Top 10 Gordon Ramsay’s BEST Insults! (Customer)

Gordon Ramsay is a well-known star chef around
the world not only for his cooking but also for his sharp tongue and hilarious comebacks. While most of those are directed at his apprentices
and the business owners he’s helping, there were several occasions in which the customers
weren’t spared either. During the heat of the tense service night,
many have failed to frazzle the always-sharp Gordon and following are some of the best
situations… You look exactly like a Quail As usual, Gordon was pissed off because one
of the competitors messed up the scallops. An angry customer decided to complain about
his food, not to Jean Philippe as he should’ve, but to Gordon Ramsay himself. Gordon ignored the customer, but the guy didn’t
understand the silent message and kept standing there for a while. After which the customer angrily pointed out…
and left the job of communicating complaints to Jean Philippe. This caused Gordon to go over the top. Sorry about the old bag On one episode of Kitchen Nightmares, Gordon
went to a struggling Italian restaurant called, Campania, where he met the owner, Joe. As most of the episodes on the show, the food
that was served to Gordon was worse than dog food and dinner service was just as bad, to
say the least. Noticing the struggles this restaurant was
going through, he made a complete remodeling of the interior as well as the menu as well
and a relaunch of the restaurant. During the reopening dinner service, the restaurant
was crowded with customers eager to try the new food selected personally by Gordon. As expected, everyone loved the food and enjoyed
the different flavors he put together. One table of customers seem to hat the food
they got. Because Gordon is an experienced chef, he
recognized that these were just people who wanted to cause trouble and personally went
to their table. The older woman got up and complained once
more to him directly. But the old lady pushed onwards and he just
left her standing at the door while he was apologizing to the entering customers. You look more like a dog than I do! You would think that five seasons of a show
would be enough for someone to learn Gordon Ramsay’s manners, but there were still people
who wanted to act smart in front of him and critique the food he was letting out of the
kitchen. On one of Hell’s Kitchen’s episodes, the
already pissed-off Gordon had to chase away a lady who whistled at him like a dog. Gordon politely thanked her and tried to turn
back to the contestants and continue with the dinner service. The woman called after the chef one more time
and after being ignored… A
rather rude comment, but perhaps one that was deserved? And if that wasn’t enough, when he sent
her food out… Take the giraffe back to the table, please There is never enough drama in Hell’s Kitchen
and there is always someone that won’t be satisfied. Whether it’s Gordon being disappointed in
his contestants and the way dinner service went or the
customers for the food they got or didn’t get, the end result is never good. And for some customers that tried to voice
their opinion, the end result was even worse. Besides being left with no food, they got
chased off in the traditional Hell’s Kitchen way. We saw that in season 3 when a seemingly tall
lady came up to the hotplate. Gordon asked Jean Philippe for the lady’s
table number so he could see where the food was. Although she was shocked at first and seemed
like she was waiting for an apology, she realized soon enough that it’s of no use to argue
with Gordon after he cursed at her once more and quietly went back to her table to wait
for her food. Thank you and f*ck off As a newly opened restaurant, Hell’s Kitchen
wasn’t as famous 17 years ago as it is now. But some things have never changed and one
of those are the struggles during the first few dinner services when many of the contestants
weren’t still used to working in a fast-paced and tense environment. And as if the pressure of creating a first
good impression in front of the clients wasn’t enough, Gordon had to deal with some tough
customers and additional pressure coming from the dining room. On one of those occasions, a couple approached
him telling him they’d been waiting… Gordon disappointingly told her… and that
she could realize what was going on behind him without him having to explain it. After they kept going on about how the time
had passed, he completely brushed them off and continued talking to the contestants. It seemed like even though it was a newly
opened business, Gordon had no fear of negative feedback. You do nothing for me
Season 1 of Hell’s Kitchen was packed with Gordon’s explosive moments not only with
his chef apprentices but also with the diners. Many decided to skip Jean Philippe and file
their complaints directly at the head chef himself – not realizing this is a huge mistake. And even though Gordon apologized (something
he rarely does) and explained the situation politely, the young man just said… After a brief confrontation in which the male
customer told Gordon that he didn’t understand why it was so hard to get food out
of the kitchen. After this comment, he proceeded to chase
away the customer with his an explosion of curses and proved once more that… His confrontation with Vic Reeves Having a celebrity come to your restaurant
is something many chefs dream of experiencing. But not Gordon. He treats every customer the same and honestly
is not hesitant to flip someone off if they’re acting rude, no matter who the customer is. Even Jean Philippe was hesitant and didn’t
deny his mundane order. He wasn’t even bothered when he found out
who the customer was and had no problem with telling him to his face … Reeves continued
to argue with Ramsay and during this confrontation. Vic Reeves tells him that he doesn’t like
anything on the menu to which Gordon repeats his answer that he won’t make him any eggs. He then turned back to the kitchen and his
cooks and ignored Reeves’ further requests. Would you mind taking your breasts off my
hotplate? There isn’t a kitchen where the working
environment is tenser than Hell’s Kitchen. The contestants fight their way to the top
in front of millions of viewers under difficult circumstances that not many are able to work
in. The dinner service started horribly with chefs
cooking scallops in a pan that wasn’t a non-stick one, followed by a few raw chicken
steaks, Gordon’s all-time arch enemy. Food was running late, and there were some
mad customers in the dining room and an even madder Gordon on the other side of the aisle. So, when a disgruntled diner approached the
hotplate asking how long she will have to wait for her beef, Gordon immediately turned
and told her… After the woman started flipping trays of
food that were ready for serving, security was called and escorted the lady and her friends
out of the restaurant. People don’t seem to know how to choose
the right moment to complain to Gordon. Diced or whole? This one is one of the Gordon moments people
still talk about. It’s a true representation of Gordon’s
explosive character combined with his hilariously genius English insults. Even though it was obvious that he was pissed
off at a horrible first dinner service, it wasn’t enough for a young male diner to
back away from coming to him and asking for more pumpkin in his risotto. After he kept asking for more pumpkin in his
risotto, Gordon again asked if he could stop being rude and let him talk, but some people
seem to just love provoking Ramsay and pushing him into a deeper state of rage. And of course, after this situation, no other
customer dared to approach the kitchen. Escort the two bimbos back to Plastic Surgery During a tense night of butchered lambs and
raw salmon, a young lady (probably unfamiliar with Gordon’s character) came up to him
complaining about how long she and her friends had been waiting for their food. Although it was the first ever Hell’s Kitchen
episode and Gordon’s manners were unknown to the audience, you would expect this to
be a good enough lesson and teach anyone not bother Gordon while he’s working. But her friend didn’t seem to take Gordon
seriously and had some other ideas on her mind. Instead of sitting patiently, she went back
to Gordon with the first girl and told him he insulted her friend. And if you know Gordon, you know he doesn’t
care about other random people’s feelings. It’s one of those situations you can’t
help but laugh at. Although some of these comments are unbelievable
to some, Gordon still manages to tell them in a way that makes the whole situation pretty
funny. It seems like the saying “the customer is
always right” doesn’t apply to him. Stick around and enjoy more BabbleTop videos
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  2. Who can blame Gordon, when people come to Hell´s Kitchen to eat they should know what they are up for, it is no standard restaurant, they go their for the show, the cameras and all that stuff. To complain about something not being to your liking is one thing, but when you become a total self absorbed shithead demanding to talk straight with Gordon about your complains, which mostly should have been expected more or less, you just deserve to be brushed off for the self absorbed donkey you are.
    Also you can always see a rather clear pattern in Gordons "rude" attitude, it is rarely if ever unjustified and not necessarily to insult someone but to shock them to either shut up or step up their game, in both cases it works splendid.

