I forgot to start the vlog so I’m gonna
start it now we are just leaving the co-working space where we worked out of
for now I think three or four hours Jay is in a very bad mood because he’s
hungry I don’t know you got it and we’re now waiting for our uber to
get some food thank you sir just at work until now
catch up with my boy Kelvin again which was very good I got
to catch up with more people again and more often is that our Bert no and he
showed me a little bit of New York again I miss that city so much by the way I
got more clear clearance on the New York stuff I talked with the guy who knows
his shit and I’m gonna wait exactly six months and one day until I reapply again
because you don’t want to be denied hello sir very good because it’s a bad
thing to get denied multiple times for visa and I don’t want that happening so
I want to maximize the the chance that the next time I apply I actually have a
very strong case of you know being able to come back so I’m gonna wait exactly
six months and one day and I’m gonna reapply for b1 visa and that’s also by
the way the reason why I’m really interested in the Bali thing because
that means I have right now I think like five four and a half months I’m not sure
right now how long I’m in how long I’m out of New York right now that I have to
gap and Bali might be the place to bridge that gap and just wait out my
visa situation in Bali so yeah that’s the plan right now and now we’re on our
way to Foote hey guys Sam I wanted to update you on a major purchase this
decision I just made I bought all of these blueberries look
at him look at him how big they are wow this might be the greatest thing I’ve
ever bought airports are also pretty good I mean I might just keep this whole
thing in one go so I think you guys know that the past couple of days I’ve been
kind of struggling with one thing and that is that I feel like I’m not going
big enough and that I wouldn’t do more and I think I just realized at least at
least partly of what it is that made me kind of restless and it’s that with the
agency that I’m running and and I think one of the updates I didn’t get gif is
that originally it was me and a co firm and co-founder who who started this but
we had very big differences on philosophy on how much we should share
and how much of this whole building of the company should be public I was
obviously very much of the mindset that all of this should be public and so we
decided to he actually brought up the idea that he’s gonna take a step back
it’s gonna be my company I’m gonna be the sole founder and owner of the
company he’s still gonna be part of it he’s still helping out with the content
side of things and with strategy stuff with operations but that means that I
can make the decisions on well how much I share and and basically all things
company culture I think some of you people actually might know that we
decided on the name to fuel so I’m gonna change the name but right now we’re at a
very early stage we have two clients right now that we’re helping building a
personal brand on LinkedIn and so I realized that we kind of decided to
you know take it slow in the beginning and figure things out because we’re
still figuring things out right and I realized that I want to scale already
and I think that there is no reason other than the limiting belief in my
head that we’re so early and we’re still figuring things out so we’re not
supposed to be thinking about scaling but there is no objective reasons why I
shouldn’t scale and acquire new clients and and and outsource work because right
now like a lot of the work I do I don’t have to do it I’m doing it because well
there’s no one else right now who does it but it’s a lot of the the things that
I’m doing right now are very like my new task very simple task editing editing a
video writing subtitles under a video scheduling posts I don’t have to do that
it’s so easy to outsource that and you know pay other people to do these tasks
and I can focus on other stuff that’s acquiring new clients and strategy and
so I just wrote down like a lot of things that I think I should not be
doing anymore and that should be outsourced and things
that I should focus on more so we can scale already acquire some new clients
like build this out a bit more go a bit bigger like get evidence into maybe
uncomfortable position where we have to stretch to
you know where it’s getting harder so yeah I think that that’s maybe that’s
not it but I feel like that’s at least to some point while I was like in the
back of my head I was like somehow this feat doesn’t feel big enough it’s just
because we’ve I’ve been stagnant for the last two months with that agency which
is not very like large time frame but why not think about scaling right so
yeah there was um that was something I just realized so I just got off the call
with my good friend Luis Luis Takeda god that’s a fancy name I wish I had a
name like that but we were talking about something and I I said I said that we
kind of got to the topic of you know life goals or whatever and I think one
interesting question that I have written down and the question that I try to come
back to regularly and it’s a question that I don’t have an answer to is that
what is a goal that if that is the Oh what is a goal that if that’s the only
thing I’ll achieve in my lifespan like in the entirety of my life I would be
satisfied with like what would be something that if I could put that on my
life resume I would be cool with that resume and I think it needs to be
something that you can like checkbox so it can’t be something I want to impact
as many people as possible or I want to change the world because like you you
can’t really checkbox that so like how do you measure that like did
you change the word or not well that’s all perspective did you like I want to
impact that you know as many people as possible like what’s that number you
know it needs to be something that you can like did it or didn’t do it like
that could be something like I want to put a personal Mouse like you can barely
eat very easily check whether you put a personal Mouse like like key
cancer-like you can checkbox that and as I said I don’t have an answer to
that question I don’t know what that one goal is I think you can have multiple but I think it’s a it’s at least an
interesting question to ask yourself or try to find an answer to you know so I
just found the perfect moment to sign up the vlog because Jay just spilled water
over there hey can you point the camera although Jim just pointed it over there
but there’s a massive water it nope yep it’s all wet you’re brilliant Jay he
literally grabbed the glass and let her drop but anyway I mean that’s just
that’s just a cool thing we’re gonna end the vlog now I’m editing this vlog right
now today was a pretty unexcited day again tomorrow actually we’re gonna have
another bryce or another grilling barbecue on but you want to call it with
Lucas the guy who we went on a hike with he actually brought drives the poor
she’s Porsche so you know anything well that just means I’m I’m gonna try very
hard to become his friend tomorrow what do you mean that’s what we can see yeah
that’s how it works someone has a Porsche you will try to
become the best friend like that’s how society works dude anyway so we’re gonna
do that so tomorrow you might actually see something like interesting if he
allows us to film his Porsche depending on how well it will work out with me
becoming his friend but that was today please make sure to LIKE and subscribe
and click the bell button and then we each other tomorrow pizza I do wake up
plan there’s no alarm to wake you up sleeping breathing doing all the things
I love a wine coalition I just wanna make a trip to the China

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  1. Oh the blueberries do look really good, iโ€™ve never had one. We donโ€™t have it here in India

    Wishing you Good luck with the company ๐Ÿ™‚

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