TOP 10 Best Tanks In The World 2019 | Military Technology 2019

top 10 tanks 2019

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100 thoughts on “TOP 10 Best Tanks In The World 2019 | Military Technology 2019

  1. Expected to see one with a rail gun or pulse weapon. But it appears Rube Goldberg's son designs weapon systems now…

  2. Вы полистайте его видео и найдете идентичный ролик только за 2018 год, этот тупой еблан ничего не анализирует, только с года в год заливаей тот же ролик

  3. Tops 2 are Russian. Not surprising there. Russians are known to invest in armored land system.

  4. All of the American allies tanks, K2, Leopard 2, challenger 2, Leclerc, Ariete are a copy paste of the M1 Abrams. People judge tanks just by their technical capabilities, like the gun, armor or speed, but people often forget about the two other areas, reliability and production effectiveness. Who cares about yours tank’s technical capabilities when for one tank you produce the enemy makes five. This happened in WW2, the Tiger had much a much better cannon, armor and motor then T 34. But the Germans produced only 1,300 of the Tiger tanks whereas the Soviets produced 40,000 of T 34s, since 1943.

  5. 確実にK2より10式の方が基本性能的にも上じゃない?

  6. How this video has 5.3M views? It's a joke. Actually, the list should be like this:
    1. Leopard 2
    2. M1 Abrams
    3. Amx 56 Leclerc
    4. PL-01
    5. Type 10
    6. K2 Black Panther
    7. Merkava 4
    8. Challenger 2
    9. Type 99
    10. T14 Armata (the informations about this tank are unclear and that's why I put it on number 10)

  7. ok so a British Challenger MK 2 was hit directly by 14 RPGs and an anti-tank missile in Iraq. none of the crew was injured and the tank was back in the field 6 hours later. Another occasion another Challenger MK2 survived 70 RPG hits. the Only Challenger 2 that has been destroyed was by another Challenger 2 in a friendly fire incident and and its not in the top spot when no other tank has been through that do a bit of reaserch before you make videos or post comments

  8. Wrong many country have a latest tecnology of tanks…just like pakistani.editor your are wrong about tanks.

  9. That T90S looks awesome The worst looking one is the British Challenger 2 that thing is hideous looks like an old English Kettle.

  10. I don't know how you can put any speculative tanks above the two battle proven tanks. If it is not battle proven then all it is is speculation as to how well it would do in battle. So in my opinion the number one spot should be shared by the M1 Abrams and the Challenger 2 tanks. Both tanks defeated all tanks they were up against and neither tank was defeated by another tank. So I put them both at number one because neither tank has defeated the other and it would be pure speculation to say one is better than the other until one actually defeats the other. So all the other tanks come after these two tanks in the line up and it just comes down to personal opinion as to who has the second best tank.

  11. На 1-му місці "Армата" а на 2-му все також російська бойова колесниця танк Т-90? Щось у вас панове із вашим пропагандоном геть залишки розуму забрало!

  12. 알타이는 K-2의 복제본이고 한국 두산중공업의 엔진과 변속기 사용하는데 K-2는 11위고 알타이는 6위인 것은 납득하기 어렵네요.. K-2는 엔진은 국산이지만 변속기는 독일산인데.. 뭔가 착오가..?
    특히 K-2의 텅스텐탄은 철갑 관통력에서 동일한 텅스텐탄 중 최고의 관통력을 자랑하는데.. K-2의 변속기도 지나친 내구성을 요구한 군의 성능검사 조건은 전세계적으로 없는 조건이라 하는데..

  13. Best tank in the world 🇺🇸🇺🇸, ABRAMS, battle tested, gets better every year, so get the facts 👉 when it comes to weaponry, and technology the yanks are of a different league, I would say, 🇷🇺 will not come close to the 🇺🇸 50 years, to catch up, by that time, the yanks will be having hover craft tanks, never fail to surprise me😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  14. How many jobs can you create in the cost of 1 tank? How many houses can u build instead? How many lives can you save with medical care?
    Humans are just so barbaric!

  15. Vedo che tutti presentati vostri Armamenti Potenti ma dimenticati che chi alzerà la spada di fuoco Perira.

  16. el leopadr 2 E ES EL MEJOR con diferencia de los rusos. tienen mejor blindaje mucha mejor tecnología y es mucho mas letal en el campo de batalla que los carros de combate rusos. el blindaje ruso es mucho mas débil que el europeo . tienen menos alcance y son mas lentos recargando no lo que dicen. ya que yo los conozco muy bien…

  17. 大韓民国のタンクだが、国内だけでしか使えないよな。他国へ運ぶ船が無いしよ、多分だが北朝鮮様だろうね。北朝鮮から見れば、新型タンクだが実際に使い物に成るのか否かだ。北朝鮮は、ミサイル部隊が有るから、大韓民国軍は厄介だと思うぜ。日本のタンクは、運ぶ為の船が有る!輸送機も有るから何処へでも行ける!大韓民国軍には輸送機が無い!兵士も他国と戦争する気無いよな。逃げ出す飾りの軍隊だから、更に言うなら口先だけの司令官だろ。大韓民国の個人国家で戦争した事も無いのに、さも戦争した様な物の言回しをする。其からすれば、日本は大国アメリカと戦争してる。アメリカ、イギリス、オーストラリアともしてる。口先だけの大韓民国には、やれば負けるよ。大韓民国の味方は、インドネシアの議員さん位、後はアフリカの一部の国だね。後はみ~んな敵国だらけよ。その時に成ったら世界中から兵隊が押し寄せて来る。先ずは、空爆からだね、もう終焉まじかなのに、まだ意地を張って我を通す。今年イッパイまで、大韓民国が有るでしょうか?

  18. C'est un classement typique des travailleurs de la propagande de Russie. Dans d'autres pays, d'autres TOP.

  19. Gibt's ne Songliste?
    Bzw wie heißt das Lied ab ca 08:00 min beim Leo?

    Anyone knows the song starting at 08:00 minutes?

  20. Hav.nt see more shit than !! Every one knows that the Israel has the best army in the world 💀💀💀

  21. Where are ARJUN AND AL-KHALID? We both countries (PAK & IND) just fighting with your weapens and enemy of each others and providing you benift to buy your tanks? BE PEACEFULL LOVE YOU MY SUB-CONTINENT.

  22. А что тут последний металлолом делает ? нашли чем гордиться )))))

  23. T-14 at number 1 i can understand, but T-90 at 2? T-90 is basically an upgraded T-72… It's even more outdated then the M1 Abrams/Leo 2/Chally 2…

  24. No.10 first picture is not 'K2' Tank.
    No.6 ALTAY is developed based on 'K2" technology.
    It is non-sense ALTAY is highly ranked than 'K2'.
    i'm not recomment to watch this video.

  25. 흥미로운 영상 올린건 좋은데 이봐요 돈독올랐어요? 광고를 무슨 1분에 1개씩 처 넣어서 보기 참 불편하네요

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  27. Chinesen haben wohl keine Panzer? Oder sind die nicht der Rede wert? Ich meine wenn du schon die ganzen Abklatscher von Abrams und Leopard zeigst, dann solltest du auch die selben von der russischen T-Serie zeigen!

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