Top 10 Cyber Monday 2016 Tech Deals

– The top 10 Cyber Monday 2016 deals coming right up. (bell ringing) (instrumental music) Hi, I’m the YouTube
deal guy, Matt Granite. You’ve seen me before, I am here every day to save you more money than
anyone else in the country. Not just Cyber Monday, not just
Black Friday, but every day. And today, I know your time is limited, because I want to get
you to the biggest deals in the country where they don’t sell out. These are the best deals at
their lowest recorded prices. All of the items that
I’m going to show you are all located right
under this video screen. Very simple process, there’s a link that’ll take you to a page of deals. I test all the merchants,
we test all of the items, I’m gonna show you a lot of
the items that we’ve tested right here, and I also
want to remind you (claps) I’m giving everything here away for free. All of the items you see
in front of me right now are getting given away
for free to subscribers. I’ll get into all of
the giveaway information at the end of this video
but it’s a simple process. If you are subscribed with
your notifications turned on, you’re good to go. Now as I countdown the top 10 Cyber Monday 2016 deals, I just want to briefly remind you that some of the Black Friday
items repeat on Cyber Monday. repeated many of its deals, so if you see me repeating a
couple of deals on this list from Black Friday, it’s because
they happen to be amazing, but they are also
replicated by the merchants. I would like to begin
with a 60-inch soundbar. Now this is tested actually by
one of my favorite directors, Mark Bogden. He had this in his home. I want to show you the price,
then we’re gonna show you the review he shot with his smart phone. This particular item, 60
inches, free delivery. – Hi Matt, Mark here. I just got done installing
that Apex audio soundbar that you gave us. It came in three pieces, one, two, three. It’s a pretty large unit, as you can tell. That gives you good quality,
it’s not overpowering, if you’re sitting at back of the room, it won’t blow you through the wall. But it does have good
quality to its sound. – In the number nine
spot, Easy Canvas Prints. This is my wife, I’m not
selling a photo of us, although if you want to buy
that, that’s totally cool. The prices today are their lowest recorded with free delivery. You could decorate your home
with things a lot better than those pieces of art
we all pick up other places is a great way to
celebrate the Cyber Monday. At number eight, one of
the coolest charge systems I’ve ever used. This is great because
it’s a hub but it’s also an extension cord so
you can power your tech if your family are sitting
on the couch watching TV. I had a chance to test
this with intern Amy. You’ve got a really good
cord management system. – Or even if you didn’t want
to extend it out as long. – And again, this would work with Android. Very easy plugin play operation,
so we’re both powered now. – Normally when we watch
movies in my house, you know, everyone at
least has a phone nearby and it’s nice to know
that we can charge it while watching the movies. – The deal today, you get two for under 30 with free delivery. The link right under this video screen. The MSRP is ridiculous,
they’re not worth $120 but this is a great Cyber Monday grab. In the number seven spot
today, luggage sets. This is heavy, this is a heavy price too, an MSRP of 520 bucks. Found this for 159, you get the whole set you see right here. We had a chance to test this,
many of you know that I travel every week. Well and I’ve had a chance to
also test some backpack deals. The backpack deals I found today also tie in this number seven spot. At number six, one of the most awesome kitchenware deals I ever seen. I usually get excited by
kitchenware, but this Cuisinart dishwasher safe bundle, down from over $250 is a great grab, the free delivery given
how heavy the box is, and the fact that this is
induction safe cooking. An amazing Cyber Monday deal. At number five, the Braven
audio, $100 Bluetooth lifeproof wireless speakers
down to under 50 bucks with free delivery. This was a Black Friday
deal and also something where many of our subscribers saw me cuz I promised every
major doorbuster early. I had a chance to test with intern Casey. We smashed it, we soaked it,
it continued to perform better than any other speaker. Highly recommend this as the
number five Cyber Monday deal. Number four, $40 off the Amazon Echo, I mean, Alexa’s coming
in pretty cheap today and for those of you that
want an even cheaper Alexa, under 40 bucks, this is an
unprecedented price drop to have this level of voice
recognition in your home on a dime. The Treblab 80% off wireless headphones that were the most
amazing bang for your buck given you get the accessories,
the carrying case, survived all of the junk tests I did, and every other thing we put this through, including a soak test at under 40 bucks. Hugely well-rated, this
is the number three deal this Cyber Monday 2016. The number two deal, the fully-loaded with Windows 10 Pro Lenovo laptops starting at
under $180 with free delivery plus a free pair of Bluetooth headphones if you didn’t want to buy
the number three deal. A great grab and the best laptop deal we have seen all year, solid state drive, four gigabytes of RAM, this is a great great Cyber Monday deal. And in the number one spot, Fire TV Sticks with the voice Alexa-enabled
remote under 30 bucks. $33 tablets and a bunch of other deals tied to Amazon products
that you usually only see Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Prime Day, all of these deals all located right under this video screen. Now obviously Cyber Monday
goes well beyond my top 10 list and I have you covered. There are so many other
Cyber Monday deals to get to, all of which are located
right under this video screen. I have a link to the list
of items that I have vetted to save you more cash than
anyone else this Cyber Monday, and by the way, I don’t do
just this for Cyber Monday. I do this every day and if you
want to win any of the items you’ve seen in front of
me, yes this is gonna be one of the largest giveaways
in YouTube history, it takes place in the next 72 hours or so. Simple easy way to win an item. Make sure you’re
subscribed, just by clicking somewhere on my head over
here, that’ll hook you up, and you need to have your
notifications turned on so you don’t miss a giveaway. To turn on your notification, if you need a little bit of help, we’ve got an explainer video and more. Huge deals right here. Thank you so much for watching.

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  1. Maestro, I know this is a late response considering Cyber Monday has already passed, but EXCELLENT job in breaking down some of the best tech deals! I particularly liked the HUGE price reduction on the luggage (with or without Kody being inside…πŸ˜€). Thanks again for all the INCREDIBLE work you and your crew do…adieu!

  2. This time it's cool and different because it's only you in the video instead of with a guest. Btw why do you always have a guest?

  3. Love all the reviews you do, makes picking a product so much easier and Love the Deals. The Casey and Domenic are great helpers!

  4. Wow man look at allure subs I predicted, Matt u are funny and naturally entertaining . Thankful for the deals MATT THE DEAL GUY.

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