Top 10 Best Buy Black Friday 2019 Deals

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100 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Buy Black Friday 2019 Deals

  1. Lies! Most of the console black Friday deals aren't only on door buster, they started from 11/24/19 until 11/28/19 I believe.

  2. The q60r tv is awful for the price and never get a 43” tv BUT in terms of the discounts the percentage off is actually decent so you did do the research but the q80r is the actual deal to get

  3. Hey Matt just wanted to know what does it mean that the Nintendo switch doesn’t hv the battery boost? Does it mean that it won’t play certain games or that the battery is gonna die sooner than if I were to play other games?

  4. Love the deals Matt but I don't understand the hype around beats headphones. Imo they just don't last and there's better sounding less expensive options

  5. Man I love your vids, starting watching two black Friday’s ago and still watching, I would love to win the I pad pro for college, good luck this Black Friday guys

  6. Hey Matt @TheDealGuy I was really hoping to get the best seal for one product I’ve had my eye on for some time. The (LG C9 OLED) 65’ tv is priced lower for now on Newegg versus amazon. But my question is should I get it on Black Friday from whom ever has it lower or will waiting for cyber Monday pay off? Thanks Matt!

  7. I really didn't know what Black Friday meant I thought it was a day when only black people could shop so I never did go

  8. Man you must be working with Wal-Mart you said the 50" tv will be online 700pm for 148.00 I click on at 700pm it said out of stock. You working with Wal-Mart.

  9. What's $50 saving!? You would wait for black Friday the whole year to save $50 bucks? $50 bucks is nothing especially when a product is overpriced in the first place so you dont really save anything! The only way to bring prices back to what it worth is stop buying them like $1000 iphone, if everyone stop buying $1000 iphone the price would drop by not $50 but by $700 to $800 but I guess not all people realize that!

  10. Good luck if you have to return any TVs over 43 inches. I bought a 49 Toshiba a year ago with the extended warranty. Getting alot of pixelation. Went to return or exchange. They wouldn't do it. Have to go through the geek squad and have them make a house call to check it out

  11. dude, you should buy a compressor for the Mic. Your voice is tooooooo low for moments. Or maybe with a bit more of editing…

  12. Not so best buy is a joke. Also, Forbes advertised the Pixel 3a XL at $280 but that sure wasn't true. They wouldn't even match a price either… 😒 Amazon had better or same prices. What's all the hype about?

  13. Don't you people know they mark up the prices months and weeks before Black Friday so when Black Friday comes around you're not getting that much of a deal. Black Friday is so overrated just a bunch of people going out buying things that they don't need. Government and media support it 100% because look at all the tax money they're getting from this day. We go broke they get more rich.

  14. I put together a list of computer components last week to build a gaming rig….it was for everything, mobo, processor, case, RAM, etc, and priced the parts at Best Buy….checked this morning and not a single item was cheaper this morning than they were last week when I originally priced them….NOT ONE. Black Friday "deals" my eye.

  15. No offense but I think there were a lot better choices for both bang for buck and for high-end TVs then some of the ones you selected. Also a lot of these ones you selected have been this price for 3 weeks, I know Best Buy was running pretty Black Friday sales on a lot of TVs but there are some that did go cheaper today.

    Your TV choices just felt like hey we're going to mention a bunch of Samsungs and sprinkle in a Sony or an LG here. What I would say is I would definitely look at doing for the future like a good better best and hit multiple different price point tiers

  16. If you buy any of those TV's make shore you look for a refresh rate of 120 mhz. Dont be fooled by the "motion rate od 120".

  17. The only Black Friday special this year for me, was a 42” LG dumped in the back of an alley. I took it home, connected it: No reference power (red LED light not on) therefore, no pic, no lights, no sound, NOTHING. I open the housing, check power supply outs…. all checked ok. I turned to the main vid board, gave it a visual inspection…..nothing burnt. Then I loosen the board off the TV…. look at the rear of the vid board… nothing burnt. Then I feel for loose components….. an inverter was loosey goosey. I found that a wire was broken from the inverter solder joint. I went and unwound the inverter magnet from its original wire, and get some new wire with the same thickness, and rewind the inverter and solder it back on the board. TV reference voltage is apparent, then I turn on the TV. It’s Alive…. It’s Alive…. ITS ALIVE!!!
    Woo Hoo!!!

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