Top 10 Prime Day 2017 Tech Deals STILL in Stock (UNDER $20)

– I have the top 10 Prime
Day Deals still in stock. Nope, not that one.
(bell rings) (gentle music) Prime Day is over! Or is it? Hi (claps hands) great to be with you. I’m so excited because
there are leftovers, just like on Black Friday and Cyber Monday where retailers want to
keep that momentum going, don’t give up yet, there
are still some great grabs. And if you subscribed to Win
Free Stuff, that’s awesome, I’m gonna get to that in a moment. But hopefully you know
that if you’re subscribed not only do you have access
to my regular freebies but I hunt down the
biggest deals regularly. Not just Prime Day, I unbox everything. Before I get to those I just
want to briefly tell you the categories that you just forget about and let’s get to the savings. First of all, you can
forget about the TV deals, those lasted two seconds
and there’ll be better ones that will happen soon. Laptop deals, wait for back to school. And all of the Amazon Echo
products, for the most part. All right, let’s get past that. Let’s get right to the price drops. We’re looking at still
some awesome lifestyle tech smart home, I mean
seriously, you can get a pair of headphones with the
37 deals that dropped at 11 PM last night many of them still in stock right now. If you’re looking for
some of the dash cams, the car tech, the smart
phone tech, these categories all running rampant
with regards to savings. The good news is I have every big deal still in stock waiting for you. So, where do you go? I think you know the answer to that, to grab any of the deals
I just showed you again a very easy process. Expand this video description box. Under me, under this
window there is a link. If you’re on an app, or
using a mobile device you can still access that
link, just click the arrow. So, without further delay using Tuba Buddies random selection tool to find a subscriber congratulations goes to… Danny Greene, and a reminder to everyone I’m giving freebies away all month long. (claps hands) Oh, yes! (claps hands) Any Prime
Day Deal I featured with exception to the treadmills watch my prior videos, find your item, email me at [email protected] and I will hook you up. And guys, again, this is also the time where people pretend to be someone else. A reminder, impersonation is illegal! If you’re pretending to
be someone and emailing me we’re gonna find out your email address needs to match your subscription name. Now I’ve got another giveaway. The next giveaway is just contingent upon you staying subscribed. Stay subscribed to this channel, turn your notifications
on and you’ll find out about that very soon. If you’re not yet subscribed just click on my head right here, that’ll subscribe you to the channel. If you need help turning
on your notifications or leaving a comment, I got
a demo video right here. Thank you so much for watching. I love you all.

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100 thoughts on “Top 10 Prime Day 2017 Tech Deals STILL in Stock (UNDER $20)

  1. Love the channel. Ive gotten numerous items from you over the past year and pretty much all have been great with one exception. Vantrue Car Mount Phone Holders. I purchased two of these from your channel and both pairs, within a couple of weeks, broke down. Basically the ratcheting that holds your phone in place quit working properly. One side ratchets down the other side doesn't. Sending as an FYI.

  2. Hey Matt, my birthday is coming up in a couple weeks, so it would be great to hear my name called out!! Been watching you for over a year now, and even taken advantage of deals like pocket drones. Keep up the good hunting for us!!!
    P.S. I hate Apple too!!

  3. My doorbells came in today and they are perfect! Also received a Bluetooth for my son's 2000 Explorer and stick on lights. You rock!

  4. Last week i was busy a lot , missed lots of video & btw congrats for new show & becoming Father soon! Best wishes from me to you & your wife ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. thanks for the deals i subscribed and turn on post notification i got alot of stuff includig computer stuff and homewear thanks again best youtuber ever

  6. i have been watching you for a lomg time and i just love your videis which are fun and amazing. keep the good work and hope you reach 1m subs soon. so good luck and keep hunting the deals for us. Therefore thank you very much.

  7. any great deals coming on 3 in 1 printers with auto feed scanning? I saw the small printer, have one of those, doesn't do auto feed scan.

  8. I bought the Otium wireless headphones, and unfortunately they lasted two days before the pause feature quit working. Being new to Amazon I didn't realize I couldn't exchange them because they are from a 3rd party seller. Bummer. So now I can send them back for a refund, but I can't re-buy them at the insane primeday price. Hopefully you will feature a deal with back to school for more sport (water resistant and or proof) Bluetooth earbuds.

  9. I have ordered 3 pairs of the wireless headphones. These are just as good as the Treblab ones I bought last year through your sight.

  10. I love the mattress. It's a sleep number right? I love it. I sleep very well now. It adapts to your body I love it. I bought one thanks

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