Top 30 EARLY Tech Deals for Amazon Prime Day 2017

– Hi, I’m The Deal Guy Matt Granite. – And I’m his intern, Amy. – Live from the YouTube
Studios in New York City, we have today the top 30
Amazon Prime Day Deal early. And Amy just got a notification, which means she can now log on and we can see all of your comments. We’re gonna be answering your
Prime Day comments live today, ready to rock. We’re also gonna tell
you about one the biggest Prime Day giveaways, freebies. And Amy is now actually looking down, getting your comments ready. So she’s averting eye contact. She’s actually really social,
very excited to be here, like I am. We’re gonna talk to you
about some of the huge deals that you’ve requested, some of
the items that are available and some of the items
that aren’t in stock yet. So, are you ready to rock? – Yes, and we are going
to win Prime Day today. Normally, I probably
wouldn’t be able to do this without him. (laughs)
– Thank you. I have no life. And since eight months ago,
I’ve been going through using an algorithm that I developed to locate the biggest Prime Day Deal. Now the big question a
lot of you are asking is, “How does this guy get
all of the deals early? “What’s going on?” You asked me that, too, right? – Yeah, all the time. – And you understood
what the difference was? – Yes, yes, you definitely
have a plan just like you do on Black Friday. – I treat this like Black Friday, because this has the potential to be bigger than Black Friday
and Cyber Monday combined. It can also fail miserably. So if you’re subscribing
to the notifications, turned on, I’ll tell you right now how I get the deals early. And then I’m also gonna
take you through the link. And right under this video screen, there is a list to all of the top deals. You can also visit So why did the deals drop early? What’s really going on? Amazon has its deals, of course,
that it drops on Prime Day. And Prime Day, again, July
10th, 9 p.m. it begins. It lasts ’til Wednesday
July 12th, 2:59 a.m., Eastern Standard Time. It’s a three day event. Last year it was just
one day, the day before it was also one day, the
year before, it was one day. And this its third annual Prime Day. So more people are gonna be bitter and angrier than ever
before when deals sell out. – But that’s not gonna be you. – No, I’m promising you every
deal guaranteed in stock. And this Prime Day, the
reason a lot of the deals are actually dropping early
is a lot of the merchants, keep in mind, a lot of
people sell products on other than Amazon. The reason they drop their prices early is so you’ll buy the items at
their lowest Prime Day prices. But then it becomes and
Amazon Recommended product once enough people buy it. What does that mean? Search Results. If you search for a Bluetooth speaker, where its price was dropped
48 hours before Prime Day. On Prime Day, that shows
up as a top search. So the people behind those products know they’re a lot more likely
to lock in your sale, if they drop prices early, and
since, again, I have no life, I have an algorithm and I love Prime Day and saving you money. I hunt the deals down where I can actually chart the price drop. So all of the items I found
are at their guaranteed lowest recorded price. – So that means we’re
going to hook all of you up and none of you will be left sad. – Will you ever be sad on Prime Day? It happened actually– – Never, you can’t be sad on Prime Day. – No, it happened the year
before we met, remember? You were trying to get fashion deals. – Oh, that’s right! I try and block that out. – Okay, Amy’s not living in the
past, and I appreciate that. And I do wanna mention that fashion deals, including what Amy’s wearing right now, and a lot of other items, tied to purses, we’re gonna get to fashion in a moment. And I do wanna talk about
some of the tech items. But this is all phenomenal on Prime Day. And this year we have an epic giveaway. We get any good questions, yet? – Oh yeah, everyone’s saying hi. They’re super excited.
