Top 15 Videos That’ll Give You A Nightmare

15. Zombie Bus
Would you take something that turned you into a zombie? Please don’t do it, because it’s a horrible
idea. In October of 2017, a number of sightings
were reported in Brazil, in which humans were behaving monstrously, with some running their
heads into windshields, and others flailing their arms and screaming nonsense, as if they
were possessed. This video clip shows what a nightmare this
can be. He pounds the windshield as well, before taking
a running start at it with his head. With arms outstretched, the boy screams into
the ethers, while one guy outside holds an arm out, seemingly trying to calm him. The boy continues to scream in place before
trying to smash his way into the bus again. This goes on for several minutes. Whatever this man has taken to be acting this
way, just remember, it’s never a good idea to do the same. 14. Humanoid Outside
Here’s a freaky sighting. Imagine you’re playing guitar with your
friends when something decides to pay a visit. Published by navagone in November of 2007,
this creepy video shows some dudes practicing in a bedroom. One is playing the guitar, the other is singing,
the third is recording the session. But, as it turns out, there’s a fourth uninvited
guest nearby. As they continue to play, the friend filming
the session takes a broader shot of the singer and, towering in the doorway behind him is
a seemingly tall man, standing sentry and staring into the room. In the comments of this video, David FE writes:
“It’s a humanoid being about 7 feet tall, not a ghost. Many people have reported them before.” Whatever the case, in the moment, the friend
filming doesn’t spot the humanoid. The three continue their session without any
reaction, and the next time the cameraman pans over, the figure is gone. They must have spotted the humanoid later
in the playback…a humanoid that was so close, he could have touched them. What would you do if you saw this over your
friend’s shoulder? 13. Squatter Hotel
Exploring abandoned places is supposed to be an adventure, but it can also lead to some
unexpected encounters. YouTube channel Explore Abandoned Places With
TattooTonyAlton published this video in October of 2016, writing: “We ran into four very
strange people and were surprised while exploring. … two that I got really bad vibes from they
seemed like they may be wanted and running from the police”
The school does look pretty creepy from the outside. And when you enter, the eeriness heightens. The place looks like a haunted house, graffiti
lining the walls, broken windows, loads of decay and rubble on the ground. Early on in the video, Tony notes that this
guy wouldn’t stay out of his camera shots. About twenty minutes into the video, Tony
comes across four men and quickly turns the camera away from them, so they don’t grow
angry or suspicious of his motives. While the entire encounter isn’t shown, at
the end of the video, Tony describes the men and explains what happened off-camera. He says that two looked harmless; one was
an old man, pockmarked and crazy; and the last guy was younger, shifty and acting strange. Two of these dudes kept inviting Tony downstairs
to see some “cool stuff,” but he got a bad vibe from them and was worried about getting
his equipment taken. The weirdest thing was one offered to babysit
his kids whenever Tony wants to go exploring. More than a little creepy. 12. Haunted Barracks
Have you ever filmed a video for your significant other, only to see something paranormal happen
behind you? This video appears to show a military man
sending a message to his girlfriend or wife, a woman named Trish, telling her he wishes
he could be home with her. That’s not the scary part. Obviously. What’s scary is what happens in the background. As he’s filming his loving message, what
appears to be a sweatshirt on the bed behind him moves of its own accord. And it’s not just a small twitch; it’s
like somebody is temporarily inside the sweatshirt. The movement is enough to catch the guy’s
attention. He looks over his shoulder. But that’s when the fear is maxed out within
him as the cupboard doors beside him burst aggressively
open. The man, plainly disturbed by this strange
occurrence, gets up and looks around the cupboard and inside before fleeing the scene. Once he’s left, one of the cupboard doors
swings nearly closed. What is happening here? What is haunting this room? The ghost of a forgotten trooper? With just this video footage, I guess we’ll
never know. 11. Hag-like Mask
We’ve all seen reflections in the window at night. But maybe none as creepy as what YouTuber
Mystic Paranormal found in his car window. Mystic published this video in August 2017,
writing that it was the scariest thing he ever captured on video. Let’s be the judge of that. In the video, the YouTuber says he’s captured
a hag on his phone’s camera. He seems to want to capture some more footage,
but cars keep driving by, which interrupts a proper view of the hag-like face. The woman in the video says she’s scared
to turn, because the face has been appearing on her side of the vehicle. For a while, they’re sitting in the darkness,
hoping to capture the image on camera. While they wait, their camera runs out of
battery. But the image they’ve already captured does
appear like a masked hag reflected in the window. What is this? An apparition? Does the woman even exist? Whatever the reality of this is – a strange
reflective phenomenon caught on camera or an old lady spirit – the result is chilling. 10. Doorbell Camera
Nothing scarier than live footage. Especially when it’s happening right outside
your front door. Jeff Davis published this doorbell footage
in January of 2019, writing: “After we put the kids in bed, we got a notification that
someone was at our front door.” The footage shows a man in a grey hoodie and
jeans donning a white skeleton mask with black hair, before walking up to the front door,
a piece of paper at the ready. He covers the ring doorbell with the paper,
but the tape doesn’t hold. As the paper slowly flips back open, the man
