Top 10 Cyber Monday Tech and Camera Deals

– In this video, I’m gonna be covering 10 of the best tech deals
and camera deals this season for Cyber Monday and so if
you’re here on the replay, some of these deals will be limited time, but some of ’em should be
lasting throughout the season so no matter what time
you’re watching this video, I think you’re gonna get
massive value, but hey, if we’re just meeting, my name is Sean and my passion is help
you build your influence and become an impact with online video. And on this channel, we share
about the best tips and tools for building your influence
with online video. Talking about Cyber Monday deals today. Now there’s a lot of great
videos, a lot of great blogs covering consumer
electronics for Cyber Monday, but Think Media really narrows down for the tools for creators. Assuming you’re creating
podcasts, YouTube, blogs, photography and so let’s dive
straight into the deals today. We’re talking about the
best Cyber Monday deals as well as tech and cameras. And hey, if you’re pumped
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influence with video. Question, what is on your
shopping list this year? Are you shopping today? Or even in the replay
if you’re watching this, what are some of the
deals you’re looking for? And maybe post in the comments if you found any really killer deals and share those with the community. We’re breaking down a top 10 list. We’re gonna kick it off with 10 right now and number 10 is the Bose
QuietComfort 25 headphones. Now, these are on a super great special. This is a limited time
deal that is only today and you could see they’re
63% off, almost $200 off. They’re available for
Apple and Android devices and these, keep in mind,
are the Bose headphones with a cord so they are corded
but at right around $110, these are an absolute deal. I tested these out all
year long last year, all year long for about two months, I took ’em on a few flights
and I think at $100, the noise canceling is
massively impressive. And one of the reasons I put
this on the list for creators is because if you travel at all, I can’t live without
noise canceling headphones and if you maybe work from
home and you’ve got kids or dogs or sometimes there’s
a lot of background noise. I’ve learned that protecting your focus with noise canceling headphones, sometimes I’m not even listening to music, I’m just trying to get in the zone and shut out distractions
is a great thing to do. So this makes an awesome
gift as well as maybe if you don’t have some
noise canceling headphones. And also at number 10, I wanna mention the Bluetooth version. 299, now these are 14% off. So not as radical of a discount. $50 off, but the thing with
these is they never go on sale. So I actually bought a
pair of these earlier, earlier this year. The noise canceling is arguably
better than the corded ones and these are just absolutely,
these might be my favorite all around piece of tech of all time. I’m not even kidding, like
I take meetings on these and I can just wander
around and take Zoom calls, I wear ’em on every single flight, they have incredible battery
life, incredible sound quality, but also incredible noise canceling and so at $300 for some
headphones, that’s a lot and it’s a very expensive gift but it’s one of those investments where for me personally,
using them all the time, I never really regret it
and they never go on sale. I paid the full price when
I bought these for 350 so at 299 makes a great
gift, makes a great thing maybe for you if you
wanna protect your focus. And that brings us to number nine, the Elgato Game Capture HD60 S. Now, if you’re a content creator
especially around gaming, this could be the solution for you. It has a USB port on the one side, it’s got the HDMI port on the other side, so that you can actually capture your PlayStation 4,
Xbox One, your Xbox 360, but this also gives you a 1080p quality for just live streaming in general. Now they also have an Elgato Cam Link but essentially if you
wanted to plug in a camera, not unlike the camera I’m
streaming on, a GH5 right now, into the HDMI input you could do some different things with streaming. However, this is mainly probably for those who want to stream games. At 129, it’s 28% off and by the way, these are kind of U.S. deals,
I’m talking in U.S. dollars, I’m streaming to you from Las Vegas. So $50 off, super great deal on this, maybe you’ve got somebody who wants to get into YouTube gaming and they want to capture
and post that later or stream or do any of
those things with gaming, definitely look into the
Elgato Capture HD60 S. Coming in at number eight
is the DJI Mavic Air. Now 90% off, $150 off, super great deal for a relatively new Mavic. Now this is the very portable one and I would say while you
could save a lot of money if you got a DJI Spark, it’s much cheaper, the Mavic is probably your
best all-around drone. If you want the pro,
meaning you’re a filmmaker, you want to spend more money, there’s even some discounts
on the older version, there’s the Mavic 2 out now but the Air is kind of
right in the middle. I think this is a great beginner drone, I think it’s a great prosumer drone, it’s got a lot of great features, and so, absolutely check that out. And so, DJI Mavic Air at
19% off, worth looking at, this is on Amazon and by the way, links in the description below
to this full list of gear and we’re gonna do some
time-sensitive ones as well so I’ll be getting into
those in just a second. Not sure actually how
long this deal is lasting but at 150 off, the Mavic
Air, this is a great deal. So alright, number seven,
