Top 10 Black Friday 2018 Tech Deals

– These are the top 10 Black
Friday tech deals 2018. If you want the top Black Friday tech, plus your access to any item
on my deal list for free, I have you covered. (bell chimes)
(bright music) From Chromebooks to smart
TVs, iPhone deals and more, great to be with you. I’m the Deal Guy Matt Granite. I hunt down the biggest deals on YouTube. In fact, there are Chromebook
deals on my deal list. There are many, many smart TV deals. But if I had to make a top 10 list of where you’ll actually get the most bang for your buck right now, I have a top 10 deal list you need to see. If you expand the video
description box right now, I’ve made a list of doorbusters from distributors and major retailers and, more importantly, the
people that serve a lot of the larger stores so, if you’re worried about
a doorbuster selling out, I promise these deals are in stock, at least at the time I’m recording this, and I am giving away free
iPhones, a free MacBook, whatever it is you want,
which I will explain more of as we make our way through this video. But there’s a top 10 tech list that I want you to see right
now for Black Friday 2018, with more to come on Cyber Monday. Let’s start with the
number 10 deal right now. From the top rated
power banks at under $35 to jump starters that are also
power banks at under 50 bucks to solar chargers and some
wireless charging products, this is the year of the power bank and the charger for your new
iPhone, your Samsung device, whatever it is that you want to power. In the number nine spot, I’m
gonna go for Apple products. If you’re looking for a
deal on an older iPhone or if you want to buy the
new iPhone and get $300 off in terms of gift cards at Walmart or you are looking for a $250 iPad where there’s an $80 reduction or even an Apple Watch also at $80 off. Got all my props lined up, although I keep screwing
up when I lift them. This is the year of Apple again. A lot of people trying
to flock toward that if you’re an Android person like myself of you use a little bit of both. The MacBook deals also, (thump)
as I drop more items. A great round-up. In the number eight spot, the Livebox. My favorite streaming device cord cutting does work with the iPhone and also great for Android
devices, Chromecast. This is my favorite way to
unlock more free TV channels and live TV than any other device. It goes beyond the
Apple TV, in my opinion. There are many knock-offs of this at a lower price on Amazon. The deal that I found is
on the licensed version. Keep in mind, some of
the lower priced items, if they are knock-offs, they
have been shut down remotely by Livebox, so just keep that in mind. In the number seven spot, some really good Bluetooth speaker deals, wireless stereo systems,
even Bose, the SoundLink. Some great reductions across the board this Black Friday 2018. In the number six spot, before we get to smart home products, smart scales at under 40 bucks. If you want to work on those
New Years resolutions early, this is a great way to get it done. And I did mention, in
the number five spot, smart home products. So you can get the Google
Home Mini for 25 bucks. You can cut your cost by half
on the larger Google Home. The hubs are also on sale. If you are looking for an Echo product. Where are my Echo products? Echo Spot, Echo Dot, there are reductions across the board. Really good. If you want the Fire TV stick, I’ll count that as a smart device for this holiday season, $24.99. Really good reductions on the Amazon Alexa voice service connected products. In the number four spot, while there are some great
Beats by Dre headphone deals at Best Buy, the deals that
I just hunted down online that score you wireless
Bluetooth headphones for under 40 bucks, very
similar to what Apple makes with the exact same quality,
that’s a great grab. And some amazing, top-rated, Bluetooth wireless noise
cancellation headphones at under 100 bucks. These reduced by at least 100. I’m a huge fan of that. Now I did mention the
Apple Watch at $80 off, but if you are looking for any of the top-rated fitness trackers, the ones made by Striiv at $34.99 are a great grab in my number three spot. In the number two spot,
smart TV deals galore. This really is the year
of the 4K smart TV. Some great reductions. You pick your favorite store and there will be a Black Friday TV deal. But I have made a list to my round-up of the absolute favorites. And in the number one spot right now, just based purely on
traffic from a prior video and from what many people
are asking for right now, it’s not the gaming deals behind me, it’s not the Fitbit Versa or any of the earlier deals that I found, it’s not the smartphone plans
or the Powerbeats wireless or the Ring video doorbell. I know, I’m showing you a lot of products you can get for free. It is a 4K action cam. At under $70 with accessories that give you double what
you would get buying a GoPro at a fraction of the cost. Fully loaded, life-proof, waterproof, and ready to capture your
holiday memories and beyond. People are very excited about this deal, which is not only half price at under $70, but one of the top-rated 4K action cams that you will find anywhere. Now if you expand the video
description box right under me, you’ll see my top 10 list, you’ll see links to other deals. I’ve rounded up the top products at Apple, the best deals at
Walmart, Target, Best Buy. I’ve done a store by store breakdown and this is an overall
Black Friday round-up of the top 10 Black
Friday tech deals 2018, all of which you can score for free. If you have subscribed to my channel and you’ve stayed subscribed, I love you, you’re amazing, if you’re a new subscriber right now, all you need to do is have made a comment within the last six months. You can comment right now, you can just wish your fellow
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gaming unit, your choice. I will buy the item for you for free and that’s what it comes down to just as a, in my opinion,
the best way to say thank you that I can this holiday season. So you need to have your
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