TomTom’s Life In A Car Movie

Hello everyone
Hi Hello friends
Good morning Hi
Hello Hi there, my name is Mils My name is Berit My name is Hilde My name is Mir Humayun Sekandari Lilian, I’m Brazilian I live in the south of France
In Italy Sydney, Australia
Canada Los Angeles Many many many years ago my eight times grandparents I think were from Spain, but I don’t think that counts anymore. So yeah, basically, just English. With the Brexit thing happening, and the Trump
thing, I believe, really, that we should celebrate our differences, appreciate them. I absolutely love cars of all kinds, fast
cars, classic cars. My prized possession is this Lotus Elise Club
Racer. Two colours. This is my dog, and she is really affectionate
but she has ridiculously horrible breath. This is my dog Brannah. This is her normal travel position, head out
of the window. We have four dogs, a cat and a snake, as you
do. I found out a week ago that I am allergic
to gluten, dairy and eggs, and most meats. I am like a vegan that eats chicken. We are off to the zoo. What are we gonna see there? Dinosaurs? No… maybe. What’s your favourite animal there, Rubert? I don’t know. You don’t know… I’d like to see SpongeBob in there. SpongeBob? SpongeBob’s not a real animal! One of my favourite things to do is drive
around with the roof down and feel the wind in my hair and the sun on my skin! Ooh! Two chances in life, enjoy or not enjoy. I enjoy. This time next week I’ll be in sunny Scotland. Hopefully it will be sunny anyway. I don’t have any plans to go anywhere because
I have to work. This is my taxi, this is my job. I’m a locksmith. Love my job, love what I do. Still waiting for that much cool job to appear. I’m an entrepreneur. YouTuber. I’m a YouTuber. I’m not so keen on putting myself in front
of the camera, as you can see I’m a bit of a bigger person. I volunteer as an ambassador for a children’s
hospital. I hope also to have a positive impact on people
around me. Oh yeah. Do I? Yeah, you do. He does. I help people. …somehow. No, he does. I’m from Afghanistan. In Afghanistan people are very in danger at
the moment. In the Middle East, in Iraq, in Syria, in
Europe. The people killing innocent people by the
name of religion, by the name of politics. If you’re not Christian or if you’re another
religion, I don’t care. I still like you. Why the people are not living in peace? Everybody look after each other equally. White and black colour, rich people look after
poor people… That’s my dream. How beautiful and varied is the world. Be good, do good. Treat people right. Looking to the future. Time to say goodbye for now. Bye bye. See you next time. Peace. Right! Love you all. Take care everyone.

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2 thoughts on “TomTom’s Life In A Car Movie

  1. 0:31 'With the brexit thing happening, and with the Trump thing'..
    What a tool. It's beyond me why TomTom would like to have this bias.

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