Top 10 Smart Home Tech Deals of Prime Day 2018 (for Amazon Echo, Google Home & Siri!)

– I have your 10 hottest smart tech deals for Amazon Prime Day 2018. It’s here still, it’s going,
it’s smart, it’s awesome. Well I’m talking about you, actually, and then all of the smart savings that so many of you are
trying to take advantage of. I’m the Youtube Deal Guy, Matt Granite, I hunt down the biggest deals. I am your Prime Day insider. Many of you know, I host
programming for Amazon Live, I do unboxings, I have
more insight than really anyone else on Youtube,
unless it’s one of my cohosts and they’re not making videos right now, where I can cut your costs huge. For those of you that had time to take advantage of the Echo Dot deal, that was your first step
to making your home smart. If you didn’t score the Echo Show savings or many of these other deals, but I wanna show you the
accessories right now, the other deals that you can
use in conjunction with your Echo or your Google Voice,
your Amazon Alexa voice. It’s okay, it fell, it’s
fine, all waiting for you. If you expand this video description box, there’s a list of deals right under me. Once you’ve completed step one, which is adding that AI into your home, what would you use with it, what are other deals that are smart, but not in that conventional way. Take a look. In the number 10 spot,
it’s an HP Picture Frame, complete with sensors, a
Bluetooth stereo system, and beautiful HD multimedia playback. In the number nine spot,
it’s a smart power bank that senses what device
is plugged into it, will not overcharge even the most expensive and complicated USB devices. In the number eight spot,
it’s a wireless charger, and the Q Charger that
I found comes jam-packed with accessories that can
allow you to use this at a desk inside your home, and then bring it out to your car with the included mount. In the number seven spot, it
is a top-rated 4K Action Cam, ready to rock right outta the box. This will deliver all of your 4K footage to your social media. In the number six spot,
it’s a robo-massager, a great grab at under 80 bucks. In the number five spot,
it’s a smart laptop, complete with fingerprint
sensor and a top-rated front-facing cam with facial
detection capabilities. In the number four spot, it’s a robo-vac, because why not let a robot
clean up your dirty work. In the number three
spot, it’s a Rocketbook, which is a smart notebook
that wirelessly transmits all of your information to the cloud, from doodles to whatever it is
you need for a presentation. This is a Shark Tank discovery, back for Amazon Prime Day 2018
at its lowest recorded price. In the number two spot,
it is a smart plug duo at its lowest recorded price,
and, yep, the number one deal, you name your favorite
Amazon Echo product, the Alexa-enabled, artificial
intelligence on a dime. This is the top group
of Prime Day reductions for smart tech in your home 2018. So there you have it, obviously, smart tech’s something that you can use in conjunction with the
Amazon Alexa voice service or something that is just smart in definition for various other reasons. What other pieces of smart
tech are you looking for? Do you want more Smart TV savings? Do you want some other deal that I haven’t featured right here? Leave me a comment, let me
know what you’re looking for, and more importantly, I
have more awesome savings right around the corner, but
I don’t want you to miss out. If you’re subscribed to this channel, you may not have your
notifications turned on. That’s how I’m able to alert you to the deals before they
drop, before anyone else. So, here’s what you need to do. Click on my head right here, that’ll subscribe you to this channel. If you need help turning on your notifications or leaving a comment, click up here and that last big roundup of deals I did, it’s over here.

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100 thoughts on “Top 10 Smart Home Tech Deals of Prime Day 2018 (for Amazon Echo, Google Home & Siri!)

  1. Thanks for doing these videos. It's a lot of work and appreciated. With all the crashing on the site yesterday, I started losing interest in Amazon. Perhaps I'll look around again today.

  2. The only things on sale are the things no one really needs. I was hoping for some cord cutting device deals like an HDHomerun tuner. I ended up finding a deal on Best Buy instead. πŸ˜– I recommend everyone to point your browser and check out the other online merchants too for better deals (Walmart, Home Depot, Best Buy, Lowes, Target etc) This is the 3rd year disappointed by Prime Day

  3. I appreciate that you bring us the deals… I haven’t wanted the Instant Pot for awhile and ordered it today along with a lot of accessories…. thanks again..

  4. The Deal Guy First I love what you do thank U but Don't know if you will see this but for my 1st Prime Day Confused and upset to miss out on things I wanted Cause could not get it till 7 pm Pacific time Yesterday. Also you said you would be [email protected] could never find you or a link. Kept looking for more than just top50 or top 10 0f same in top50 but it Never came. Then the Massager which I'm interested in Saw 3 others identical $ 49, $39, and $29. . one even said Prime Day on it and longer warrenty. So Confused Why you picked a $69 one. Been looking for outdoor Security w/ audio , 10qt pressure cooker, vacuum , electric toothbrush w/ water pik just to mention some and saw them listed on live feed questions Yesterday. Please help clear up a sad & confused Prime Day. Hopefully no move issues with the site.

  5. you would be the perfect person to figure this out for me I have DirecTV now which allows for data Free TV right using LTE I cannot use no device requires Wi-Fi to put my service to my TV I want to get rid of my Wi-Fi since I have unlimited data on AT & T data free for DirecTV now what can I do please help

  6. I want to get rid of my Wi-Fi too expensive when I can use my data free TV I just can't figure out how to use it to the TV without using Wi-Fi through my smartphone you know what directvnow is offering right

  7. I picked up a couple of things that have been on my shopping list for a long time. Thanks to you, I knew where to go for the best deals.

    But I am so over trying to get Amazon's app to work right – crashes, slows to a crawl, says there will be a savings for me, but then doesn't apply it. Very disappointed with them

  8. Love your videos! Thank you for all the information. I was wondering about the smart light bulbs. Are there any deals?

  9. You have tested a lot of different wireless earphones over the last year and a have. But for the life of me can remember which one you like the best over all. Can you help me out with a name or two???

  10. Matt i gain a lot of knowledge from your videos, I wanted to ask you I am a caregiver of my father and I have health issues where I can't work right now if possible if u have any etea smart lhone can you please send me one. I haven't had a smart phone. Please help.

  11. 4 K action cam is so cool! Helpful tip you prob. already know about hehe. … mic. had noticeable feedback. Either wires touching or mouth too close … not sure, you are smarter than me with that stuff hehe . Great video as always. Thanks for all you do.

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