  3. “What’s his problem, he’s the one screwing up the food” – Guy at 6:07
    My guy he is an expediter, he makes sure your food is perfect. Im pretty sure you’ll like dog shit, considering you look like one.

  4. About 2/3 of the Video were recorded with a potato.

    Gordon Ramsay got mad and threw a potato into the camera.Explains everything.

  5. Gordon is a fucking hypocrite and sexist who sexually harassed that woman, yet in other episodes accused people of being sexist

  6. Sometimes to dominate, succeed, and step up in life you gotta have the classic Gordon Ramsay attitude and disregarding what others would think. (Not kidding btw)

  7. I wish I was working for Gordon Ramsay, because then I would be allowed to talk to the customers the way they talk to me.

  8. Gordon Ramsay, culinary master, TV show host for God knows how many shows, husband, father, and straight up savage!

  9. That titty chick should have to pay for that tables food. What a cunt. Women think they are entitled to something. Fuck them hoes.

  10. Well there are alot of people out there looking for a hand out and looking to scam a free meal from any restaurant. Its shameful and pathetic.

  11. He gets pissed off because he is there as a chef and pays good money to his maitre d to deal with the customer complaints. So going to him directly is waisting his time and money.

  12. I'll never understand why some people deliberately go up to gordan when he's clearly. Communicate through the server's it's what they are there for 😒😒

  13. Not gonna lie, I’m pretty sure 90% of the people watching this is or does eat shitty food.
    Like a pound of lobster, or oily pizza. Hey it tastes goo… bad?

  14. To the idiot customer who said, “ what’s his problem he’s the one screwing up the food” he does realize the Gordon isn’t cooking correct? 🙃

  15. Good video, but I just wish that you didn't introduce each moment using the insult he gives. It's nice to be surprised with the insults, it makes it so much funnier, but when you say what the insult is before I get to see anything, it makes everything predictable and just not funny when the insult arrives. Just some advice.

  16. what is this? watchmojo's little mentally challenged brother? Let people watch the clip before you tell them what happens, for fuks sake.

  17. I don't get why people are so impressed by his agressivity, his lack of manners and his rudeness. The fact that people look up to him like he is some sort of model is frightening. This obsession that some people have for what they perceive as 'strong men' like Hitler, Staline, Putin or Ramsay (not that I'm saying Ramsay or Putin are monsters, but they have this same agressive, violent 'aura') is quite disturbing. Customers have the right to complain when someone is being grossly incompetent so when Ramsay makes people wait 45 minutes before they get served he deserves to get told that he's a fucking incompetent. If it was an episode of kitchen's nightmares he would be telling the chef 'stop using excuses, you're a fake, you're an incompetent and you should accept it' and if the chef had the nerve to insult him he would act like the man is insane. Yet he's showing gross incompetence and then dares to insult clients when they're pointing that fact out. His talents are to abuse and disrespect people and that's why he's famous. And that's depressing. This guy is paid to abuse innocent people, that's simply a fact, not all great chefs have their TV shows and make millions. The difference between him and the other great chefs is his disgusting abusive personality. And for some reason people feel the need to submit to that and to admire him. That's also very sad. This is honestly worse than the Kardashians.

  18. If you’re the BEST at why you do, you can say whatever you f*cking like. He’s right. Quality food is more important than people looking for drama

  19. honestly some people do it for the show. Getting insulted by Gordon is equivalent to getting spit on by your crush or a celebrity.

  20. make a retarded women talk over a video that doesnt require someone explaining whats going on just to stretch the video to 10 minutes. What a shit channel

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