Let’s Start Morning TOP 3 Tech News. At the top
Google announced Oreo Go for low end smartphone. Next one is-
Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC Unveiled, Xiaomi Mi 7 First Announced Snapdragon 845 Smartphone. And the Last one same from QUALCOMM-
Qualcomm announces support for Android Oreo (Go Edition). Good Morning My self Avik And You Are watching
Technojaan Infocom. For smartphones with 512MB-1GB of RAM, Google
announced Oreo Go, a version of Android 8.0 Oreo optimised for low-end smartphones. It will become available over the next few
months, while its code is now available for developers through Android 8.1. Devices running on Oreo Go will have an average
15 percent faster app start up time, and preloaded apps will be optimised will take up 50 percent
less space on the available storage. Google mention that an average Oreo Go device
will be able to store an extra 1,000 photos with these optimisations. “Android Oreo Go edition will help improve
the experience on entry-level phones while new apps like Files Go will ensure their experience
is smooth and they consume less data. It would be expecting that handset makers
will bring smartphones based on Android Oreo Go edition in early 2018. Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor Unveiled,
Xiaomi Mi 7 would be the First Announced Snapdragon 845 Smartphone. Qualcomm announced Snapdragon 845 processor
at its second annual Snapdragon Technology Summit. Snapdragon 845 SoC is next top-end mobile
processor. The new chip is designed to power a range
of next-generation Android flagships that will debut in 2018. Xiaomi is the first to announce a smartphone
with the processor – the Mi 7 – while companies like LG and Samsung can be expected to use
the processor in their flagships next year. Snapdragon 845 will be the successor to the
Snapdragon 835. The chipset will include the latest X20 LTE
modem that offers gigabit connectivity on supported networks. Xiaomi confirmed that the next flagship Mi
7 smartphone will be powered by Snapdragon 845. Xiaomi is committed to making devices that
combine cutting-edge innovations in technology and beautiful design while comparing price
expectations. And the next one same from qualcom. Qualcomm has announced support for Google’s
new Android Oreo Go Edition platform. The company will be working alongside Google
to improve the experience on these devices, which will have 1GB or less RAM. Qualcomm didn’t really say anything about
this partnership and merely listed off what Google has done with Android Oreo Go Edition. Which, as we learned yesterday, involves having
a streamlined version of the OS designed for low-end hardware with low RAM and storage
space, lightweight version of Google apps, and a version of Play Store that highlights
optimized apps. Android Oreo Go Edition devices are expected
to ship in early 2018. So, that’s all, thanks for watching guys,
please like my videos and have a wonderful day.

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