the 80D from Canon. Now this is a DSLR APS-C
sensor, headphone jack, mic jack, 949, a historic camera,
30% off to get this camera with the kit lens, that’s $400
off the kind of retail price. Now, the 80D is getting a little bit older but it’s still an absolute
workhorse and solid camera. You know, some of the
differences between an 80D and like even a T7i or an SL2, you’ve got weatherproofing,
you’ve got a build quality and features that are meant
more for YouTube creators, that are meant more for filmmakers. And so, if you’re okay without 4K video which I think you should be like not many people need to be doing 4K, I think this is something
definitely great to look at. 949, almost $1,000 here in the U.S. but you get the lens and the camera of a historically solid camera. And actually if you want to
check in the description, I’ll link it up on the playlist
on the YouTube card as well, I did a video breaking
down the SL2 versus the T7i versus the 80D to talk about
some of the pros and cons if you’re shopping for any
of those cameras this season or at any time at all. Which brings us to number six, the Adobe Creative Cloud software
deal, they’ve extended it, it’s actually on Cyber Monday special now, I use personally Adobe
Premiere, Adobe Audition, Adobe Photoshop for the
thumbnails I design, and mainly those, After
Effects a little bit, but Adobe Creative Cloud
gives you all of the apps and so there’s so many
different apps you get, it’s a monthly subscription, you know it’s quite a bit of an investment but if you’re ready to move into if you will kind of a prosumer pro arena with your software suite and you wanna just kind of
level up your whole game, there’s a learning curve if
you will to Adobe Premiere if you’re just getting into
editing video or whatever but I think this is a great deal. I believe you pay annually to, you know, it’s stretched out over
you know annually paid but it’s paid monthly
so you commit to a year but it’s gonna be paid
monthly 40 bucks a month instead of 52.99, and so, this is potentially
something to jump in on if you’re a content creator
and you’re not subscribed to Creative Cloud and
that’s a software direction that you would want to be going. And so with that let’s take a break and actually look at a quick tip for capturing lightning
deals and I’ll show you one that is actually happening right now. So if you land on Amazon, click on the Cyber
Monday Deals on desktop, is usually the best way to find deals, you could see those headphones are the deal of the day right now. The QC25 is at 109, that’s
15 hours until that ends but what you can do is come
down and filter by department, you could click over
to say camera and photo and then that’s gonna show you the actual time-sensitive lightning deals and the one I wanna point out here was actually my favorite K&F tripod and I always mention these go on sale and this one definitely did. So it’s already 43% claimed, there’s a link to it in the description, it probably won’t be
available much longer, this deal will fill up but
it’s normally an $80 tripod and I’ll link up a video
to it on the YouTube card and put it in the description below. It’s 25% off, it’s $60, it’s already my favorite
best budget tripod. We just did a new video about
the Mactrem one as well, they’re kind of, they
both have pros and cons, so just look in the Think Media library if you want to research this really quick but that might be
something to grab for you or maybe there’s a content creator, even if they already have a tripod, I think they would love
having this in their kit, it travels so well and
we’ll link a video up to it if you want to look at it more. Even at full price at $80,
this is an absolute steal so when this goes on like
a lightning deal like this, it’s really, really cool and so that’s just kind of a tip of how throughout Cyber
Monday, and then by the way, when Cyber Monday ends,
a lot of these deals would probably last
throughout the holidays but then Amazon just clicks
into like 10 days of deals like I’ve watched it every year, it goes like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, they keep doing lightning deals. So that’s sort of a tip
about paying attention to that lightning deals
page, filtering by category and then going straight
to the kind of stuff that you would want to check out. That was just a quick tip there, we’re on number five and
it is the SanDisk SD cards. A couple of ’em are really good here, this guy is I want to say, it
says here 46% off, $17 off, it’s normally about a $40 SD card for $20. My tip here is that click
through the different sizes because sometimes the way to save the most if you know you want 128
gigabytes for example of storage, you might be able to buy
two 64s and it’s cheaper. In this case, it’s not. This one is the best
deal and one other thing to note about SD cards,
notice the speed here. See how it says 80 megabytes a second? There’s some that are
90 megabytes a second, there’s some that are
95 megabytes a seconds. Now, if you’re shooting
with most Canon cameras, if you’re basically shooting 1080p, then you pretty much don’t need to worry about too much of these speeds but usually we’ll get
an extreme pro like this for shooting 4K footage. This one’s not on as much of a special but pretty much all of SanDisk’s cards, you know research them
depending on your needs, maybe Google some articles about that but here’s the summary of speeds. Typically, the speed of an SD card is gonna help you have enough speed to record video but also
when buffering photos, meaning if you shoot like
