Because it’s $1 more than we did last Monday and I think bigger is better I Mean at 352, you know ki so don’t worry too much about details I’m Probably I’m definitely gonna get some things wrong during the stream But the actual donation amount will be based on software counting it up for me at the end of the stream. So The final count will be correct. Even if the amount I have on stream ends up being a little bit off here and there and I always tweet about what the actual final amount is, and it pretty much always ends up being you know Like five ten bucks more than what I have on screen because I missed something here or there Kulu for you, another thousand bits for charity. Thank you so much Thousand bits it’s ten bucks that puts us to 357 Tempo good So what if I go face for one Does you have a way to deal one to my hyena, yeah, there’s some prove morale as a card also battle rage as a card So one thing I’m thinking is the Zephyrs ever give me a void Walker here cuz voidwalker blocks his mummy It would give me powered shield flame imp and I’m not sure what the third card it shows me is The alternative to Zephyrus is Ursa Tron Which definitely gets rekt by him going coin mummy and I really would like to learn more than I would like to win So I want to know what this third option is I’m pretty sure it’s gonna show me flame hip and powered shield and I want to know what else What else did we get powered shield is pretty damn good by the way Fucking bright wing Zephyrs you stupid piece of shit So dumb Zephyrus, honestly, man, it’s gonna coin mommy they both go into this No one plays improve morale wall. Oh thanks for your advice twitch Chet. You’re so smart I learned from you Although I have played multiple warriors in top 50 legend in the last few days. He played improve morale But you know what twitch chats always right? You’re the expert. Thanks Wait a minute. Wait a minute. He didn’t coin mummy my hyena But he did play Town Crier so his rush minion must be as iliacs, right It must be as iliacs Might coin brawl Sir sock 500 bits. Can you do a full pew polyps gladly gladly take any excuse? Okay, so we play SnipSnap on five because we have high main on six and we need the hand dump for octo sorry We magnetized it’s weaker to spell breaker it pushes to extra damage. It’s stronger against supercollider, which is on board. I Talk to myself the on board argument Trump’s everything always He’s starting to look pretty low no check this out I have two cameras for no good reason Well feels good little bit exercise feels good I actually love doing a few chin-ups every stream There’s that dilly X we successfully hand red Pig Minds iliacs counters his Play I’ll push him. I really want to push this five. He’s looking low and then we saved the links for this moment Make that supercollider a little awkward He’s looking low over there he’s got some problems Where’s my shirt say it says whatever whatever whatever Firebat But don’t buy this shirt, it doesn’t support Firebat in any way They’re ripping off his brand And I’m supporting them, I’m a bad friend, but I wanted to fire bad shirt Don’t buy it do as I say not as I do Alright, alright. Goodbye board. We’ll just have to build a new one Let’s see how to build a board biggest minion nice I worked Okay, so he’s at 15, my board does six so I need nine from hand and Leroy unleashes nine So this is exactly full That’s convenient God I love that Leroy unleash combo. It’s so beautiful. Hmm Yeah To see it start with a win streak I Don’t know Owen that’s not what this’ll ac4 does the lacy is a face I make when I get destroyed As the lacy is when they play cleric on one and then cleric on two and my deck couldn’t deal with one Clare let alone both of them Yeah, it’s like easy there’s the emote for that spot Mischief-maker, that’s a powerful card Look at all these nice three drops My sending this deck to GM, of course, I know especially with that mischief-maker tech in there, that’s the key Biggest minion Pop reasons 500 bits. I’d like to see the undertake up but while keeping on the daddy, alright We’ll try that I don’t know how long it’s gonna stay in there but for a moment 367 for charity. I have a thousand fifty for Making good progress. You guys have been extremely generous I’ve been streaming for less than an hour and you guys have put in two hundred sixty-seven already God damn Alright his next turn is what mummy spider Brahmins not super great against that it is my biggest man, you know, I Think I want to play my biggest minion that doesn’t get destroyed by his on curve play All right So we got to put the undertaker in there for a little bit We’re gonna have to cut something to make room I Have four mana straw costs four and nothing else is clean. So biggest minion Well, thanks Genius Devastator is one of those minions you don’t need to trade with too badly He can magnetize his le axe on it. It’s not that strong of a play for him Like he’s only healing one off the zodiacs and I have a bunch of potential answers to that stuff like all I positioned around this I thought about this I was careful So X is pretty good, but I think Bo is just a better play here I guess one thing is I kind of am interested in hand dumping because I’ve octa sorry But I really like how Bo lines up we don’t have to octo Sorry on curve for it to be strong. We could just do it, you know when we’re done hand dumping sort of thing That’s a bloomin well Yeah You’re a pretty girl Joker nation, thank you for five months. So again, I’m still deciding between Bowens iliacs Eileen Bo I Like how easily X has the potential to magnetize and go face Bo is really at its best killing minions illy x is at its best going face Because Why is that I mean it’s just general principles Generally if you have to kill an enemy minion you’d probably rather do it with a weapon or ass with first a spell second a weapon and Last worst