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In todays video I’m going to be sharing
with you a brand new Tiny Leaders deck tech I’ve built up! It’s Bear tribal, with Ayula, Queen Among
Bears as the Tiny Leader. Alright there, cheers for tuning in!
I’m Tim here at Dijital Llama, A channel all about Magic the Gathering,
Specifically casual singleton formats like Commander, Brawl, Cube, and Oathbreaker!
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your first order! I can’t bear it any more, let’s head to
the main phase! Ayula is the Bear commander we’ve all be
dreaming of and waiting for. A classic 2/2 for 2, with some quite beary abilities, +1+1
counters, and fighting, so that’s exactly what I’ve built the deck around! First up with the creatures are, you guessed
it, the bears! Ulvenwald Bear helps support Ayula’s counter
distribution scheme when it comes into play, Dragon-Scarred Bear should have no trouble
regenerating if it needs to, 8 power isn’t that hard to get to!
Ashcoat Bear has flash, so can instantly come in and trigger Ayula to boost another bear,
or itself, to get us out of a tricky situation. Grizzly Bears is the classic bear, so I couldn’t
build a deck without including it, and Runeclaw Bear is just a functional reprint to get the
bear count up! Another vanilla bear is Alpine grizzly, but
it breaks the mould being a 4/2 for 3. Pale Bears is really useful, Islandwalk is
a free attack against a lot of decks, so pile them up with counters and watch them dish
out the combat damage! Werebear is a mana bear-bird, with threshold
but we’ll probably never hit that as we’re not going to be keeping cards in our graveyard
for long! More on that in a bit! Mother Bear is another fantastic bear from
Modern Horizons, it’s a classic 2/2 for 2 again, but after she’s died we can exile
her to get a couple of bear cubs into play, great value! So this isn’t a bear! But for 6 mana she
can turn into one, becoming a 5/5 for the turn, and then she can be the target of Ayula’s
abilities. Eternal Witness also isn’t a bear, but we
need the versatility and power in here to bring a card back if we need to. Caller of the Hunt is a cool little card from
Mercadian Masques, and will just keep getting bigger and bigger the more bears we can spam
onto the playmat! Finally there’s another caller, Caller of
the Claw, again not a bear, but we do get to generate a ton of bears if our old ones
got wiped out. It only works for non-token creatures though. So we’re on to the spells section of the
deck now, And we’ll get going with even more Bear
token creating! Bearscape is an enchantment that let’s us
pay 1 and a green to exile two cards from our graveyard to create 2/2 bears. Ayula’s Influence is another Bear generating
enchantment, this time all we need to do is discard a land from our hand, and we can do
this as many times as we have lands free! Hardened Scales works wonders with Ayula’s
ability, giving us 3 +1+1 counters whenever a bear comes into play! Then Jiang Yanggu, Wildcrafter turns all of
those countered up bears into mana dorks, so we can get away with pitching our lands
to the Bearscape! Favor of the Woods is our first Aura of the
deck and some much needed life gain. Then Alpha Status should allow one creature
to get insanely buff if things are going to plan! Beastmaster Ascension won’t be too hard
to trigger either, so that’s a lot of damage being flung around at this point! Uncage the Menagerie is a fantastic little
gem, perfect for singleton formats, especially Tiny Leaders where the CMC is so restricted. Adventurous Impulse also let’s us dig for
useful cards, and Cultivate ramps us out a couple of lands. Heroic Intervention is a staple in any green
aggro-based deck, and Beast Within is great for mono-green builds providing some spot
removal just in case we’re not able to fight everything! Finally, Broken Bond let’s us take care
of an artifact or enchantment, and ramp a bit more! Artifacts now and we’re packing a few! You might have noticed we’re running a tiny
bit light on bears. So Birthing Boughs is a brilliant way to make up for that. We can
be churning out bears for 4 mana and not having to exile cards from our graveyard or discard
lands! Rhonas’s Monument reduces the costs of our
bears, and gives a target creature a very bear-like +2+2 and trample until end of turn! Emerald Medallion is a further cost reducer,
and I love running these in mono-colour decks, let me know down in the comments what you
think of this classic cycle! Swiftfoot Boots gives Ayula some much needed
protection, keeping her around longer. Lifecrafter’s Bestiary is such a fantastic
card, the scry is powerful, and getting access to card draw in green is really important! Speaking of card draw Endless Atlas is from
Commander 18, and if we’ve got 3 forests in play we can pay 2 to draw a card, #winning! Speaking of lands, here comes the mana base! Okina, Temple to the Grandfathers has no downside,
it comes into play untapped, and can pump Ayula up if we need it! Memorial to Unity is some extra digging for
bears, despite the horrendous omission of any bears in the artwork. I’m really loving including Myriad Landscape
in decks at the moment, two lands into play is just really doing it for me right now! Prismatic Vista helps with the fetching of
Forests, and marginal deck thinning. Path of Ancestry is great for extra scrying,
and Detection Tower helps get around any hexproof creatures we’re up against! Finally Field
of Ruin can take out pesky lands that are messing up our flow. Finishing up we’ve got 10 of the finest
basic lands a bear could ever want for! In Tiny Leaders we also get a sideboard, so
here it is! Root snare and Tangle are useful just in case
we’re against a bit too much aggro coming back at us, and Blossoming Defense keeps one
bear safe for the turn Ancient Animus adds another counter on to
Ayula and provokes a fight, without needing to play a bear, and Savage Swipe adds even
more fight to the deck. Awaken the bear is mostly a flavour win, but
the trample is great against token builds. Steely Resolve is great at protecting our
bears, maybe against burn, or pesky blue tricks! Shapers Sanctuary helps us profit from being
targeted which takes the sting out of it a little bit. Gaea’s Blessing protects against mill, and
adds some usefulness in getting key cards back into the deck, And Sword of Truth and Justice works wonders
with Ayula and Hardened Scales, and is definitely in contention for making it’s way into the
mainboard! If you want to see the full deck list for
this Ayula Tiny Leaders deck tech there’s a link to my decks on Archidekt
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  1. Tiny Leaders as a format is just terribly underappreciated. Mostly short, often flavorful, kitchen table games with deck-sizes you can actually shuffle. Perhaps with more Leaders like Ayula, Feather, Kethis, and Tiny Kalia hitting the table the format might see a a bit resurgence.

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