10 photos in a row on a DSLR or mirrorless camera and
your camera slows down to try to load everything,
sometimes the SD card is the weakest link there and
so having a faster SD card is nice and so I’ve already purchased a couple on Black Friday mini
SD cards, these are 256 each. I’m gonna be getting some more
just to get us ready for CES, get us ready for next year. And and then you can jump up from here into a whole ‘nother class of
SD cards but remember this, that the deal on the card I showed you at 80 megabytes a second
like is plenty fine for any kind of HD footage on
an M50, SL2, even Sony cameras if you really wanna push 4K, you might wanna get a faster card and this is our stocking
stuffer of the day because some of the stuff, it’s all stuff, it’s all expensive, man, all this tech and camera stuff, this is a nice thing
that any content creator is like yes, I always
have lost my SD cards, I don’t know where they are. So if you just wanna get
something rad at $20, 128 gigabyte card is nice. It’d take you a long time
to fill that too by the way and last thing by the way,
transfer speeds also affect how fast footage transfers
from the card to your computer. Now for most people, it’s like who cares? The difference between five to 10 minutes but if you wanna speed
up your whole workflow, you wanna speed up every
link little by little so that everything goes faster. Like for us, output speed matters and so another thing to think about. Number four, the Grow With Video bundle coming to you from Think Media is on sale and so we had to put this in the list. This is what we’ve done
here at Think Media, if you didn’t know, we put out a lot of free content like this but we also have some advanced training, whether that’s mainly for
growing your YouTube channel, learning the best practices, learning creating a content strategy. And so, our best selling
program Grow With Video is on holiday special
with a bunch of bonuses. It’s 75% off, you get our
Social Media Growth Accelerator, our Video Product Review Profits program, a special private livestream, kind of a group training
call in 2019 with me and our Grow With Video program. If you’re interested in all
in that and that would be you’re saying yes, I wanna
be a content creator, a YouTube creator and
I wanna get more views, get more subscribers and
grow my channel faster as well as figure out how
to monetize and make money, you know, this Video Product
Review Profits program is perfect for right now over the holidays if you want to jump in,
optimize some of your content to generate more income or side income. Anyways, all of that is
at, link in the description
below to learn more and all the details are at that website, super limited time special and unlike anything
we’ve ever done before, 75% off on the Grow With
Video holiday bundle which brings us to deal number three and that is the Canon EF 85 1.8 lens. So a couple things about this lens, number one, 29% off, $120 off, number two, when you’re
looking at Canon’s line, there are two types of lenses,
there’s a couple types, there’s the EF-S lenses, those only fit on like an 80D or a T7i, that means it’s a crop sensor camera. Then there’s the M lenses, those go on the mirrorless cameras, then there’s the EF lenses,
those go on the smaller cameras, those will go on an 80D but they also go on full
frame cameras and they work and they’ll actually even
go on a Canon M camera with a converter like the Canon M50. So all that to say is a full
frame lens, 85 millimeter, 1.8 so you get that great
shallow depth of field. It’s a great portrait
lens, great for filmmakers, and a great deal at normally $420, at 299, this is a great lens. For shooting video, this
is usually not gonna be a lens you put on your camera
and stand in front of it and be a YouTuber, you’d
be pretty far away, you know talking head with the flip screen but this is gonna be
behind the camera mostly shooting really creative shots and especially good for the
dynamic of shooting photos because it’s a really solid portrait lens and a super great deal this season. Next up number two, Panasonic Lumix G7. This was kind of probably the best all-around budget 4K
camera still to this day, you get the lens normally
$800 is the list priced, 38% off $300 off at $500
really great, great camera. Fully articulating flip screen
to the side for selfie mode, you know with Panasonic, they in a way almost bring all of the best features for content creators like ourselves except really the autofocus and many people use this camera,
content creators in fact, tell me what camera you’re
shooting with right now in the live chat or the comments but a lot of people use this camera, you can get around, you know it’s funny, I grew up creating content, we didn’t have all this amazing autofocus that Sony and Canon has but I’ve learned to become so dependent on it. So the reason this isn’t my
number one recommendation for content creators is again, I think that if you’re
a kind of a filmmaker, indie filmmaker, you
want some flexibility, I mean what we used to, in fact, right now I’m shooting on a
GH5, I don’t have autofocus on, I just have it on manual focus
and I got myself in focus before I started this livestream. So I’m never gonna leave focus, however, if I wanted to
walk around or move a bit, it’s not gonna track my face
like a Canon camera did, that’s kind of the only
weak link to this camera so that’s enough that I don’t recommend it to the average person
plus the average person kind of doesn’t need 4K. But if you’re like, I want
4K, I want a lot of features, I want a good price, I