option would be a minion Your minions want to go face. And yeah, I could have used kill command instead of bow But that violates the number one rule of heart still and tempo good if I kill with kill command instead of bow I don’t have a bow equipped. I have three less damaging play. That’s bad Speaking of bad his turn in full cleared but it wasn’t that good, right? Okay So I got to think what is my opponents next turn maybe like an armadillo How does he answer a spider bomb what if I just spider bomb hero power take it real slow Setting up the zili acts on it and smack him in the face for more What are his clears on this spider bomb? He’s gonna she’ll slam it Let’s just let’s just chill out a little bit Trade man baby for that twitch prime Which prime for me to Bezos to you? Oh, yeah, I love it. I Always do feeding America. No the last couple months I did various Environmental charity section. Maybe is the same one twice EDF Environmental Defense Fund? Figured saving the planet is a good idea and I’ve got an idea in mind for next month I’m open to suggestions always as to like what charities you think are worthwhile. And why? but I’m putting in a hundred dollars of my money. So it’s really my first priority is that it’s in line with my values and then I’m confident that it’s a trustworthy charity so I Really want to go biggest minion face here I could weapon the eternium rover. I Mean this wants to happen. I’m imagining he may be interested in silly axing lands iliacs I’m just wondering if whether this attack happens. I’m sure I’m doing this I’m sure the five is going to face, but I need to do this first if I’m doing it And It seems like with this death rattle pretty good attack on the flipside. He’s kind of low and I do have some damage Did we respect the eternium rover We do right the attorney moreover threatens that divine shield which otherwise is much more awkward for him We don’t want a magnetizing stuff on a turning over that’s usually yucky Okay, let’s see I missed some stuff Pop reason cheered 500 bucks for charity said the second 500 is to take out a card of your choice after using the Undertaker Okay. Ah It’s easy DJ thanks for the prime. Check our nation crime Shawn K 500 bits since you have all this death-rattle synergy Why not add necro mechanic. Oh that’s genius Shawn and then Lava Drake, again tip 420 said special request add me as a friend beers 1984. Well, I’ll do anything for cash on charity stream day Fuck. Yeah, I’ll do that Ears Okay, my board went away I’m dismayed about that I would like a new board, please And look I’d like to make his supercollider a little less convenient so we’ll miss a hero power for sure Okay, so how much was that that was 14 It’s your boy black night 1 tech card to rule them all We’re the number of thousand 54 came from Last month, we raised a thousand 53 for the Environmental Defense Fund. So this we want to do more bigger better One dollar more than last month That’s the goal. I Could beta dare a 1 1 kill command trade. Oh, no, that doesn’t quite work One off okay, so we have to do this And then faces the place Tense game here. This could go either way. I’m nervous. I’m nervous Interesting interesting One thing is here is he hasn’t used iliacs So I’m less inclined to go for a burn plan and more interested in fighting for board So second black knight Seems like to play right? You’re a power first So doesn’t shoot me show me non black night stuff as often and I want to see those Tyrians and shit I want that black night. I Ask the spells not I don’t want to go for the burn plane and lose does iliacs Sure, I’m super collider a little bit even though it’s not actually that effective Right wing could even give you a Tyrian ICU and zephyrus two great minds thinking alike What’s the new decklist, I mean it changes every game as people donate more thanks for the quarter that’s going to feeding America org Thank you. Cool and good I’m I’m rounding here. This number is not gonna be a hundred percent precise at all times, but Software is counting up the actual accurate number which is what the actual donation is based off of at the end of the stream Hard to get a beast and play for this kill command. I guess I can trade baited arrow And now that his supers Collider is gone to five five sounds, okay, so He could use the second warpath here He could do any combination of rushy meki things Anything could happen I Would guess my opponents favorite here, but I’m not out of this game Like I have a kill command in hand. I have a Leroy brand and deck so that’s a lot of burn damage and al qussair e draws a lot of cards so it it’s it’s tricky a Box The box lines up it’s a very powerful defensive tool but it also lines up very awkwardly against the resources I have here Yeah, no rush is in charge asshole Jesus Imagine all Right, it’s definitely time for this one I Definitely want to play venom eyes here for hand sides for octa. Sorry Magnetizing seems better than going wide right because of AOE turns and shit and Then it’s just a question of where do I want this for damage to go? Do I want it on this? Do I want to seven three or a five one? I Want the five one right? I Want to keep the healthy boys healthy. I Should look at his hero power. He has this seven. So if I have seven three I’m gonna go with my first instinct The rid tipped 10 bucks for charity says you are a good person you too buddy. You too. Thank you All right. We’re up to 391 Style tip 10 bucks. Does it inspire me to go to the gym today? Also charity best stream. Keep being awesome. Nice All right, so we are up to I Don’t know if you meant inspire like inspire me or you inspired me already All right, where we add on this whole killing thing we got the mischief-maker so that’s good So still in my deck is Dino tamer bran and Leroy lot of damage in there a lot of damage in there So I’m definitely looking for ways to have enough