Top 5 Amazon Tech Deals of the Week + GIVEAWAY ANNOUNCEMENT!

Today the five best deals on Amazon. – And a giant giveaway. – Yeah! Hi I’m the YouTube Deal Guy Matt Granite. – And I’m intern Amy. – This time last week, we
gave away a free iPad Air. (exclaims and cheers) – Dancing again for everyone who liked it. – Amy is still excited, yes. Congratulations again to Charlotte. Today we are gonna do a major giveaway of all of the big items I’ve tested over the course of the last week, and also show you the
five best deals on Amazon. – Now Amazon is not paying
us to talk about them. I don’t even get paid to be here. Nor does Matt, so no one is bribing us. – I love being here though. For those of you that know me
from my local TV station of USA Today, I find huge deals none of which are ever paid products. All located under this video screens for the all items we are gonna show you just click that show more tab to reveal the deal links. – And if there is another way you would like to find deals, let us know and tell us
what’s easier for you. – Absolutely and to be eligible for any of our giant giveaways,
which are weekly, easy, three easy steps to be eligible. We are gonna have the draw in a moment. – First you’ve got to click
that subscribe button. Step number two, comment and tell us what you want. We always love reading your comments, but we like the ones
– [Matt] Sorry – [Amy] especially that have feedback to our channel. Would you calm down? – To number three. – Three. What is number three Matt? – Turn your notifications on so we can tell you when you’ve won. Now for the five best deals on Amazon, the first is the best
camera bundle pricing on a camera that we’ve not only tested, that we’ve now used to
shoot these segments The Canon Rebel T6 SLR
is at its lowest recorded bundle price. This is Amazon’s best deal of the week in out top five. – The second deal, the
HD 10 $50 off today. – We have link to this right
out of the video screen. Now Amy actually tested
the HD 10 not too long ago. This was the full comparison. If you actually want
to watch it in action, just click somewhere in this video screen. – Number three, bags on Amazon are always at a great deal. There are low priced bags as well as you an find brands like Kate Spade and Michael Kors, that are often discounted on Amazon. That link is under this video screen. One more tip when you are
ordering purses on Amazon, I personally notice this. If you are ordering a designer purse, be sure to check the dimensions
of the purse’s website. If you are ordering a Kate Spade purse, go to the Kate Spade website and match the bag that you find on Amazon with what’s on their website. Their dimensions will be correct. Amazon’s aren’t always 100% accurate. So just keep that in mind
when you are ordering. – On the wireless home security front, the Foscams that we just finished testing, hugely well reviewed are 70 bucks down to under 40. We are gonna have a full unboxing and test in an upcoming video. Click that subscribe button if you want access to that as a deal. And then finally drones. They are now almost all under 35 bucks on the top rated ones. We have an upcoming demo and deal of this, but the link if you want to
take an early grab at this, is located right under this video screen. – And now for our giveaway. We are giving away everything you see right here to one subscriber who has their notifications turned on. – The select items are a $120 valued Wüsthof eight-Piece Steak Knife set. – The drone that Matt tested value at $70 is going out to one of you. – Virtual reality headsets
valued at around 40 going out to you as well. And finally the adventure caddy, it is a long story but it
was a caddy for your daddy that we tested right here in great way to melt whatever it is you want. Now for the winning draw. All right now I’m gonna bring you into my computer screen. Now using two bunnies
free pick a winner tool, all I’m gonna do right here from this list of subscribers, many of whom have commented and have their notifications turned on and are amazing, I click Pick a Winner and the Winner is Rod Rector! Congratulations! Go Rod yeah! – It’s your birthday. I don’t know if it is birthday but it is like your birthday. – That was priceless. Can you do that for all future subscriber wins moving forward? – Yes. – For those of you,
that want to be eligible for next week’s giveaway, it is very simple. – Click the subscribe button. Turn your notifications
on and comment below. We love reading those comments. – And that enhances your eligibility although all subscribers are eligible. Thank you so much for watching. We love you for being here. – Have a great day everyone. Bye.

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100 thoughts on “Top 5 Amazon Tech Deals of the Week + GIVEAWAY ANNOUNCEMENT!

  1. ha ha ha I always sing it's your birthday and dance too, but at 46 it's prob inappropriate for me to do that. Oh well, life's too short to not randomly sing & dance!

  2. ha ha ha I always sing it's your birthday and dance too, but at 46 it's prob inappropriate for me to do that. Oh well, life's too short to not randomly sing & dance!

  3. I saw you on the news today and liked your pitch…  Watched several YouTube videos, bought the candles for my mother's birthday coming up…  and you are now saved as one of my favorites…  Thank you…. I am enjoying it…  Brad

  4. You can maybe make it easier for people to look for the items on Amazon be give the name of the item and letting them know in which department they can find it in

  5. I have to say that sometimes I just watch the videos just to c interm Amy dance and go crazy. it just makes me laugh. u both have crazy energy 😂😂😂😂

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  9. I love waking up in the morning and watching these videos that you guys create for people like us to enjoy and almost all the time that I see something I like I buy

  10. I love that you guys are there! I would pay you if I could…in compliments and hugs. Love all the deals!

  11. wow!! thanks for the links cuz it makes me easier to find good products in amazon.. your videos are still the best.. keep it up

  12. Your enthusiasm is infectious. Your deals are priceless. My local New Orleans TV station, WWL-TV Channel 4, broadcasts your deals every day.

  13. Wow love all of these.I NEED something good to hapen ,i hope I win something one day .Congrats to whoever wins.

  14. You guys are so happy you don't really see that on YouTube anymore. I just started a YouTube channel and would love to be in the contest .

  15. So, i just discovered this channel and I'm really excited because of my huge money saving tendencies. They tend to go overboard- especially when it comes to Amazon!

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