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envidia recently launched a new title next GPU based on the Pascal architecture unlike the GTX 1080 launch which received much fanfare Nvidia opted for quiet launch this time around the new GPU is marketed by Nvidia as the ultimate graphics card it is equipped with 12 gigabyte gddr5 X memory 12 billion transistors 3584 cuda cores and 11 teraflops of brute force performance it means that the new title next is up to sixty percent faster than its predecessor for reference the GTX 1080 which recently launched features nine teraflops of performance while Amy’s new arts for ad features 5.8 teraflops of performance surprisingly the increased performance does not increase the power consumption of the new card is rated at 250 watts similar to its predecessor this increased performance however comes at a price the new Titan X will retail for twelve hundred dollars two hundred dollars more expensive than their old title makes what being said the new Titan X looks set to become the new king of single GPU performance but as usual we will have to withhold our judgment until the benchmarks become available VBS new title X will become available in early August so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss our coming full review of the cart

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