Top 10 Black Friday 2017 Tech Deals

– I have the top 10 tech deal
list this Black Friday 2017. What to score, what to buy, and what you could possibly get for free. (cash register dinging) (electronica music) Hi, I’m the YouTube
Deal Guy, Matt Granite. Welcome to your one-stop shop for savings. I do more unboxings and giveaways than most people you’ll meet and all of my favorite items
get given away for free to the awesome subscribers
of this channel. I have three huge doorbuster giveaways which I will explain more
about at the end of this video. But you’re here because you wanna save, you wanna take care of those
Christmas and holiday gifts, and I wanna make sure
you get taken care of. So let’s start with my
top 10 list of tech deals. In the number 10 spot, gaming bundles. Huge bundles! Whether you’re looking for
PS gaming or Xbox gaming, and by the way, if they’re
not in stock, don’t worry, I’m gonna show you how to get
one of these items for free. The bundles and the games
itselfs at reductions in the number 10 spot. In the number nine spot, I’m gonna give this one
to the Fire tablets. Yes, the $29.99 seven
inch tablet is great, but if you wanna spend a little bit more and score more features and a better processor on
the Fire HD 8 or the 10, these are great. In my number eight spot,
action cams, HD action cams. And I’ve actually captured
entire Youtube videos on one of these during
an earlier product test at under 40-bucks. This is an amazing score. In the number seven spot, smart TVs. Many of the 4K TVs are being sold at last year’s
1080p prices from Black Friday which means you’re
getting fully functional smart television sets at their lowest recorded prices. You can expand the video description box to see some of my favorite pics. In the number six spot, we are actually seeing some
decent deals on the Mac Book Pro and I have a list of the top Apple deals this holiday season, but I will say the computers are surprisingly better
than I anticipated. In the number five spot, a better way to charge all your tech. This is awesome, I did a fully unboxing
demonstration of this. But using smart charge technology, you can charge and power quickly five different items of your choice. Android, Iphone, Ipad, whatever it is, this will not overcharge. This thing is absolutely
awesome and under 40-bucks, also located right
under this video screen. In the number four spot, I’m gonna give it to
the TrebLab headphones, the best wireless headphones I believe I have ever tested to date at their lowest recorded price. Under 50-bucks, waterproof,
life proof, beautiful HD sound and better battery life than
many of the competing products including the Apple Airpods. In the number three spot, smart home automation. Yes, I’ve profiled great
deals on the Google Home Mini, but the Echo deals this year
are absolutely incredible and still I know I’m biased, my favorite way to make your home smart. (light instrumental music) In the number two spot, the year of audio. I found Polk Soundbars at
their lowest recorded prices and I’m gonna tie the number two category with one of my favorite Bluetooth stereos that is actually a scroll system. Let me show you how this works. This is absolutely amazing. It has 3-D sound technology and dual passive bass radiators. What does that mean? Well, you get Bluetooth 4.0 technology, NFC pairing, so you can tap this with an
Android and it would work, hands free mic and calling,
32-foot wireless range and at least eight hour battery life. The speaker is fully
loaded, tremendous bass. You can answer your phone calls from this and yeah, it’s a scroll. ♪ Hold on to me as you go. ♪ – And the number one
spot, smartphone deals. You can score an Iphone 7 with more than 200-dollars in gift cards if you sign a 24-month contract. The Prime phone deals
are absolutely amazing if you are looking to score something in terms of
Samsung or another brand, number one this year
goes to the smartphone, not the TV, uh huh, yeah. I have my hand on it though, so that’s why I alluded to it, okay. Those are my top 10 picks. I wanna know what do you
want that’s not on my list. Just because this is my list, doesn’t necessarily mean
everything you want is on it and it would be an honor to hook you up. Leave me a comment, let me know what it is you’re looking for. I’ve got hover board deals, all sorts of other crazy tech,
home and lifestyle items. And if you’re not yet
subscribed to this channel, I’m giving everything you
see on this table away, plus many other items on my list. It’s your pick, whether
you want a PS4 Pro, you want an Xbox One X, you wanna a pair of Beats headphones, although I find these
overpriced to begin with. It would be my pleasure to hook you up. Click on my head right here
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on your notifications or leaving a comment, just click over here and that last big red of a
deals I did right over here. Happy Savings.

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  1. Idk why everyone isn’t subscribed to your channel, IT ROCKS!! Always cool to keep more of your cash in your pocket/banks!!

  2. I would give everything to have some console of these, XBOX ONE, PS4 PRO or a Smart Phone, Greetings from Venezuela The Deal Guy.

  3. I would love any console, ps4 Xbox one x, nintendo switch, but in reality I would take anything I could get a good deal on or for free.

  4. One tech deal I'm surprised you didn't feature are drones. I know you've featured them in the recent past but I'm curious if they are going to go down considerably during the holidays. Thanks again, Chief!

  5. I really hope I win I have never won any giveaway in my life. Also, GREAT VIDEO. FIVE STARS 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟!!!!

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