kind of am gonna lean more indie filmmaker and filmmaker as well as producing like music videos or behind-the-scenes videos,
this would be a great camera. If you want user-friendly,
solid autofocus, then maybe look elsewhere. And so, definitely put
on your radar though, no hate against it. This is part of our kit,
so it’s actually in our kit for certain projects and
also an honorable mention is the GH4 is on sale
this season $200 off, 20% off at $800, 797 here in the U.S. This now has been a historic
camera for filmmakers because you have that
Micro Four Thirds sensor, it shot 4K before anything
shot 4K and now it’s the GH5. So I’m streaming on the GH5, I
think I paid $2,000 for this. The GH4 years old now on a great special so this is maybe for a few
kind of content creators that know what kind of
power this camera brings and what kind of deal this is. So that’s a cool mention and
that brings us to number one and that is the Canon
M50 and I again think that this is the best
all-around camera for YouTube at 599 and this is just
one of my Canon M50s here with the pancake lens on it, this is just a camera that forever, I mean it’s got that flip screen, so does right the GH7
but when you flip this, the G7 by Panasonic but
when you flip this on, you can tap the screen, track,
focus, super user-friendly, does have some 4K options
before cake crops in so it’s really I wouldn’t say a 4K camera, I use this for photography,
for 1080p content creation, for the lightest weight setup
in our kit for traveling and I think that for serious
pro kind of content creators or YouTube even entrepreneurs,
this is a great solution. But even beginners because
it’s such an accessible camera and that’s one thing to remember that it’s not always about
people that are saying you know the latest this
or that with Sony cameras, it depends on what you need and I think that this
checks the most boxes for the average aspiring photographer, videographer, and content creator. Camera is still hot, list price is $900, it’s at 600 with the kit
lens, 33% off, 300 off. Somebody asked me too, they said, “Should I wait on the Canon M50?” This thing’s still brand-new, I mean, it’s a little bit older now but my guess is they’re not gonna do like a version two of this kind of camera, my guess is until 2020. So I think that right at the timing and the market and the
price and everything, I think that this is just
my pick of the season, I have a whole or just
a couple shots of it, I didn’t even mention, you could do such cool
vertical video stuff on it. If you go to my Instagram @seancannell and you go to my IGTV,
one of my first episodes, I created a vertical video
for IGTV using the Canon M50 with a little spear mount
holding it like this. You know with the Joby
GorillaPod, some audio on there, you got the microphone jack
in front of the camera, behind it, anyways, great camera. So if you wanna see our full
training series about that with some tips, with some
of my favorite accessories, with some video tests, we’ll link that up on the YouTube card and put it in the
description below as well. Let me know from you what
you’re shopping for this, if you found any deals, in the comments but those were the top 10
Cyber Monday deals I found, there’s definitely other
good ones out there and remember, there’s all
kinds of other good deals like smart home and consumer electronics. Of course PC components, I don’t really cover laptops or tablets, maybe you want to update
your editing system, I think it’s worth shopping around, it’s kind of a whole
‘nother conversation though as far as the specs and everything. And so, Alex said the SL2
definitely a great camera, that is on special, the video
if you go on Think Media, a couple videos back, I did another video about Black Friday and
Cyber Monday camera deals, it’s still a relevant video
because it covers a lot of deals that will be lasting
throughout the season. And keep that in mind, some of these, you might wanna take action immediately because they’re very
limited like today only, I mentioned a few, but some of these, you probably have a week or
two to still get the deal ’cause they just extend
it throughout the holidays to give people a chance
’cause in a 24-hour period, man, we’re busy, we got
work, we got school, sometimes you can’t actually see the deal. Javier says, “I would love the Canon M50 “as a second camera.” I think that’s a great point of it, you know I eventually got two. Which program is better
to upgrade from iMovie? If you’re already using iMovie, I would jump into Final Cut 10 Pro. That’s probably the most
user-friendly, it renders fast, and if you don’t want to get super crazy with like editing a documentary,
for YouTube content, Final Cut 10 Pro if you’re on Mac. And so, thanks again for
checking out this video. New videos coming to you all season. If you got value, can you smash like? Maybe tag somebody and spread the word, some of these deals are limited time. I definitely recommend
picking up that K&F deal while it’s on lightning if you still are watching
this video in real time and question of the day, what tech is on your
shopping list this year? Let me know down in the
comments section below and I look forward to seeing
you in a future video. If you’re new here, subscribe,
if you’re not subscribed, click or tap the screen right there to watch another video from Think Media. And remember, this channel
is all about bringing you the best tips and tools
for building your influence with online video. Keep crushing it and we will
talk soon, happy holidays.

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