Top 5 Amazon TECH DEALS of the Week (Smart Home Tech, Security Systems + more!)

– From the Ring Doorbell to the Echo Spot, the Arlo cameras, and more, I have your Amazon top
five deals of the week. (bright music) There is a lot of smart home
savings waiting for you. Hi, I’m the Deal Guy Matt Granite. I love hunting down deals. I love testing products. And today, a way to
elevate your smart home with some awesome deals
that I’ve just dropped. Now keep in mind, these deals are very limited time offerings. They could disappear in an instant. Prices could change. I can’t control that. I’ve created links to all of my favorite top five Amazon deals of the week located right under this video screen. Just expand the video description box. Now for those of you looking
for the top Arlo Pro kit to make your home more secure. And actually, these are really cool, completely wireless cameras. Like zero wires. No power source needed. After you charge them, they last forever. That’s one of my favorite deals today. And then the Ring Video Doorbell Pro comes with a really cool freebie. Plus one of my favorite
wireless smartphone chargers. So where should we start? Well, let’s start with what’s in my hands. The Ring Video Doorbell Pro
is not only $50 off right now, but it comes with a free Echo Dot. So again, this bundle contains
the Ring Video Doorbell Pro, which I’m sure you know,
you can answer the door from anywhere in the world. You can watch over your
home in 1080 HD video. This is a top way to secure your home. And everything, of course, works with the Amazon Alexa voice service. That free Echo Dot, just further
icing on the frugal cake. The Arlo Pro 2 security camera
system, which is a two-pack, comes with the Echo Spot for $180 off. Keep in mind, the Echo Spot is a great way to get video displays of what’s captured on the Arlo Pro 2 cameras. These are phenomenal wireless
home security solutions that, I kid you not, give
you the most hassle-free way to watch over your property, night or day. Extremely easy to install and that added benefit of the Echo Spot gives you a great way to just ask Alexa what’s on the cameras,
what’s going on at your door. These also work great as a baby monitor. At under 30 bucks, my third favorite Amazon deal of the week is a great way to wirelessly charge your smartphone from your desk, from your car, without having to take the case off. I’m gonna show you this
deal in action right now. At under 40 bucks, my favorite
piece of smart tech on the go will wirelessly charge
compatible smartphones, but also give you the
perfect viewing angle. You get a really powerful suction mat. You can see I’m pushing this
around with all my might. This isn’t going anywhere. The second I put a
compatible smartphone in, you’re gonna see, watch this. It’s now wirelessly charging. You don’t need to worry about
powering the smartphone. No wear and tear on the cables. You take this out. It’s done charging. You put it back in. And you can even adjust the orientation if you want to use this
as a navigation system. Perfect for new drivers, back to school, or your morning commute. You can find this deal by
clicking the link below. And while there are some new reviews posted to this product of
people saying how awful it is, I’ve learned that this is actually a manufacturer for a competing product that is trying to ruin this
listing that just went online. So keep in mind, yes, Amazon
reviews make a huge difference, but this would be a case of someone trying to tank the reviews as quickly as possible. This was just debuted onto
the market at this price, and of course, I test everything, so we can go beyond the reviews. Next product though,
extremely well reviewed with many hundreds of reviewers. And that’s $49 off the
ecobee smart thermostat, which also includes the Echo Spot. This is my favorite smart
home thermostat on the market, and if you’ve watched
any of my prior videos where I showed you how
I made my home smart, I, of course, use and love the ecobee. How does this compare to the Nest? I think the Nest is awesome. I found the customer service just a little bit better on the ecobee. I believe, actually, the customer service is out of Toronto on this product. And yeah, you’re saving 50
bucks, which is awesome. And finally, if you are
looking to upgrade a bathroom, a sink, any other room of your home where you do need Moen products, they’re 15% off this week. Depending on how much you buy, this could be hundreds
of dollars in savings or just a great way to upgrade the aesthetic of any bathroom or kitchen for some of the lowest
recorded prices of the year. You can find the link
to all of these deals. Just expand that video description box. That’s all you need. And of course, if you’re looking
for more deals on Amazon, more deals beyond, I
have deals everywhere, not just Amazon, uploaded
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