is gone. The front entryway is completely empty. Only the darkness of night stands beyond. Davis asks if the YouTube audience thinks
it’s just kids being kids; or someone wanting to enter the home. What do you think? I guess we’ll never know for sure. But nevertheless, someone attempting to cover
your surveillance camera is never a good sign. 9. Real-life Chuckie
This is what happens when your doll comes to life. Posted on the r/ghosts subreddit by Redditor
EnigmasLight209 who writes: “Years ago, my sister had a Dora doll … however, we
never put batteries in it because at the time we couldn’t afford a lot of stuff … my
sister [was] singing and playing with the doll, not noticing the doll turns its head
to look at her.” The clip is creepy enough to give you nightmares. The user’s sister is in the bathroom, singing
and playing at the sink. Her doll is perched beside her, motionless
and staring off to the right. About fifteen seconds in, the doll’s head
suddenly turns, looking directly at the camera and into our souls. Nothing more happens in the video, but the
way the doll’s head snaps around is reminiscent of a bad Child’s Play-like scenario. My advice: destroy that doll immediately,
fire would probably be the best. 8. Maggots
Have you ever wondered what it looks like when meat dee composes? First off, why are you wondering that? Second, you won’t wonder any longer once
you’ve seen this video. This unsettling time-lapse footage shows exactly
that over the course of seven days. It’s deeply terrifying. A bit of science: when meat isn’t refrigerated
and is exposed to air, maggots appear. But they aren’t produced by the meat, as
was previously theorized. If the meat is exposed to air and a fly lays
eggs in it, that’s when you’ll see maggots. They’re the larvae of flies, and female
flies tend to lay eggs in meat, so that their young have something to eat when they hatch. Pretty gross to watch. But also, admittedly, good fly parenting. Regardless the amount and movement of the
maggots in this video will make your stomach turn. So, if you’re eating a big slab of meat
now, sorry about that. Watching this is a good way to lose your appetite. 7. The Rail Walker
Strange behavior from a stranger at night is enough to make your spine tingle. This video published by Mostafa Elpress in
April of 2010 begins with some intense music and a vehicle stopped on the side of a highway
at night. At first, you may not spot what the people
in the vehicle are looking at, but once they zoom in, you can see a figure moving on the
railing at the side of the road. The figure is unclear and indistinct; at first,
it’s hard to tell if it’s a human being or something else. But what’s clear is it’s scary enough
in reality for the men in the vehicle to back away. Later, someone gets out of the vehicle to
film the creature. As it turns out, the figure does appear to
be a human being, dressed in white, with long legs, walking across the railing in slow deliberate
movements. When it comes nearer, the man cries out in
Arabic and runs away as fast as he can. 6. Salt and Candles
What would you do if the downstairs lights of a supposedly empty building next door kept
turning on and off? Redditor j_cee1 posted this video to r/Ghosts,
writing: “The model apartment next door to mine has a ten minute timer on all the
lights, so every time the front door is opened the lights automatically turn on. When I showed the video to the maintenance
men they said they got chills and to go buy some salt and candles.” The video shows the lights switching on and
off of their own accord. While not altogether unexplainable, it is
unnerving. Some in the comments of this video suggest
faulty wiring or a bad sensor. A union electrician says this is pretty common
in model houses, as they’re not built well. Others get scared by “something moving”
which turns out to be the tree branch. But the question remains: what if someone
or something is opening the front door? The maintenance men are right: it’s time
for some salt and candles. 5. Affetto
Most of us have watched videos that returned to visit us in our sleep. Imagine a robot child with deadened eyes. Would you want to be greeted with such a smile? TechCrunch calls Affetto “the wild-boy-head
robot of your nightmares.” And a comment on this video clip by YouTube
user ragnaroekAT confirms that: “Thank you…for bringing my absolute scariest nightmare to
life! I won’t be sleeping for the next few days…” Once this robot grins at you, you probably
won’t either. The idea was to give the robot human-like
emotions. And that’s what these researchers did. But for some reason, the result is so uncanny,
it gives you the chills. A video of the Affetto prototype was first
posted in 2011. Back then it was even scarier than today’s
version. Researchers have since added facial skin and
hair, but that doesn’t seem to remove the deadness from the robot’s eyes. In fact, it likely makes the cyberhuman seem
even more bizarre. Apart from the creepiness of the robot’s
facial expressions, blades and spikes jut out of its body, as though it’s a machine
meant to destroy you. The three researchers wrote of their continued
progress with the robot, citing new methods to create more expressivity in the second-generation
model of Affetto. These findings, the researchers claim, will
allow “deeper interaction with humans,” due to the broader range of robot emotions. While all of this is very technical, viewing
the video clip will inspire an entirely visceral emotional reaction. And, believe me, the movements of this robot
child will not leave your nightmares soon. 4. The Disappearing Doll
Now you see it; now you don’t. Published in December of 2017, this video
begins with a man speaking Arabic. No translation or subtitles are included,
so we can’t tell you what he’s talking about as he stands outside what appears to
be a normal door with an elaborate gold doorframe. Over a minute into the video, he opens the
door to what appears to be a normal dining room. Speaking the whole while, he enters the room
