Top 3 CES Tech Deals for 2017 (You WON’T want to miss these!)

– I’m giving out free
virtual reality headsets, giving you an exclusive
look at the hottest gadgets from CES 2017 and it’s
all comin’ right up. (bright music) Hi! I’m the YouTube
Deal Guy, Matt Granite. Welcome to the Consumer
Electronics Show 2017. For those of you who watch me regularly, you know I’m here every
day to save you more cash than anyone else in the country. I also give away more freebies
than most people on YouTube and we are giving away
virtual reality headsets at the end of this video,
one of the CES deals. But if you’re wondering, “Alright, CES, “it’s so quiet, what’s going on?” It’s really early in
the morning right now. It’s before seven o’clock
a.m. pacific standard time and the Consumer Electronics Show, the world’s largest electronic expo, hasn’t actually even
started yet for today. But I wanted to adhere to
my regular upload schedule, which is 10:00 a.m. eastern time, and make sure that you
all got early access to some of the huge deals
that I’ve hunted down. So here I am. It’s empty and it’s quiet. A lot of the vendors will actually be in the area behind me right now. I was actually one of the
first reporters in the country given access to the
Consumer Electronics Show, so I figured, I’m gonna take
you along for the ride today, show you some amazing deals,
all of which are all located right under this video screen. But before we get to
that and the freebies… (techno music) From Quadcopters to phones and drones, yes, I will have huge deals
on all of this from CES 2017, but amidst all of the robots and the wonderful self-driving
cars you cannot afford, this year at CES I’m
giving a greater focus to the everyday consumer,
’cause it’s about us. It’s not about the companies. And as I speak here and review items and put them through the ringer, there are three deals that I
wanna share with you today, two of which I’m gonna
mention right now, CES 2017. And the first, you’re looking at it. One of the world’s thinnest and most powerful streaming system. A way to replace every stereo or major clunky system in your house. One of the world’s thinnest speakers. The link to this deal and
the coupon to lower the price is located right under this video screen. Enter the code at checkout. It’ll knock down from 100 to 80 to 49. In here, two 10 watt drivers,
which is so rare to see in a unit of this
particular price and size. Bluetooth 4.2 technology for
streaming which is awesome. And the other thing that I like, although this is a really small unit, if you flip it, the features in here, yes you can actually use
it with an existing system. Because it has an
auxiliary headphone jack, so you can easily plug this
into an existing speaker system. You have a TF card reader
which is really rare. And you can use this
as a rechargeable unit or plugged in via USB. Home audio has received a really exciting facelift this year. Last year, you would have
required four or five different speakers of this
size to produce the sound I’m gonna share with you in a moment. Speakers like this, one of the most thin, ultra-loud speakers on the market, is now able to replace that traditional home speaker sound bar. This bad boy can fill
up to 1,200 square feet. (happy music) This system is streaming wirelessly. Really nice stand. You could put something
like this in front of a TV, you could put it on top of another existing DVR or satellite system. It’s that small, that portable. You can run it with a plug or
use it as a rechargeable unit. The styling and the chrome
accents, very similar to what you would find in
something made by Apple. And for those of you
who watch me regularly, I know I’m kinda notorious for making constant anti-Apple comments, but I will say in this sense, it’s a beautiful stylistic point. The link to this deal,
and again you will need a coupon code located right
under the video screen, and if you’re aren’t
familiar with iClever, they’re one of the top
rated brands in the world. Just expand the description box, where you’ll also find one
of my favorite lock systems that you can control from your smartphone. It’s usually $150, found
it for under 60 for CES. If you frequently forget codes, this is my favorite smart lock this year. This lock, which works with
both Apple and Android, one charge gets you two years of average use outta this thing. It’s weather-proof, it’s under $60, the link under this video screen. The lock itself, made really nicely. And I like the fact that
you can share access with people as well as track who has used the lock at what time. Set up took us no more than 30 seconds. If you’re into gaming
or want access to one of the best virtual reality
headset deals we’ve ever seen. And I apologize I’m shooting this part of the unboxing in our hotel bathroom. So right here beside my wife’s toothbrush, I love the fact that the boxing is kind of ridiculous
on this particular deal, but it’s just hit market
and the unit itself, very, very well made, very well packaged, comes with a controller
which is so rare under $50, and you just slide your smart phone, which I have struggled in the past to try and show demonstrations of, obviously showing virtual
reality through a smartphone on a smartphone, doesn’t
really work that well but you can read the reviews of this unit. It was in Beta for a
good chunk of last year. It is now vastly improved. The unit itself, very
well made, very durable and very excited to be giving this away as a freebie, in a moment. The headphone’s built in to this particular unit, which is great. The front opens and accommodates all sorts of different smartphones,
again as long as you download the virtual
reality app of your choice. You can really use this
to immerse yourself in a new environment and this is one of the best headsets
we’ve tested at this price. This deal link located
right under the screen is one of my top three CES gadgets, but keep in mind since
this is a CES 2017 item, it will not ship right away. It’s gonna take a little
bit of time to get to you. Now, for the giveaway! Using TubeBuddy’s random selection
tool to find a subscriber right here who has commented
in the last six months, and if you have your
notifications turned on, you will find out you’ve won. Cathy! Yeah! And I love that you enjoyed the GoPro deal you bought that I recommended. Just email [email protected] for your freebie. Yeah! Go Cathy! Go you! You’re awesome! I know it’s really early in the morning, but I’m really excited. And the next time you see
me, we’re actually gonna go behind the barrier, which is right here and I’m gonna take you behind the scenes, hook you up with more exclusive deals and freebies than anyone else. This is just a precursor
to some of the price drops. And yep, all the sweet lil’ drone deals and all the savings tied
to that, that’s coming up. I can’t even begin to
articulate my excitement tied to the deals and the tech
and some of the early access I’m gonna be able to give you right here. So stick with me, and
again if you want access to the freebies or to
this upcoming journey and you’re not subscribed, I
know someone who would like to tell you how to get hooked up. – Hey guys. Intern Kaycee here. I’m away at school right now, where they don’t teach
you about good deals. But Matt does! Click right down here and
subscribe to his channel. And if you wanna learn how to turn your YouTube notifications on and comment, click right up here, and if you wanna see
another incredible deal, click right down here. See you all soon.

