‘Tim Apple’: Donald Trump gets name of tech giant’s CEO wrong

I used to say: “Tim, you’ve got
to start doing it over here” and you really have, I mean,
you’ve really put a big investment into the country. We really appreciate it very much,
Tim Apple. But we’re opening it up.
We have to bring people in. We want them to be people
based on merit and we want them
to come in legally. You see what’s going on
at the border. We are doing an amazing job
considering it’s really an onslaught, very much. I call it an invasion. They always get upset
when I say an invasion but it really is somewhat
of an invasion. And we’re stopping drugs
at a record level but a record number of drugs
are pouring up and coming up and we’re getting it done.
Human trafficking is a disaster. Nobody knew too much
about it, until recently. It’s been going on for
a million years, actually. It’s been going on
for a long time but we’ve seen it,
we’ve spotted it.

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