonna have the draw in a moment. – First, you gotta click
that Subscribe button. Step number two: comment
and tell us what you want. We always love reading your
comments, but we like the ones– – Oh, sorry. – Especially that have feedback to our channel, would you calm down? Three: what is number three, Matt? – Turn your notifications on, so we can tell you when you’ve won. First item, the most popular, powerful, and thin Power Bank we have tested. Down to 24 dollars and 99 cents, lower than Black Friday,
lower than Cyber Monday on a Power Bank that will charge two phones or tablets faster– – It’s really efficient, it
really charges things fast. When you turn the power on, you can see the battery percentage that is
left on the charging device. So you just plug it in, turn it on, and as you can see, it
starts to charge the phone, and now it’s charging, as
well as the Apple phone. – Also on the list and under five bucks: micro-USB cables, an awesome grab today, finally, for Android users, which have this nice
leather-type finish to them. These you need a coupon code for. It works, I promise, look
right under your payment information, there’s a
place to insert the code. This right under the video screen, the world’s fastest car
charger, also under five bucks. – We’ve tested it, this is proven to be about 75 percent faster
than the average charge, which, if you’re going for a quick run to the grocery store, and your phone is about to die, could do some good. – [Matt] Super bright LED light bulbs, six of these 60-watt equivalents that last up to 23 years, for 23.99 today, that deal located right
under this video screen, and flameless candles,
and also under 25 bucks. – So these candles,
although they are flameless, turn off when you blow them (blows), and they turn back on when you blow them again (blows), pretty cool. – Now we’re gonna do a more in-depth demo of the flameless candle, ’cause I know they are such a hot topic,
but I wanna remind you that if you don’t wanna
wait until we do that, where at the end, will probably only drop by a dollar 20 by the time I profile it, this is a great grab today. – I love testing these and
I hope I get to keep them, because I want them for my apartment. – Maybe we’ll pay Amy in
candles, it’ll be great. – And now for our giveaway. – We’re gonna bring you
into my laptop screen, so you can see that I am picking
a winner fair and square. Alright, here I go, I’m
clicking Pick A Winner. From here we will know who our winning subscriber is:
Katelyn, congratulations! We love you Katelyn, seriously,
this girl is awesome. Go Katelyn, go Katelyn. I don’t even think we need
to give away items anymore. We can just yell out your
name and Amy will react to it, because that is a prize on its own. For those of you that wanna
get in on next week’s giveaway and keep in mind, the
items are going to keep getting bigger, we’ll be giving away more items next week to subscribers. – We love all of you subscribers, and if you’re not yet subscribed, click the Subscribe button, comment below, tell us what you like, tell
us what you want, yeah. – I’m trying to do the arms, but– – No. – When you do it it works, when
I do it we just lose people. Thank you so much for watching.

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100 thoughts on “Top 5 Amazon Tech Deals UNDER $25 + GIVEAWAY ANNOUNCEMENT

  1. I'm really finding it difficult to find the link to the Solove Ultra Slim Power Bank 20000 mAh. I see it for a 10000 mAh, but not the 20000mAh. I really want to get one, but the time is running out on. This deal. Any way you can send me the direct link? I've watched the YouTube video over and over and have not seen any info on how to order it. Help!

  2. I love all your video best prices keep up the Good job. Love you so much The Deal guy . I buy 80 % of your devices.
    Maximum like and subscribe and notification on.
    If I could not when always love you and enjoy to watch you on screen. β€πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ

  3. I love your channel. I just found it and the information on prices for the items is nice. Thanks for making such a great channel.

  4. bought 1 of the power chargers and USB cable great charged my Android 100% from 5% in 2.5 hrs.only used 3% of 2X power

  5. you guys really make my day, whether Im crazy about the deal or not… you always manage to make me smile , actually laugh out loud most of the time! Thanks for the upbeat attitudes – LOVE IT!!!

  6. I am new on your Channel! I'm from Serbia and i heard for you from my friend and i love your videos! Greetings from Serbia πŸ’— love youu ❀️

    Maestro, do you know of any powerbank that will charge a laptop? (If not, that would be an AWESOME invention!)
    Thanks for presenting another STUPENDOUS top 5 Amazon tech deasl vlog, but even better…all under $25!

  8. You guys seem have the best time !!! Thank You for sharing. Need to.look at the car charger mine never work well πŸ™

  9. Hey Matt,
    Love the deals. You're the best! FYI… The fast charging CLA from Vantrue you had shown for $4.99 on 6/18 will work for charging iPhones, however, it doesn't do the rapid charge. Apparently, iPhone isn't compatible with that product. I bought two of them and sadly, will be returning them. Thought you should know.

  10. love this channel….. love your energy, you always seem so happy like you are the winner. Never seen anyone so happy to give away stuff

  11. All hail deal guy! Find us a laptop with great memory and storage with and I5 or I7 processor that we can afford. It would be nice to have a cd/dvd burner in it too. Thanks Matt

  12. Nice video. The charging station was cool, but the most interesting product was the lights to me. much better price than around here, and at that price, all the bulbs in the house can be converted to save me money. Thanks for sharing that with us, you two

  13. amazon tablets are good for day to day use and ti get most out of it you need to root it and install custom roms

  14. I love tech but like most of us I can't afford to buy everything I want. So keep the tech deal videos coming I appreciate them.

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