TicWatch Pro 4G LTE Review: Solving The Wrong Problems

– This video is sponsored
by Surfshark VPN. I asked, you answered. Of the three specialty smart watches I covered a few weeks back,
Mobvoi’s TicWatch Pro 4G LTE, won the poll for the watch
you’d most like to see reviewed. So it’s time to give the
people what they want, even though in my view this smartwatch does a lot of the opposite. (upbeat music) Let me justify that pessimistic
lead in by recapping some of my complaints from the last video. Style is crucially
important to a smartwatch, more so than a smartphone that most people will put in a case. And the TicWatch Pro 4G
LTE just kind of feels like it has a split personality there. It has this fine textured knurling and minimal bezel markings
like a dressy watch, but a block plastic and metal casing and generic rubber wristband
more suited to fitness tracker. And man, Mobvoi’s refusal to
include a rotating side button really twists my hair spring. A rotating crown makes a huge difference in how easy Wear OS is to use, and on a TicWatch it’s an
especially big shame to miss it. Because remember, this is the company that back in 2017 brought
us the Tickle Strip. One of the most interesting
wearable interfaces ever. I’d of loved it Mobvoi used
those close Google contacts, it’s always talking
about, to figure out a way to make this work with Wear OS. But instead, we just get two
buttons and a touch screen, it’s just kinda weak. Okay, let’s talk about
somethings this watch gets right, ’cause there are quite a few. I feel like I’ve talked this
dual layer display to death, so long time subscribers
please forgive me, but I’ll never get tired of
saying what a great idea it is. When other smartwatches wanna
give you an always on display, they have to it using minimal power. So it’s usually a dim or
low contrast watch face that’s tough to see in sunlight. A display like this, with
the LCD places atop the OLED, gives the TicWatch Pro the most readable, outdoor watch face you can get. Unless you want a huge
Casio or a pricey Garmin. And when the watch’s battery
dies, which is does often, stay tuned for that, that
LCD is economical on power that it keep telling you the time, your heart rate and step
count for up to a month. The speaker is new and it’s nice and loud, so talking to Google
Assistant on your wrist is easier then on wearables – [Google Assistant] The
time in New York, USA, is 6:17 a.m.. – [Michael] And alarms have a real alarm, to go along with the vibration. (watch jingles) MIL-STD-810G and IP68
water and dust resistance mean you probably don’t need to worry about hurting this thing, unless you’re climbing up
a volcano or something. And while the watch is
build around the old Snapdragon 2100 platform,
instead of the newer 3100, you barely notice it. All you really need to make Wear OS seems to be a gig of ram, which is present and accounted for here. Also keep in mind most of
the 3100’s improvements are designed for watches
running an always on display. TicWatch sidesteps this, thanks to its dual layer watch face. The real claim to fame here is to the suffix on the brand name, this is one of the only
Wear OS watches you can buy with its own 4G LTE radio. I’ve been using it on
Verizon, the exclusive carrier in the United States for about 12 days and, you know, it does what you’d expect. You can make and take phone calls, send and get text messages
and get notifications when you wanna leave you phone at home. When the speaker isn’t
loud enough for you, as it wasn’t when I was tryna take this conference call out in public, you can pair a Bluetooth headset to watch and that works well too. Mostly this functionality
is useful on runs or walks, and the Tic exercise sweet is
pretty handy for those too. I enjoyed mapping my cross-town treks using the built in GPS,
which locked on quickly and seemed accurate. Careful though, that kind of exercise will burn more than calories. I found that used the GPS
in concert with the LTE ate about 20% battery per hour. And you know, even if you
never touch the exercise stuff, the TicWatch Pro 4G has worse battery life than it’s predecessor in my testing. Last year’s model reliably
got me three days per charge, this one is almost always down to 50% by the end of the first day. Mobvoi likes to advertise this
as one of the longest lasting Wear OS devices, but that’s
only if you switch it to the Essential mode I called out before, which takes all the
smart out of this watch. It’s kinda like saying you have the longest lasting electric car, but you’re not allowed to drive it, you’re allowed to turn on the radio. In reality, it’s just another
one to two day smartwatch and that’s a shame. My final thoughts after a
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all the internet security and convenience features, already built into Surfshark as well. Try Surfshark VPN now at the link below and use promo code, MRMOBILE. You’re get 83% of a years subscription and one month absolutely free. My principle beef with
the TicWatch Pro 4G LTE, it solves the wrong problem. Most of us weren’t asking
for a Wear OS device we could use without our
phone, we wanted a watch that would fix the problems with Wear OS. Like that short battery life or the inconsistent responsiveness or the abundance of
forgettable hardware designs. You might say that most
of that lies with Google, and you’re right, but you
only need to look as far as my Fossil Gen 5 video to see a company that’s actively working on its own solutions to platforms short comings, while bringing much
more attractive hardware that’s built on the latest silicon. Wear OS continues to be my
preferred wearable platform, despite its flaws and I think
we’ll soon get to the point where a Wear OS watch that costs $300, plus an extra $10 a month for
4G, will actually be worth it. But this hypothetical, future smartwatch, it isn’t the TicWatch Pro 4G LTE. Folks, there’s a ton of
smartwatch news due at IFA 2019 in Berlin starting in early September. Follow me on Instagram
so you can see that news as soon as it drops. This video made possible by
a review sample by Mobvoi and a media account from Verizon. No compensation or copy
approval was provided, Mobvoi is seeing this video
at the same time you are. Please subscribe on YouTube,
if that’s the kind of review you’d like to see more of. Until next time, thanks for watching and stay mobile my friends. (upbeat music)