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100 thoughts on “Top 3 CES Tech Deals for 2017 (You WON’T want to miss these!)

  1. I just bought one of the VR headsets under a different name. bobovr for 25 bucks off EBay with controller.

  2. my mom bought one of these virtual headsets from you for my son for Christmas. It's a little different but he loves it!!

  3. ohhh the speaker, very cool! my kids are running around the house with their go-pro's they got for christmas! 2 for less than the price of one real go-pro! thanks matt!!

  4. Love the products especially the speakers, but I'm not able to use the code. Can you please let me know if it still works. Thanks

  5. yes! I'm a big fan of iclever thanks to your deals! next year you should giveaway tickets for the CES because "regular" people can't attend. No airplane tickets, no hotel, just the tickets! that would be awesome!

  6. wow. is that speaker still available, the wireless standalone silver..if so..I'm getting. thanks again for all the deals you find

  7. Matt, Thanks so much for saving me from paying for a fitbit for my daughter. The equivalent you recommended is great. I saved $100 !!! Can't wait to see what I can save on next.

  8. I purchased the iClever Wireless Streaming System w/ your coupon code (great price!) and absolutely LOVE the speaker! Light weight, portable & great sound!

  9. Will there be another sale for the speaker again? I tried to apply the code and it wouldn't accept it. I couldn't get it the week you uploaded the video 🙂 thank you

  10. I bought one of the iClever speakers for work when you presented this deal. We use it when doing power point presentations in areas that don't have a sound system available, and it works great. Plenty of clear sound to fill a decent size room. Thanks Matt!

  11. HELP PLEASE!!! I am searching for a promotion regarding acquiring a parking app that Matt televised a couple of weeks ago. It was to see where parking lots with vacancies were located, best price, etc? Does anyone remember?

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