and shuts the door, giving a tour of the room, which is empty. He tries opening another door on one side
of the room, but it’s locked tight. So, he enters further into what appears to
be a living room. There are toys inside, a car with a doll in
it. But nothing appears to be out of the ordinary. That is, until he turns to film the other
side of the room and pans back to the car. No more doll. He doesn’t seem to panic, and it’s hard
to tell if he even noticed. He continues to wander around the room. While nothing more disturbing appears to happen
in the duration of the video, the man must have experienced something frightening toward
the end, as fear is heard in his voice, his camera drops, and he rushes out of there. What was happening in this room? I don’t know if I want to know. 3. Abandoned Farmhouse Gone Wrong
This creepy farmhouse will have you swearing off abandoned buildings for life. Published by DaaDeeOh’s Urban Exploration
in April of 2013, the uploader admits to being skeptical to the paranormal. But this incident made him consider opening
up to the possibility. Daa writes that the house sits about a half
a kilometer from a road in Bobcaygeon, Ontario. The house is isolated with just a barn and
an outcrop of other buildings. It appears from a distance to be tightly boarded
up, but a back door was wide open. He writes: “Now it is very possible, all
the environmental conditions were perfect for this experience, however, WingManJan happened
to be with me on this explore and we are in agreement, there was something more to this.” He says that the video doesn’t do the reality
justice. The sounds were much more magnified, which
he describes as “like freight trains.” He writes: “There was the sound of someone
else walking, there was the sound of something heavy being dragged across the floor, and
when exiting, it was like being followed out to the threshold of inside and out.” Without further ado, let’s take a look at
the cryptic video. Even the approach to the house’s exterior
is a bit unnerving. The backdoor is under an overhanging, which
our friends sneak beneath to catch a glimpse of a bunch of knickknacks and garbage littering
the ground, including an old sewing machine. The backdoor is wide open. It’s dark inside. They climb the steps to the kitchen area,
also disheveled and covered with odds and ends. Once inside, they’re stepping over the trash
and other items on the floor, while scanning the rooms with a flashlight. They enter the living room. Something on a door across the room flies
up. It appears to be blown by a breeze. The door then opens and slams shut, while
our brave Daa backs away. Instead of racing out of there, they gets
closer. The door keeps creaking open and slamming
shut again. He finally enters the empty hallway. No one is there. He shines the flashlight upstairs, and just
when you think he’s going to explore that second level, he hurries the heck out of that
house. Probably a smart idea. The video, alone, is unsettling. I can’t imagine what being there in person
must have felt like. Although Daa knows some might call him a coward
for being afraid, he insists that you had to be there to know what it truly felt like. On the contrary, most people in the comments
of this video think Daa was brave to stay in this obviously haunted house as long as
he did. I’m one of them. 2. Restaurant Rage
We’ve all heard of rage on the road. But what happens when restaurant rage reaches
the road? After watching this video, you won’t ever
diss an Albanian restaurant owner. When Spanish tourists visited a restaurant
in southern Albania, apparently they didn’t like the restaurant’s service. And the owner didn’t like that they didn’t
like it. That’s when things grew super aggressive. How super? Just watch. The tourists captured the owner’s reaction
on camera, which involved climbing onto the hood of their vehicle. Now, those are some serious rage issues. The owner, however, claims that the tourists
tried to skip out on the bill, but the Albanian government seems to be siding with the tourists,
as officials have since apologized for their treatment. Following the video going viral, Albania’s
Prime Minister Edi Rama went so far as to condemn the owner’s alleged actions on Facebook,
calling them a “stain of shame” on Albania and saying it wouldn’t soon be forgotten. Not long after, the restaurant was torn down…or
rather, completely bulldozed. According to reports, after the video went
viral, the owner was investigated, and the findings revealed that the owner had not paid
taxes and had built his restaurant without a legal permit. The owner was charged for his actions as well. What a nightmare. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
and I hope you’re enjoying my narration. Are you curious about what I look like in
real life? Then go to my instagram, @dylan_is_chillin_yt
to find out. Do you like my narrations? If you answered yes, then tap the follow button
and thank you for your support. It’s a proven fact that generosity make
you a happier person. So if you’re generous enough to hit the
subscribe button and the bell beside it then thank you. This way you’ll be notified of the new video
we upload every Tuesday. 1. Goliath
Arachnophobes, beware. This video is straight out of Ron Weasley’s
nightmares. Published by Exotics Lair in October of 2018,
footage of this spider will remind you why so many people fear them. The Goliath bird eater is the world’s largest
spider by mass and size. Goliath calls South America home, and its
leg span is second only to the giant huntsman spider. Goliath is called a “bird-eater” for a
reason. A copper engraving made by Maria Sibylla Merian
in the 18th century depicts the giant spider chowing down on a hummingbird. But don’t worry, birds aren’t often the
spider’s prey. Rather, he prefers worms, amphibians, insects,
and other arthropods. Although, Goliath has been known to eat things
as large as rodents, lizards, and snakes. Imagine running into this spider in your jungle
lair. It’s what nightmares are made of.

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