Top 3 Predictions in SEO for 2013

my name’s Gavin Smith I’m head of SEO summit and here are my top 3 predictions for SEO in 2013 my third place prediction is that we’re going to witness much greater flux in the SEO mark in 2013 Google’s new search algorithms pandering 2011 and Penguin in 2012 drastically altered the tactics required to create successful SEO strategy some agencies are proving more successful than others in producing effective campaigns good SEO in 2013 involves expertise in multiple disciplines including content marketing usability social media and online PR data analysis and web site architecture my advice is that retailers should ensure their partners employ all of these into an effective SEO strategy my second SEO prediction is that Facebook’s graph search will become a direct competitor to Google search in 2013 Google started the war by using their own search dominance to move into search with google+ and facebook is now fighting back with their own social search product facebook founder mark zuckerberg announced graph search in january 2013 hinting that this will evolve into a fully-fledged search engine this is where the revenues are in search a recent report should that Facebook to capture just five percent of the u.s. search market in 2013 this would add thirty three percent on to the global revenue they made in 2011 my advice is this where there’s competition there’s innovation so be ready in agile to move and invest in any new social or search products my number one prediction in the SEO world for 2013 is encrypted search will become an ever greater barrier to measure in su effectiveness in 2013 surprisingly Google hides keywords that people search for when they are logged into their Google account this encryption means that is harder to identify top performing keyword segments which in turn makes it harder to plan measure successful SEO strategies we analyzed 12 months of our own clients day here at summit and found that revenue from encrypted traffic increased from 0 to 24 sent between november two thousand eleven and december two thousand twelve and as google’s user bears continues to grow so the proportion of encrypted searches will increase my advice is that retailers should ensure their SEO agencies have as fallen understanding as possible of how searches interact with search pages so that they can continue to make inform strategy decisions moving forward you

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