I Got Jessie I’ll hit him with the counter counter Q he’s not gonna be ready for this Dude, I have miscreant Check me. They do have real grace in your text. It’s like clear I hate How you just keep miss grant nothing else oh Yeah, oh Yeah, I just always works it never has a turn to right so I don’t deck hand up curve here No, he could soar sister Prentice you New York convinced I’m a big fan of novice engineer octave. Then you get the ping it Now I hope like bananas up and then you will attach that mystery instead the coin. I have the same amount of power and foot Okay, I Was promised banana stuff Acceptable, I’m so sorry. You just sleep in place. Oh I kind of want to point out that to drop. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Well that gives them to seven Well, you don’t play against me So let’s just assume he doesn’t have it in spec, but you missed the one I know I know I know like God Oh wow, another Lackey Love language, it just always works though. What the fuck is that? Thank you, I go poop. Oh Wait the tutu in the would want meat away little guy what? You want me to kill his guy yeah ass is dead, well what if I go face it ignores day I Really don’t like losing board controls Estoril in the game Yes, definitely not the novice in here is dying whoa your value trade. Oh my god Oh your hate to see that that’s just a nice deck I thought he was the other one. No, I hit the counter counter q What means taxi is or am I mission remember what happened? Oh, he’s such dicks Wow He figured you is more favored with this deck against test room Oh Jesus I don’t care I’m doing it because it’s cool Wait, am I it’s only a sick success? Okay. Okay. We’re coming up with new plans. Let’s think this through what does he do on six in that deck? That’s not a see giant deck right? It’s a no, he’s got two seven He might have MC tech but I went for wide and his turn four. He went play try lighter. Consider MC tech That’s not much of a read though. I Think you can make that play How about we like play another miscreant It’s not that strong no sex sex isn’t here He doesn’t have to hurl sudoplatov who’s over that to two classroom so we can beat that would be chillin with this weapon Trait Arthur my trading so that you don’t know Where I control Dekker imagine having reasons for making your plays, oh, okay I’m a trade gamer dude trading a little bass with rogue. It’s not like I’m a burn deck and I went over It’s ridiculous I might need to start going face at some point this game He pitched cod recalling is no value the website you for the tier one appreciate for Man people using real money on it feels amazing them. That is nice The fake money is just like, you know, it’s like also very nervous. It’s lip, but it’s like sure why not. You know, it’s like rejecting a gift card for Christmas, you know my real money is they all ghostly Probably We could SAP that guy another five contracts pretty good. I’m gonna SAP a different guy later You got any idea what the fuck you’re doing now, I got a card out of hand then I’m gonna wait I’ll pick him in the head Okay Now this is gonna be like edwin turn. Okay, okay Little factor, they the horse that has four legs brilliant Are you sure they’re not just art stuff? Well that’s unlucky and that’s all right You want Russian yet one take care of that Massey hurry real quick That to seven could be dead I Wanted right into that he doesn’t have condors calling we could have value created that masti minute don’t care about Jesus, you know when the face Li is less life All the eviscerates very tempting You’re always launch day here dude this order – Probably thick bug yeah mage spells deal damage. We can always transition Bit – I’m an MD I carry I have this half Okay, it doesn’t have Congress calling like what’s gonna MC tech one of these yeah the one of rush oh no No, not that one Your subtle luck itself That’s kind of true. Oh My god that was like he’s only outfits Belford Oh God, I don’t how do we still have this weapon? Mm-hmm. You never killed my weapons Alright because he cut the weapon destruction because he was counter cueing the tester of Berlin Berlin dude a wrecker we’re really synergizing of one another tonight this Just good shit Good Shit. All right, you’re a buddy and we could have traded so many more done We really could have traded a lot more and then pickpocketed some fireballs Yeah, I’m gonna wait all of 40 seconds who doesn’t snap. I don’t snap q that guy. Yeah, I’m sick of getting free wins against them pel ops one Thanks for tier ones having two purple much. Appreciate it daily zap Oh My god, I snapped you Insta cute him now did you really? Jesus I’m pretty sure we’re favored. We got the better late game God damn it, dude. Oh I would rather play against anyone else then Let’s keep a broken gird. Yeah, I like that thinking cheap to win Well, it might be an easy one depending on how far this six six goes on third – I’ll be fine. Make it six six next turn. No, it’s fine. I refuse What is that what does Jess B’s rank on your screen 4000 K same on yeah, but it’s gotta be bugged for both of us then Oh, we can wait on this Edwyn for a turn right? I Like the cable rat? We wait one turn it’s a 10/10 we want to do the Edwyn next turn so he doesn’t have 5 minute for voodoo doll pink and Also, so that the Edwyn comes down like into his for drop turn. I really want to coin the shark Tempting but don’t okay. We just make us sex 6 No We can kill the Drake move on with our life TOP 10 LEGEND – SHARKWAGGLE ROGUE DECK 2019 | RISE OF SHADOWS | HEARTHSTONE

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