Tobi Pearce On The 3 Fundamentals Of Success

I think in order to be a
really successful entrepreneur, and by successful it doesn’t necessarily mean running
the world’s biggest company, fundamental to the success of any person
really is hard work, passion and discipline. Like Kayla and I both
always been really passionate about health and fitness and me also
like just passionate about business in general. I think coupling that with
hard work is really really important because the reality is that the journey is
not always going to kind of be fun. That’s not going to always be
enjoyable so having that passion to keep you motivated to do what you
want to do, understanding that hard work is not necessarily really a
choice it’s a must have. And then obviously the discipline to
make sure that you actually remain focused all the time. I think that without those three
characteristics it’s very difficult to be successful at any level. There are a lot of parallels between
being very healthy and fit and being successful at business. The same way I would probably suggest
that there’s a huge amount of parallels between being very good at martial
arts or very good at sport or a very good musician or very
good at kind of anything. You have to have done the hard work, you
have to have been disciplined to do that and you have to have been
passionate enough to actually keep up with it. A lot of people kind of, yeah the mindset
is, “I have to get up for work today. You know I’ve got to get
up to go to the gym.” But I think in reality shifting the
dialogue internally to kind of say well, “I’m choosing to get up today and
I’m choosing to go to the gym because I want to
be healthier and fit.” Or, “I’m choosing to get up today because
I want to go to work because I want to have a successful career or I
want to run a business,” or whatever that is. Ultimately they’re all choices and I
think that the shift away from it being kind of a chore into like
being an opportunity is a really really big mindset shift. But ultimately one that’s going to change
not only your outlook and your ability to deliver it, but probably
a lot of things in life.

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