Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Join Skell Technology Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

[MUSIC PLAYING] Imagine a place where you have
unlimited resources, a place to grow and live carefree,
a place far from the world’s problems of drought,
overcrowding, pollution, war and terror. This place exists,
and you’ll find it on Auroa, a paradise
archipelago known for their pristine beaches, wild
forrests, roaming mountains, fjords, and glaciers. Jace Skell, founder
of Skell Technology, has now launched
a project on Auroa to build a specialized
scientific community to task them with writing
humanity’s next chapter. Skell’s autonomous
machines have already helped millions of people
by improving efficiency in agriculture, emergency
services, and security. We need people like you to join
our community of engineers, computer scientists,
and pioneers to help us design
a better tomorrow. Auroa is 100% clean thanks
to solar, marine geothermal, and wind energies in
our heartland zone. Moving north, you’ll find
autonomous manufacturing zone, where we extract
essential minerals and produce a range of
important commodities. To the east, our diverse and
talented communities reside in state-of-the-art
luxury home complexes. From nursery to
university, research centers to
specialized tech labs. All of our facilities
are second to none with around the clock
surveillance, two defense zones, health care for
all, and a political system free from the dictatorship
of the masses, you’ll have nothing
left to fear. Join us on Auroa, a
better future today. Find out more at Today is the beginning of a new world. Preorder now.

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100 thoughts on “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Join Skell Technology Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

  1. COMMUNITY: Wildlands doesnt need a change, just new area and new guns.

    DEVS: LETS ADD A GEARSCORE LIKE THE DIVISION!!! Cause that game is so awesome!


  2. You really couldn’t make a better name than “Skell” for an evil company name? Might as well call them “Nacis Inc”

  3. No thanks. This game is bullshit. Thanks for ruining the best series Ubisoft had. The loot system IS GARBAGE. So glad you guys had an open beta. Because of that, I didn't waste $110 on garbage like I did with Far Cry 5,which I played for about 5 weeks before I put it away permanently due to your bullshit in that, game.

    If the stupid dream sequence bullshit wasn't forced on you, it'd be different. If you weren't stuck at those points with no ability to progress forward until you beat them, it'd be different. Better. Instead, I wasted $100 on that, game and played for a month. Thank you for not letting me make that mistake again. I've lost complete trust in Ubisoft as a company.

    I doubt I'll ever buy another Ubisoft game at this point, unless something changes at Ubisoft and in Breakpoint. And soon.

  4. Sad when all this money is spent on such a horribly executed game yet indie devs make better games with 1/100th this budget.

  5. Shameless. Where do I deposit my blood and how much do you want for this one year experience at best when others sell for 40 with no monetization. Check out "Remnant rise from ashes" that's what going to replace you

  6. Where do I send my resume? I'd work there in a heartbeat…… Just Saying that it sounds too good to be real.

  7. I think the only good thing you get out of the gaming industry these days is the misleading trailers and you get to laugh at these horrible games that casuals buy with their clueless mentality's on the industry

  8. Honestly this game had so many bugs in the beta I'm appalled that you're going to have it on sale for the 4th this game is almost unplayable and I tried for the whole entire free beta

  9. Gotta give them props for that trailer, detailed the different biomes and landscape while making sense to the game's world.

  10. Me: Nomad where u at I'm still in Bolivia

    Nomad: i'm busy and why are u still there for

    Me: Don't ask

    Nomad: Why Drex

    Drex aka me : I'm still doing stuff with Bowman also my KGB CREW Went off the grid

    Nomad: ok we'll see ya soon Drex

    Drex aka me: ight see ya

  11. Im a stupid idiot.. this was an ad in a video I was watching and I thought this was real and was frantically researching about it trying to see where it was in the world and how to get here lmaoooo I can’t-

  12. Skell tech no war no terror.
    Ghost and wolves: we gonna be enemy's and start a war so we can end this man's career. In real life UN we gonna prevent war korean war and Vietnam I'm about to end this man's career

  13. Can Skell Technology fix the bug that made my drone disappear? I’m going on 1 week without the drone now and have all but stopped progressing in the campaign. I pre ordered the game and even spent an extra $15 in gear through micro transactions and feel kinda gipped out of what was supposed to be a great experience. I don’t wanna have to start over because my character was already level 27 xp and level 120 gear and I cant really do anything but PvP now. This really fucking sucks..

  14. Can you guys at Ubisoft please find a way to release a DLC for “South Park: Fractured But Whole” where we can finally enter Canada? Everyone who’s played it would love that! Thanks! 😎

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