Top 10 Black Friday 2016 Tech Deals

– Today, Black Friday’s top 10 tech deals, and a huge giveaway. (upbeat music) Hi, I’m the YouTube
deal guy, Matt Granite, and as usual, I’m still
holding my props like an idiot. I’m here for you every
day to save you more money than anyone else in the country. I find huge deals, no companies
pay me to talk about them. And all the items I
feature are always located right under this video screen. I also give away every single thing I test for free to subscribers. If you’ve watched before, you
know at the end of the video I usually have this massive giveaway. Since I have so many items to give away, which includes every door-buster you see in front of me right now, I’m going to be doing a special
giveaway for subscribers in the 72 hours that follow Cyber Monday, so if you’re watching right
now and you’re not yet subscribed for eligibility, all you need to do is
be subscribed with your notifications turned on
and I will hook you up. Today, I want to count down the top 10 tech deals this Black Friday, most of which are in stock
right now and available, with the exception of some Amazon items. Let’s start! Your number 10 Black Friday tech deal this Black Friday 2016 is virtual reality headsets
where you can just take whatever smartphone it is you have, put it inside the virtual reality headset. A grab at under $27. There’s a great Black Friday deal located right under this video screen. I tested this with Intern Amy. It performed really well. This is our number 10 best
tech deal this Black Friday. In the number nine spot, drones, tons of drone deals this Black Friday. And actually, one deal which
we just finished testing is going to be an upcoming
deal closer to Christmas, but the best drone deals for the most part all located right under this video screen. You are saving anywhere between 30 and 50% this Black Friday 2016. In the number eight spot, Beats Pill wireless speakers. These are more than $100 off. I found the best deal in the country. It’s almost sold out and
if you get to this deal and it is sold out, don’t worry. I’m finding more; make
sure you are subscribed. But this is the best grab in that spot. In the number seven
spot this Black Friday, the best power banks for both
Apple and Android devices. These are now at an incredibly low price, built with accessories that
allow you to charge on the go. I like this as the number seven grab. At number six, I’m so tired
of talking about Beats. Again, not my favorite
brand, but for most of you, it really is on the audio front. $150 off the Beats Studio
wireless headphones. These are in stock. I have also located the best deal located right under this video screen. In the number five spot, Polk Audio universal wireless
Bluetooth surround soundbars. I tested these with Intern Casey. They perform incredibly
well at under $130. This is my favorite tech
grab in the number five spot. In the number four spot, fitness and FitBit
alternatives at under $35, some as low as $29, some for $31, $32. We have tested them. This is one of the lowest-priced, top-rated wearables you will find anywhere this Black Friday. In the number three spot, all of Amazon’s product
lines are seeing discounts beginning Thanksgiving
through Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2016 that
are at the best possible prices you will ever see
on items like the Echo Tap, the Echo Dot. The Echo expected to drop to
price points Amazon rarely ever offers as well as
huge deals on the tablets. In fact, the Amazon tablet
deals this year are going to be the lowest in recorded history. Keep an eye on me and this channel. I will hook you up before
anyone else in the country with those Amazon deals. I should mention Fire
TV, Fire TV stick are also on the list, and these are all items
we’re giving away for free to subscribers in the 72 hours
that follow Cyber Monday. Number two! The Braven wireless life-proof, waterproof Bluetooth speakers. I had a chance to test these. You’ve seen them on the channel before at usually what is a $100 price. I found these for under
$50 with free delivery, your choice of colors. Based on every other
speaker we have tested, nothing could surpass
this in terms of quality, audio and now price. This deal again located
right under the video screen, which brings us to our number one deal. The 80% off TrebLab wireless, water-resistant headphones are the number one grab. They are down to under 40
bucks with free delivery. They come with a case
and all these accessories that actually surpass
the quality of Beats, to my amazement. Well, not really mine, because
I think you guys I am biased. I don’t really like Beats that much. But unbelievable. They survived our jump test. They survived our water test. They really outperformed everything. And the reason I’m also
rating this as the number one deal this Black Friday, so many of you are dealing
with those disappearing headphone ports on your technology. This would be a great way to lock that in, not worry and then also get
that hands-free microphone, which you have for
communication on the go. That deal still in stock, located right under this video screen. Now! I did mention a giveaway. And of course, every single
item as a door-buster is being given away in the 72 hours that follow Cyber Monday. All you need to do is be subscribed with your notifications turned on, and you will be eligible
to win one of the many items I give away. For those of you that watch me regularly, you know that I usually do the giveaways at the end of the video, but there’s just too much
content and deals to share, and I don’t want to slow you down. Very simple process to win an item. Just click somewhere on my
oversized head right here. That will hook you up. If you’re looking for more
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notifications to make sure you are hooked up and
ready to win Black Friday.

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  1. Thanks matt, for all you do for us who want to save money! I can not drive to the box stores but I like to order online !๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. Wow! I'm so glad I found this channel. Matt is your name?Thanks for all the information.๐Ÿ‘I will recommend this channel to my friends.

  3. Hi Matt I don't want to be rude but i would really love some beats btw I'm Scottish and I really love your videos please reply even if you don't want to give me beats ๐Ÿ˜ข

  4. Im still going back threw your black Friday videos to see if any of the deals are still available at some of the stores. Thank you so much Matt.

  5. Matt, you stated especially with iPhones use only apple certified power banks. Do you know if the Anker charger on Amazon is ok. I bought the entire family one last Christmas and they worked great with the android phones. What's your opinion please as Amazon is doing lightning deals again this year on these. Thank you

  6. Hey Matt, am new to the channel. Can't believe am now finding out about it. You all are doing a fantastic job and thanks for sharing these deals. The beats pill speakers are sold out. Do you have any news on when they will be back in stock and if they will be on sale for the same price again?

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