damage to just kill him He’s probably pretty close to celiacs heals The mischief maker is horrible for me here because I really like the cards in my deck I think if I want to seize this seize the board probably highmane Spears the way to do it Didn’t have any cheap minions in hand, okay Make an annoying minion to clear It’s like these are the slow cards right like death rattle means it takes several turns for it to take effect And so does three weapon charges my other cards are faster So I wanna like front load the slow stuff to like power spike at the end Kind of you don’t want to have slow stuff at the end. You gonna have slow stuff and play immediately Start leveraging all that death rattle all three charges See Emmett and Mark shot R and hog feed all answer taunts Unleash puffer Lee och kill command go face. We got a Leroy fer face, which goes well with this unleash Got a brand which goes well with being drawn Ok flunky my unleash is getting better my hog steeds better Rocking kneel tip ten bucks. He says Papa’s Olay have you considered donating to human societies for animals humane societies for animals? So I Have thought of animal charities in general. It’s been suggested to me and it’s not a hundred percent off the table But it’s definitely lower on my priority list. And here’s why I Love all living things to various extents certainly Lunas great pets a great and good and important and valuable things That said I want to figure this turn out So divined windfury is a decent option here Like I don’t need this for his talents anymore now that I have spell breaker and my other proactive offensive options, aren’t that great here Dry temple this links out Looks stupid to me So basically, I I prioritize humans over other animals, that’s the short answer Animals are good and valuable things. They’re not worthless by any means like I get that but we have limited resources and I’m on team human humans come first to me So that’s where I’m at. That’s where I’m at on animal charities it’s it’s sort of it’s definitely on my mind because I did get Luna from a rescue shelter and So there’s some personal reasons there she’s great and they are they do, you know rely on charitable contributions But I think that would be more of a smaller personal thing rather than like a big on stream thing. I Think I need to add that $10 still So we’re probably at 411 Maybe Roflcopter, thank you for serving Most humans suck it’s not how I see it All humans are mixed bags, and I generally am very interested in investing in humans more so than other animals We’re certainly more impactful than most other animals in terms of the planet Well, yeah, I don’t I Definitely don’t agree with most humans or Shay. Like wow, that’s nope And he’s killing my stuff SnipSnap, she’ll say I mean those are some good resources, so he just went to 21 God Huffer is such a beautiful role Such a beautiful role Three cards left Dino camera Brandon Leroy you’re in there. It’s a lot of damage But we’re not safe. He’s at 15. There’s still as iliacs out there Dangerous Imagine an ironically thinking that animals greater than humans This deck on my Twitter, well a better version of this deck is on my Twitter Mark shot seems like the sparked start to this turn right? Let’s do some math. What’s max damage? He’s at 15, we’re never 15 a.m. This turn so it’s a fight for board turn while pushing damage So probably this and hog steed And hero power and two, mana Puffer and Leo cripples really good here God so rewarded for so many decisions just now Like I saved that links until this moment I ordered the car draw from mark shot first and all of those Little correct decisions add up to like a really nice advantage that turn Jazz Morelia. Thank you so much for 3 months Maji Daniel think that’s which Prime This guy still thinks rush might be charged it’s still not charged Three off lethal Two off lethal Well this mischief maker he’s gonna have to wait for next game because my next card is a fucking brand It’s real chatty good job on the seven armor and stuff we’re all very impressed Okay, so he’s at twenty over two turns and I have Ten next turn so I need ten this turn But I don’t want to throw the board So I’ll put seven this turn and It’ll be like a semi lethal setup So if some board sticks, yeah, we kill them Realistically, we won’t kill him next turn but the brand probably sets up for a Leroy unleash kill later Okay, then I’m really enjoying this game So it’s spell breaker Leroy lethal it’s two off I think the play is Dino tamer brand Ends of its six This second Dillo makes me think I’m probably gonna lose to either Zhu Li acts or to Morden It’s really not good chances thing as neither those If I Leroy unleash this turn makes my hand quite awkward is the problem Like this attacks only one overkill, it’s not that unclean And here he plays his buffed Tonti boy and it’s probably enough for him, but maybe not We want him to go like well we shouldn’t say too much All right, I’d like to see this I Think I hope he wins the brawl Damn oh no. I I didn’t hope you in sprawls always have that death rattle pretty silly x2. He’ll see This again, okay hilarious Well, I’d say it’s very unlikely that I win But technically a why steal a card that would I didn’t think that would work I Thought it would cancel the swap since I had no cards cards better than I realized mischief makers the knots He’s telling me there’s a chance he doesn’t have the second to Morden not a good chance but a chance What do I want this card to be to Morden Boo Morden frightened flunky. I don’t want it to be she’ll block. I don’t want it to be town crier I’m too off. Yeah Well when you’re too off you usually just put him – oh fuck No No No, I wanted to win Okay, good game can’t win them all TOP 30 LEGEND – HIGHLANDER MECH HUNTER DECK 2019 | SAVIORS OF ULDUM | HEARTHSTONE

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