Top 10 Budget Tech Under a $1 | Best Tech Cool Tech Deals 2018 – v2

Hey guys! Welcome back to another budget
take video this time we got take under a dollar most of these items are from eBay
just because of free shipping from China but I will make sure to link everything
down in the description box to Amazon and eBay now with that being said let’s
get started starting off Alice we have a night light
bill quality isn’t so good it’s very lightweight cheap plastic everything
feels a little flimsy and if you actually take off the plastic diffuser
which is very easy to do inside there are four LED lights which are very good
on energy and fairly right for a nightlight other than that there is it a
lot on the circuit board but it’s a great light especially falling just
another dollar with free shipping next up we have this thing you can call it a
mini tripod is basically a better and more stable way of recording videos on
your phone or action cam or anything in that line and again fall is just under
$1 will shipping and if you want a little more control in terms of moving
the camera up and right you can add a hot shoe mount and that’s a very cheap
way of having steady camera and it even gives you more flexibility than stacking
books and it even works great for smartphones that don’t stand upright
moving on we have blitz adopter for only 99 cents it’s a super cheap and easy way
to add Bluetooth 2.0 to any device that has a USB input so this is great if you
have an older computer and want the ability to add Bluetooth to that device
next up we have a dual USB cigarette lighter so it gives you two USB ports
using a cigarette lighter and the USB ports can be used to power light strips
if you like adding something like that to your car or even charging your phone
while traveling without worrying about power banks and all that next up we have
a multi card reader I know there are devices out there that don’t have an SD
card input and well this little gadget solves your problem you can use this as
an external SD card slot the one I have has a TF card slot but now you can get
updated words that can support all type of SD cards from a TF to a regular SD
card and it’s only for a dollar and for the price almost surprizes USB 2.0 but
it’s a great and easy way to get the job done moving on we have a cigarette
lighter adopter now cigarette lighters are typically found only in cars that’s
like the only place that uses them but there are some things down very
affordable with the cigarette lighter for example you can get a pretty decent
dashcam for about forty fifty dollars and you can stick that to your window
and user has a cheap budget security camera but the only problem would be you
will need a cigarette lighter to power on the dashcam
and this adapter does exactly that now moving on if you buy some electronics
from a different country that uses a different style of plug you can use a
plug adapter like this one which is only a dollar on
with free shipping it’s hard to find accessories like that on Amazon with
free shipping so I thought this one was worth including next up we have
microfiber cleaning cloth and if you’ve used something like this in the past you
know how good they are compared to regular cloth I like to keep you handy
to clean my computer screen my phone screen and even my camera lenses and if
the cloth already doesn’t have dust on it it’s very safe to use and please
pretty well and the best part is it won’t scratch any surface so for
cleaning sensitive stuff like camera lenses I definitely recommend this it
won’t scratch your lenses like a regular cot that’s a little harsh and you can
even use this for normal dusting it’s very good at picking up dust
our next item you’ve probably seen is silver this is a blank spot mirror and
if you drive you know how useful something like this can be it’s very
inexpensive and does a fairly good job and yeah guys that will wrap up this
video let me know your favorite product under $1.00 in a comment down below and
you might be featured in an upcoming video and subscribe so you don’t miss
that video and as always Thanks for watching!

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  1. hey Im a big fan of your videos specially the budget gadgets videos you talk about. My only suggestion as a viewer is if you can put products which are also available to canada as I live in canada as half of the products i look are not available to amazon canada. it would be appreciated if its possible fir future videos. Thanks eh!!!

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