– Hi! – So many people, they want
laptops, Bluetooth speakers. – Okay, I’m gonna answer
all of your questions. I also want to welcome all
of the new subscribers. I know a lot of people are joining me new for the first time, you don’t really know what to make of me, or what to make of us. I promise. My job in life is to save you money. I only feature deals I like. And this is what makes it so exciting. I also give everything I
test, when I can afford it, away for free. Amy, do you wanna talk about
our Prime Day giveaway? – Yes, we are giving
away, can we tell them? Officially? – [Matt] Yes. – We’re going to give away
two $50 Amazon gift cards, which is so exciting. – And all the items on the Prime Day list. – And all his items on the Prime Day list. Apparently, that was a
secret I just found out, too. So be sure to make you
have your notifications on. – Every single item that you
see me feature for Prime Day, and if you have your
notifications turned on, you’re gonna start to
receive all of the deals beginning this Monday,
live from New York City. I will join you first thing. I also have a huge personal announcement. Probably one of the biggest
personal announcements I’m ever going to make. – [Amy] It is. – On Monday. – It is the biggest personal
announcement he will ever make. – So I’m gonna make that
announcement on Monday with the fact that I’m gonna
have multiple giveaways. Any item on the Prime Day
list you can get for free. It’s very simple. We’re gonna have repeated random draws plus at least $100 in Amazon gift cards, just for the people that don’t win. – Even more of a reason to
turn on your notifications. – Love that you’re here,
Amy, I really missed you. – (laughs) I missed you, too. – I wanna talk about
some of the networking, some of the routers, and some of the deals
you’re gonna find today. The more advanced routers, if
you’re looking for something like Ubiquity unit, and
you’re wondering what this is, the really hardcore units that
are the industrial products, these are gonna drop as
flash sales on Prime Day. But considering you might not need to get 5,000 square feet of
wifi or boost your signal, the deals located right
under this video screen, or by visiting I keep looking at the microphone. I’m like an idiot, today. I don’t know, just
really excited. (laughs) – [Amy] The camera’s right there. – (laughs) I know, this
is like my first video. I’m like, yeah, keep
looking at the microphone. – [Amy] It’s right in
front of us. (laughs) – I’m such a moron. I’ve just been so obsessed with the deals. Hello, camera. Hello, people. I love you. My name is Matt Granite, I’m the deal guy. Yeah, I don’t wanna keep that, we’re gonna have
unsubscribes, I apologize. All right, the smaller wifi
units are all on the list located right under this video screen. And one of my favorite
units is a Coredy unit, which has many, many antennas all tied to something that actually fit
in the size of your hand. For the Toucan or Toucan, depending on pronunciation, security. This is not a Prime Day deal. This would be an item
I don’t buy right now. But if you are looking for
some of the app controlled wifi smart surveillance,
rotating, and cameras that you can actually control. They’re actually on sale
today, same Prime Day pricing, 49 bucks down from 120. The Echo items, anything
tied to an actual product that Amazon makes, those drop
beginning Monday July 10th, at 9 p.m. Easter Standard Time. So these are not a good grab right now, that’s why they’re not on my list. And, I honestly, from smart bulbs to all sorts of other crazy
contraptions tied to your home, those are deals that actually begin today. Okay. – Okay, can I talk about my favorite deal that I saw on your list? The treadmill that is
controlled by your phone. – [Matt] Oh, this is amazing. So this is a 400– – No, that is so cool,
’cause it’s so annoying when you have to like
turn off the treadmill or turn it down. – Wait, you use treadmills? – Yes, I use treadmills. – I hate working out. I’m against the–
– Then I am I guess the expert on this topic. So you gotta touch it, and you
gotta then go on your phone, turn on your music, it’s all in one there. – It is.
– Which is so nice. – It’s on the list today. And there’s gonna be
another list with this. It’s usually $1,000. It’s $530 for Amazon Prime Day. That’s $497 off.
– You can’t get any better than that.
– Free delivery! And it folds up. And I promise, everything
I’m talking about right now, obviously we didn’t bring a
treadmill to the YouTube Studios today in New York City. – You wanted to, but I said no. – But I set it up at my home. So you or Jackie can come use it. I’m not using that thing. But it’s a really good treadmill. There you go. The purse deals that you liked, a lot of people asking for fashion items. – Yes. – Amazon’s very aggressive this year when it comes to promoting awareness towards its fashion line,
primarily Amazon Prime Day has just been synonymous with tech. But this year, well, it’s
a whole lot more than tech. So I’m very, very excited about that. – I am excited for the purse deals. Honestly, like I’m not
a big person for buying clothes online, but when I buy
purses, I do them all online and Amazon is the best for it. – I hate handbags. – Okay, we know. – It’s like, you have
one, why do you need more? – Okay, laptops. Lots of laptop questions.
– Laptops, there will be flash sales on laptops. And, by the way, the
reason I keep looking down is Amy has a computer. – Yeah, I’m not ignoring you,
I’m reading all your comments. – The laptop deals for
Prime Day are actually a phenomenon this year. But keep in mind Black
Friday is actually better for laptop deals. So you’re gonna see a
lot Chromebook deals, you’re gonna see some of
the under-equipped laptops as well as some very
aggressive price drops towards gaming units. Gaming is a huge phenomenon
on Amazon Prime Day and I promise I will hook
you up with those deals. But, yes, this is also in sync
with back-to-school savings, which means manufacturers
are reducing their laptops, which falls under Prime
Day, which means, yeah, that a lot, that’s a really good synchronicity fact of savings. – We’re gonna just address
this all as one topic. Bluetooth headphones, speakers, all of that.
– Today, people, today.
– We’re seeing lots of that. Like you always have Bluetooth, but I feel like this is the best. – The best Bluetooth headphones
I think I have ever tested at this price are 67% off. And, guys, these prices are in my head. I know this backwards and forwards. – He does.
– I don’t have notes, I have no teleprompter, 67% off. There is a pair of headphones on the list located right under me, which
is waterproof, sweat-proof. They meet some incredible IPX
waterproof certifications, 19.99, you can look at the ratings. – We did not have Matt test
the sweat-proof because– – No, I wore them in the shower!
