Top 10 Strangest Deals of Amazon Prime Day 2018

– They are the 10 weirdest,
strangest, craziest Amazon Prime Day deals 2018. (lighthearted music) It’s not weird or creepy or is it? Hi, I’m the YouTube
Deal Guy, Matt Granite. We’ve seen some crazy
deals tied to Prime Day. Many of you asked, what are
the craziest things we saw and can you still get them. And well, some deals are
not worth grabbing at all. Some sold out even though they
were extremely questionable. There are deals from neck
pillows, great for travel, that could correct your posture to some really handy DIY tools
you may have seen earlier that are still reduced
for Amazon Prime Day. And I want to show them to you right now. If you’re not yet
subscribed to this channel, would love to have you a subscriber. This will make sure you don’t
miss those future deals. Keep in mind, I go well beyond Prime Day. I have huge savings
right around the corner where you can actually
unlock the price drops. But if you want to see my list, expand the video description box right under me. There you will find the craziest
deals, starting with this. In the number 10 spot, a
handsome bundle of manly products that includes man moisturizer
and a camping lantern. In the number nine spot,
aloe vera bed sheets. Say what? Well these sheets which
are an Italian best seller keep you feeling hydrated and
cool throughout the night. I sweat a lot, what about you? In the number eight spot, it’s
a jump starter for your car that can also jumpstart a boat
and charge your smartphone. Oooh yes! In the number seven spot,
it’s a pet grooming tool, shaped like a rake. This was a top seller on Amazon Prime Day. In the number six spot,
it’s a door bell with some of the craziest chimes I’ve ever heard. Let me give you a sample. (doorbell chimes) In the number five spot,
it’s a spinning brush. This can clean all sorts of
dirtiness around your home. I’m excited about that. In the number 4 spot, a collapsible hose. This is ideal for any green
thumbs right now at it’s lowest recorded price. In the number three
spot, a hammock that can handle up to 450 pounds. In the number two spot, it’s
a multi-tool meets Leatherman meets new generation Swiss
Army knife at under 35 bucks. And in the number one
spot, the Scanmaker pen. You run this pen over
whatever it is you want to capture and it works as
a scanner because why not? If you want to score any
of those deals, just expand the video description box right under me. Just because something is
not a conventional tech item or not a gaming unit or
not a TV deal, doesn’t mean it’s not something that
could benefit your life. So there are more bargains
that I’m going to focus on in the days moving forward
that are crazy, that are weird, that are beneficial and
that are exclusives. If you are not yet subscribed
to this channel, I just want to make sure I can get
you those deals first. So make sure you subscribe. And also, make sure you
turn those notifications on. Your key to subscribing,
clicking on my oversized head to turning on the notifications,
quick demo up there. And if you’ve missed any
of the other deals I’ve had because your notifications
weren’t turned on, don’t worry, I’ve got
your round up right here.

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100 thoughts on “Top 10 Strangest Deals of Amazon Prime Day 2018

  1. If you want to buy any of these items make sure to just open a new tab on Amazon and type them in individually. Do not, I repeat do not click the link in the description. It just goes to his website :/

  2. This year’s prime day was hit and miss to the point of me forgetting to even get the stuff left in my cart.

  3. Prime Day sucked for me this year. I did my homework, used your tips, spend hours checking back to see if the items I wanted were on sale yet…at the end, no good. I budgeted about $1000 for Christmas gifts and birthday presents for the rest of the year but Amazon only got $50 out of me. Deals that I was really hoping for weren't there. I splurged on a couple sets of echo buttons to try some games with the echo show I already own but that's it. Very sad that I didn't see the deals I was hoping for this year. I couldn't even save the $5 by using the AR feature that was drilled into every advertisement. Kept trying and even contacted Amazon's customer service but they couldn't help me either. Oh well…maybe next year.

  4. Awesome deals! As usual and yes they don’t always have to be electronic devices and such! These things u showed today are awesome and useful! Thanks for sharing the deals!!👍🏻

  5. Hi Matt – I purchased 2 of the lanterns and now trying to decide about the hose – wish it was 75 feet – thanks

  6. The Scanmarker Pen looks like a pretty cool item to have. Now if it can scan my thoughts…well lets not go there. 😀

  7. Are you okay deal guy? You're not looking that well. You kinda have a yellow tone to you skin. Not at all like older vids. You also look tired around your eyes. Vitamins deficiency?

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