Top 10 Tech News – November 2019 – Hyve Managed Hosting

Hello, I’m your host Mariana, and welcome to the Top 10 Tech News of the Month. New ‘Uber Works’ app launched Uber will launch into the job market with ‘Uber Works’, an app designed to match workers with companies that are looking for professionals to join their businesses, becoming an all-round hub for users looking for work. Facebook urged to halt encryption plans Government officials have urged Facebook to review their encryption plans in an open letter. Co-signed by US, UK and Australian governments, this has put Facebook under pressure to delay plans to rollout end-to-end encryption across all of their platforms. iPhone apps removed for ad fraud 17 iOS apps have been removed from the App Store after it was discovered that they were generating income for cyber criminals. It is still unknown whether the developer was responsible for the malicious behaviour, as it is possible that they could have been compromised by a third party. Copied code sparks virus threat A recent study on popular Q&A forum, Stack Overflow, found potential vulnerabilities in codes shared on the site. As Stack Overflow is a major site for most programmers users often copy code snippets to solve complex coding issues. 5G masts blocked by Brighton Council Brighton and Hove City Council blocked plans to build three 5G masts in central Brighton, stating that they would create visual clutter and harm the look of the area. Campaigners have also protested against the masts for months, claiming that the radio wave emissions could harm people’s health. Is Hull the Smart City of the Future? Following the success of winning UK City of Culture in 2017, Hull’s local council are hoping to transform the city into a hub of modernization and innovative technology, introducing the concept of a Smart City OS. Concerns unlocked over Google’s Pixel 4 It has been discovered that you, or someone else, can unlock the Google Pixel 4 through its facial ID system, even with your eyes closed. The discovery has sparked concerns over the security of face ID, especially since it can be used as a notification method to confirm payments and sign-in in some of the apps across Android. Starbucks mobile payment app Starbucks has dominated the mobile payment market with its own popular app. The software that allows customers to pay for food and drink in store, and earn loyalty points, is more popular than other apps, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay, in the US. BBC tackles censorship with dark web mirror site The BBC have launched a version of their news website that’s available through the dark web. The launch aims to make global news available to audiences where it may be censored by authoritarian governments. Internet browsers ramp up privacy with new alerts Chrome and Firefox have developed features that can alert users about data breaches involving their accounts. New features on these browsers include security indicators for HTTP and HTTPS, social tracking protection, and a native data breach notification for saved logins. Thank you for watching, and we’ll see you again for next month’s Top 10 Tech News.

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