– He doesn’t use treadmills. He just said it.
– Which is better, I had full water. – I tested those. – Yeah, I know. – I ran. – Yeah, good for you. So those deals are also reality. For those of you looking
for Bluetooth speakers, what’s a little bit different this year. I mean, most of you like to
actually see me unbox the units and I apologize, for a live show, we’re not gonna take you
through 10 Bluetooth setups. I have every massive
Bluetooth speaker deal coming up in my next video. So if you have your
notifications turned on, I’m just finishing the unboxings. There’s three units, actually
four, that really have my eye. One is a really sleek $29
unit, incredible sound, looks like something Apple would make. And I’m generally anti-Apple, but I mean this in a nice way today. A $66 bamboo stereo, the acoustics are enhanced by the bamboo. This is a $220 unit, that’s $66. It’s right under this video screen. And then also some of the
harder core, sub-woofer, gaming units, and things that you can use for a home theater. Those are all reduced for about 49 bucks down from 100. Gogroove has some deals
on my top (claps) 30 list! – All right, one more question, drones. I’ve seen like a million
comments on drones. – All right, very good, and
thank you for helping me today. – Oh, of course, keep ’em coming, guys, keep comin’. – Drones, the smaller drones,
which are the mini drones, the $12 quadcopters, those
are reality on Prime Day. A really solid $100
drone, which is 35 bucks, which has an HD camera is
a great every day drone. That’s on my Prime Day deal list, that’s also one of Amazon’s big deals. For the hardcore, we’re
talking like the drones that everyone would want if you wanna go a little bit more advanced. – Like the crazy advanced ones? – End of August, not a Prime Day Deal. In fact, if you see some Prime Day deals, I promise you, they will
actually be better in August. So drones, that’s my answer on that. – All right, someone
just commented drones, we just addressed that. – Someone said the top 30 webpage is down. – What? (laughs)
– Let’s check, this would not be helpful to you. So I’m looking right
under the video right now and I’m expanding the
video description box and the video… If you’re watching right now, and you’re watching the replay for this and for any reason this isn’t working, I promise you, there’ll be
an updated link under here in two seconds. And you’re absolutely right,
the Prime Day Deal List is not working. This is the nice thing about live videos. Amy, tell ’em a couple of
other items that you like. And what I’m gonna do right now is I’m gonna get the Top 30 list. I’m gonna post it right under this video before we say goodbye to you. – Okay, well, obviously,
I love the speakers. Matt does a lot of Bluetooth
speakers on his channel. And you can always find the
headphones, the speakers, but I think Prime Day has the most variety from what we’ve seen. Am I correct when I say that? – [Matt] You are 100% correct. – Yeah, so you can kinda
pick what you want, versus in the past when he has one item and you gotta get it right away. Now, thankfully, you have options. So whatever you’re looking for, if you’re looking for different colors, or different style, sizes for kids. Kids? – Yes, there are $9.99 Bluetooth speakers in the shape of stuffed animals. Guys, I have just updated the link–
– Bluetooth – Just updated the link. There we are.
– Speakers for kids. Nine dollars, you don’t wanna spend a bunch of money for kids. So, nine dollars, there you go. That’s like practically
handing you a gift. – Absolutely, and, again, the Top 30 list. I know we’ve really
referred to a lot of deals, which are all gonna be right
under this video screen. Actually, what’s happening, Amy, is so many people are trying
to shop at the same time. – Guys– – We’re crashing. I love that.
– Wait like five minutes. – No, it’s great! – It’s not gonna go away.
– It makes me feel so popular. So right under the video
screen, there’s an updated link. I apologize for the crashing. Here’s the really nice thing. On Prime Day, with millions
of people trying to shop. I know what you’re thinking,
we’re gonna crash the city its website again. I have so many backup
links and servers in place. If you have your notifications turned on, you’re actually gonna get an email with an exclusive link for you. So we’re not gonna have
to go through this. This is a really good test. And, again, I apologize
for two people sitting here telling you to keep clicking
right under a video screen on nothing. The link was there, the
traffic was too high, but we will be ready for you.
– Props to you for pointing it out, though – Yeah, I love live interaction. And I’ve said this before. Subscribers, you make my life better and you make me so much
better at what I do. – He talks about you–
– I would be – All the time, seriously.
– Nothing without you. No, it’s like having your closest friends. Like I don’t have that
many, but when I reach out and I have our subscribers in my life, I feel like I’ve got everything I need.
– They keep a good eye out for us. – Yeah. So I’m gonna say goodbye. Again, the link updated right
under this video screen. If you’re watching this on a replay, the link is now updated for you. And I also wanna thank everyone for being a part of my world. My biggest personal
announcement, probably ever, is Monday. And we kick off the Prime Day deals. Turn on your notifications. I could hit you with
that list at any minute. (claps) Yes!
– I’m so excited! – I love you!

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