Top 10 Singles Day 2018 Deals – Tech, Dash Cams, Massagers + more!

– These are the biggest
deals for Singles’ Day, 2018. 11-11, Day of the 11
deals coming right up. (simple tonal music) It’s bigger than Black Friday
and Cyber Monday combined. Great to be with you, I’m
the Deal Guy, Matt Granite. I hunt down deals for a living for TV stations across the country, and Amazon and for the awesome
subscribers of this channel. And the day of the elevens,
11-11, November 11th, 2018, ties into the largest global shopping day. If you don’t know what day
of the elevens happens to be, that’s no problem. It’s actually something
that started in Asia. But the numbers tied to this
massive day for e-commerce actually rival Black
Friday and Cyber Monday. Last year, more than $25 billion spent, and for you watching right
now, that spells great deals. It’s not one of those days, though, since it is tied to Asian
merchants, a lot of the times, like Alibaba and some other
friendly ones over there, here, it means that there are great deals, they’re just not as
widespread as you would find on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. So if you expand the video
description box right under me, I’ve made a list of the top deals for you for Day of the elevens. Some of them include action cams, and some really great
over-the-ear headphones, and a actual very proud HK1
cord cutting free HD TV box, huge in Asia, but also
really big right here in North America, that
I will get to right now. But, first, if I had to break
down what are the top deals and also what would I wait for
when it comes to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, let’s go. [Man] I would still wait
for deals tied to laptops and televisions and anything
tied to the new iPhone. These are all deals that you will see as we approach Black Friday
as well as gaming deals. Don’t buy those items now. On the list of the hottest
deal right now, though, top-of-the-line over-ear
headphones down by 50%. If you are looking for
the top power banks, one of the insta-power ones,
down to under 35 bucks, is a phenomenal grab this
day of the elevens 2018. One of my other favorite
Singles’ Day deals, the Z-Edge action cams. These shoot 4K with an
insane number of accessories that actually rival the GoPro, and you are getting these
for well under 80 bucks. For some of the more conventional items, shoulder and neck
massagers, mattress toppers, yeah, there are really some
awesome bedding bargains, and even HP dash cams at
their lowest recorded prices. If you are looking to cut the cord, and I did a demonstration of this unboxing tied to the HK1 LiveBox not too long ago, this is an amazing deal and
this is a highly sought after and also counterfeit item that
you can find all over Amazon where you’re not actually
getting the authorized box with the processor at the
deal price that I found. And I can promise you,
I test all of the items that I show you right here on
my Deal Guy YouTube channel. Singles’ Day was originally set up to honor and celebrate being single. I’m not single, but for those that are, one, one, one, one, one being
the number that was singular, as a day of celebrations, really took off in ways that most people
did not anticipate in Asia. And, well, it is, again, not
the same phenomenon right here in North America or if you’re watching us in a different part of the world. It really is a great day to
knock many of the holiday, Christmas, Black Friday
items off your list without having to deal with the stock that gets depleted later down the line. Now, when it comes to
TV deals, gaming items, and many of those other
items that I’ve promised on my channel, including some
insane holiday giveaways, make sure you are subscribed. I’m gonna count those down. But for the day of the elevens deal and the top eleven deals right now, expand that video description box. There you will find everything you need. Thank you for watching. Thank you for making me
feel like I have friends, not making me feel single. Did that make sense? If you’re married, are you single? I don’t know. Lonely, whatever. It’s fine. Thank you for watching. Here’s what you need to do
if you’re not yet subscribed. Click on my head right here. That will subscribe you to the channel. Make sure you have your
notifications turned on. When those Black Friday deals drop, all those other savings appear. If your notifications are
turned on with that demo right there, you will get them first. And that last big round up of
deals I did, right over here.

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