Top 10 Singles Day 2017 Deals – Tech, Security, Fitness Trackers + more!

– It’s the biggest online
shopping day in the entire world. I’m gonna hook you up with huge deals for the day of the elevens. Plus a singles day
giveaway coming right up. More than 18 billion
dollars will get spent on the largest online
shopping day in the world. Hi, I’m the deal guy Matt Granite and I’m not talking about black Friday. I’m not talking about cyber
Monday or green Monday. But as we count down to
Christmas and the holidays, we are also on the brink of singles day. 11-11, November 11th. What does this mean? Well, what started out
as a phenomenon in China, where they celebrated, the youth, the single
person, the one and the one, somehow someone thought this
would be a great day for deals. So, it started as what was
basically their Cyber Monday and has now evolved into
the largest online shopping event in the entire world. For those of us not in China, you can still score massive deals. Amazon’s, actually one of the retailers that embraces singles day. And I have a round up of
the biggest deals located right under this video screen. Just expand the video description box. I’m gonna show you my
favorite items right now and then a very lucky subscriber
is gonna get his or her pick of any item I feature, so let’s get right to the deals. Let’s start with one of
my favorite smart watches, which bridges the gap between a Fit Bit and some of the functionality you find on a much more expensive device. Yeah, you don’t need to really pay 400. You don’t get a color
screen but you get a way to actually get all of your calls and important data
delivered to your wrist. And under 40 bucks with
a heart rate monitor and a pedometer and all these
other features you would typically find in an item
at three times this price. This is the top rated
model on Amazon right now located right under this video screen. If you’re searching for a
doorbell security system for your home, this comes with two bases. You get 36 different chimes. And this can actually handle
a massive amount of space, a lot of square footage. You get two receivers, where
this goes at your door, has the adhesive or a screw backing, where you can mount it. These plug into two
other areas of your home. Let me show you how this works. Simply plug one of these
receivers into any power outlet and it’s ready to go. You also get different chime options that again, 36 different chime options, just to give you an idea. (chiming) I think the hello one’s the best. Really cool. And very easy to setup. Works again in large homes, small homes. You plug two of these in and you can hear who’s
at your door anywhere. At under 15 bucks, this
eight inch kitchen knife, which is not only incredibly well rated with a sick warranty. This will get all of
your everyday tasks done in your kitchen. You get a level of craftsmanship
you would never see at a price like this. This is your go to knife and at the price, an awesome holiday gift,
even with this gift box, check this out. At under 30 bucks, one of
my other favorite items is a touch power, touch responsive, lamp. And it’s dimable. It’s adjustable. Would be great for a
bedside, great for a desk, great for an office. Oh, and it also changes colors. Different color modes available. And the reason I love this, in addition to its rechargeable
micro-USB power in the back, this would be great as
a gift for the holidays. Would be great around Christmas,
depending on the colors. And if you notice, the items
that I’m seeing for singles day are items that have
trended with Asian buyers. So many of the color
changing LED functionalities. Yup this would be something big as a gift. – Hey guys, it’s Daya here. And while Matt found amazing deals, I made sure you were covered
in the fashion department. This is a super nice one. It’s very sleek and elegant on your wrist. It’s got two different tone colors, so you can match it with any outfit. It’s got a nice white neutral wrist band, so you can also wear it wherever you go. Also, an adjustable wristband. Like I said, I’ve got you covered. (banging) Yeah. – Unscathed. See this. Not a mark, nothing, not a scratch, right? – It actually isn’t. (banging) – Again, not a mark,
still telling the time. – I love a durable watch. I’m always out and about. Camping, working. This feels like a $100 watch. But for the price, you
can’t really beat it at all. This for being durable, it’s great. – (Matt) Military grade scratch resistant. Complete with shock proof
case and prices under 20 bucks for both men and women. From the most awesome remote
control cars to DVD players. Portability on the go to
keep your kids entertained for Thanksgiving road trips and beyond. Salt lamps, one of the top trending gifts. One of the most awesome
vacuum cleaner deals I have ever seen in my life to wireless Bluetooth headphones
that will rock your world. From fitness trackers to humidifiers with essential oil diffuser sets. And everything you need. This roundup which is located
right under the video screen will rock your world for
this day of the elevens. My full list of your top deals
for the day of the elevens. Your singles day savings, all located right under this video screen. Just expand that video description box. Now of course, before we get
to black Friday or cyber Monday I wanna know what deals did you not see on the day of the elevens
that you wanna score later down the line. Cause that’ll help me when
I plan for black Friday and cyber Monday, I wanna hook you up. And also, more importantly,
this year there’s no lining up, there’s no ruining Thanksgiving. It’s just about deals and savings. And then spending the more
important time with your family. I wanna thank all of you
for becoming apart of my frugal family and to thank
all of the current subscribers and all those brand new ones. Really lucky to have you guys here. I do giveaways and I’ve got
a big giveaway right now. Using tube buddies random
selection tool to find a very lucky subscriber,
who’s commented in the last six months. You now get your pick of any item I have featured for
singles day on my list. Congratulations goes to albadawn08. You think you won right? Yes you did. Albadawn, albadawn. Don’t really know what else to say, other than congratulations. And if you’re watching right now and you wanna be like
albadawn08 to be precise, very easy process. To get subscribed to this channel, keep in mind, I’ve got the
black Friday, the cyber Monday, all of these massive
epic holiday giveaways. So let’s get to it. Just click on my head to
subscribe to this channel. Just like albadawn08 did. And if you need help leaving a comment, or turning on your notifications,
just like albadawn08, click here. And if you missed that last
big round up of deals I did, no problem, just click over here.

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100 thoughts on “Top 10 Singles Day 2017 Deals – Tech, Security, Fitness Trackers + more!

  1. Dsl internet is the only thing available where I live. I bought an Att velocity it works great in the room that its in . What I need is an wifi extender with a usb input. GREAT DEALS !

  2. Hi – any deals on Apple Tile – or key finders that are app compatible – something that beeps – need something for that special guy that looses stuff all the time

  3. Very good selection to choose from and definitely great possibilities for gift giving. Once again Matt you never disappoint.

  4. Omg wish I saw this sooner!! That door bell would be amazing I don’t have one and I have a dog that gets upset with the knocking!!

  5. I really hope you pick me Matt I know the perfect gift for my mother and times are really tough right now and I hope that it will get better and I could use your help

  6. Hey I bought two of theses knives just to see how well they worked. They worked so well that I ended up buying two more for friends. They cut with no problems. Thanks for the heads up Matt!!!!!!

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