TOP 20 new upcoming technology 2018

hello youtube and welcome to technology mother channel technology releases for 2018 in 2018 a number of technology breakthroughs entrance will become available to the public for example there will be one wi-fi hot spot for every 20 people Elon Musk’s supersonic Hyperloop train to open to public Apple Inc. transition to OLEDs screens, marking shift in smartphone industry tesla plans to build and sell 500,000 electric vehicles HP’s latest computer invention the machine is available for purchase in a six times more powerful than current servers 10Gbps Wi-Fi available at 5GHz frequency bands cell phone signals become 1000 X faster with P cell James Webb space telescope is launched into orbit to discover liquid water on other planets first 3D printed car created cost of solar panels per watt equals 1.5 U.S. dollars Rwanda’s “Mombasa-Kigali railway project” is fully built london’s London cross rail is fully belt Abu Dhabi’s “Saadiyat Island” is fully built South Korea’s “Songdo IBD” is fully built Abu Dhabi’s “Yas Island” is fully built World sales of electric vehicles reaches 5,200,000 Predicted global mobile web traffic equals 10.5 exabytes Global Internet traffic grows to 132 exabytes please don’t forget to like my video and subscribe. to see you in the next video

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