And Anchit, how’s life in Deloitte ? Man, don’t ask. Too much workload, 12 hours work shift and there’s no time for personal life. Dude, even I’m going through the same condition. Shakir: I keep getting calls and messages every now and then. And if not replied my seniors think I’m not responsible for my job.
Anchit: Yeah. That’s true. *Phone rings*
Shakir: See? Mannn…. Watch out! Drive carefully! Shakir: Phew! That was near miss, Anchit.
Anchit: Dude why do you drive this carelessly? Shakir: Man, sometimes it’s really hard to concentrate when both life and work are at stake.
Anchit: If your work is really important then why don’t you get a smart watch to attend to your calls and messages. Shakir: But a watch will only tell me the time, right?
Anchit: Don’t you know? You can see who’s calling you, what messages you received, you can reject or accept calls. That’s too easy. Shakir: But smartwatches are too expensive, right? Which one should I pick?
Anchit: What if I tell you India’s trustworthy watch company Titan has it’s own smart watch now, then? *Phone rings*
Shakir: Anchit’s calling? Hello Anchit…

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