*TOP 10* Yu-Gi-Oh! Side Deck Cards for May/Summer 2018 Format!

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52 thoughts on “*TOP 10* Yu-Gi-Oh! Side Deck Cards for May/Summer 2018 Format!

  1. We're back with a new video, guys! 🎉
    Top 10 Side Deck cards for the Summer 2018 format! Gotta beat those Altergeists, Sky Strikers, Knightmares, and Pendulums!
    Let me know which ones I might have missed!

  2. why would you side in red reboot, just side in wiretap… only decent thing is that it can be activated from the hand

  3. i mean, paleozoics can maindeck gozen match/rivalry… just saiyan i use like 10 monsters in my deck, so… it works amazingly,
    also as a paleo player i love using antispell fragrence, if i get opabinia on board i can just still activate them since they arent spells xD

  4. Whats the difference between red reboot and seven tools of the bandit? Never read the card, and still to lazy to on my phone :p

  5. Shared Ride is an interesting one! Thanks for bringing it to my attention, definitely picking up a copy or two!

  6. let's not forget that share the pain is really effective against sky striker link monsters because Rei/Raye will not be able to activate her grave effect & the hornet bit token cannot be tributed so your opponent has to get rid of their link monster

  7. Hope your recovery is still going well. That reminds me. I need to find my binder with my Anti-Spell Fragrance and Unending Nightmare.

  8. Side or even main deck wire tap when playing slower decks instead of wiretap so your Opponent doesn't get another resource plus with the new end of match procedures coming up paying half your life points is risky

  9. I use Anti-Spell Fragrance in my satellar knight build.

    Imagine having to set all your spells only to have them bounced back by Triverr. I've played so many duels where my opponent never had the opportunity to play a spell.

  10. For Trickstar decks – Heavy Dust Storm is amazing as it doesnt really affect the deck by taking away the battle phase

  11. Have 2 shared ride in my side deck, need a third, also have 2 mistake if I want a risky game until then

  12. I'm subscribed to your channel, even though I haven't sat down and dueled anyone in 10 years now. Back when I was the man and a top duelist in my town. Good times. The new stuff is kinda overwhelming, so I haven't even given it a shot. But I like you guys' videos.

  13. I added 2 Anti Spell to my side deck for my Lair of Darkness deck so I love that it was mentioned xD My brother is gonna HATE me when I side it in against his Metalfoes/Alien deck hahah well you see what had happened was xD

  14. Hey team aps awesome video i have a question for you did you use to work in cedar hill tx at blockbuster or a barnes & noble i ask this because you look so familiar i know i've seen you somewhere before i could be mistaken i dont mean to come off creepy or anything but i swear you look familiar

  15. Personally, I feel that Cyber Dragon and Megafleet will be good side deck cards if you don't main deck them, given that it outs extra links and just outs a link monster your opponent controls in general

  16. Hey Paul, really liking the new thumbnails as well as fresh topics and the extra editing in the videos really shows as well . I've been a long time fan and love your content!

  17. hey a yugituber named simply unlucky wants to work with other yugitubers and he told his fans to go tell other yugitubers to contact him on facebook

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