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100 thoughts on “TicWatch Pro 4G LTE Review: Solving The Wrong Problems

  1. You know when a product review by Michael hits your inbox, its going to be honest & to the point.
    That's why he (& MKB) are at the top of their game.

  2. I'm pretty sure your video sponsor (Surfshark) is using haveibeenpwned's API's. End users can directly use those features….for free…

  3. God damnit.
    I've been in the market for a smartwatch for over a year now. I want 5 solid days of battery life, step count, heartrate monitor and water/sweat proof. I can NOT be the only one where these requirements are at the top. So why do smartwatch makers keep forgetting these? Do they not know?

  4. Nobody else laughed their ass off anytime they heard the company name? I had to look it up, cause I kept hearing "mah boi" 🤣🤣🤣

  5. Crapy prodyct based on stolen idea. Nothing innovative. Also it "smells" poor tech design. One big DISLIKE to it's creators. Fuuuuuuuuuu dis dis dis.

  6. The TicWatch series reminds me of the Nexus line of phones. Overall good device running stock Android (Wear OS in this case) that is cheaper than most but is lacking in a few areas.

  7. I'll wait for smooth web surfing and instant videos and wireless mirror to supported TVs and devices with no need for a home internet because 4glte can do it all , if smartwatches get better chipsets maybe 3nm chips could do it all 2gigs or more of ddr5 in 3nm sizes cloud storage for movie's and files, songs and such. I could see it even better.

  8. Hi Michael.For something different form the usual Wear OS / Apple Watch stuff maybe try out some full Android watches. Something like the Kospet Optimus Pro with 3GB RAM, 32 GB storage, 2 chipsets and 800mah battery will hopefully surprise you.

  9. Why don’t OEM’s innovate? I would say Google will just bite all there features and come out with a pixel watch. It’s just a matter of time. Takes all the fun out of competition.

  10. I don‘t agree with several aspects in this video: The watch is definitely one of the longer lasting ones, mine is down to 75% by the end of the day. It is speedy and it works reliably. For $300 it is on the more expensive side, but considering my experiences with other Android Wear smartwatches, it is worth the price – yet alone for the fluidity in usage.

  11. I agree with your analysis Michael. First, I wish Mobvoi didn’t use the Military grade durability for the Watch. Most people don’t need that and it gives it a really ugly blocky, plastic look. Second, I find it ironic that Mobvoi has abandoned the tickle strip, especially given that Samsung seems to have adopted that with the Watch Active 2. Rather than LTE, I wish Mobvoi would have invested in more uses for the LCD screen. For example, you should be able to use the LCD screen with the exercise and GPS activities. That would have really improved battery life and it’s much easier to see in bright daylight. 1-2 days seems standard and the usual disappointing for Wear OS

  12. Check out the AMAZON BIP just look it up it’s a color eink display which gives it about 30 days of battery life yes that’s right and is a simple smart watch nothing crazy just gps soso heart monitor and READ notifications

  13. Poor battery life with LTE and no rotating crown, plus duff styling and materials. I really want LTE for my next watch providing access to Google Keep, the Assistant, access to calls and messaging, without my phone. At the current pace of chip development that'll be offered in 10-15 years. By then I'll probably be wearing those smart glasses instead.

  14. Lol I got my TicWatch E last year and while it runs smoothly, the design is so unattractive. I did buy a 2nd hand Moto 360 2nd gen, changed the display and the battery and I love it. It is not as smooth as my TicWatch E but it looks so good.

  15. I have the last years tic watch pro, and I'm already wanting the Galaxy watch. It's too inconstant. When it works, it's great, but you never know if you actually get that call on your watch when you answer it, or if it won't freeze or become painfully slow. The watch band was much better though, leather outside, silicone inside.

  16. Who at Mobvoi thought that “tickle strip” would be a good name? Hopefully if they bring it back they’ll change the name too 🙃

  17. In your opinion, what is the fastest, most reliable smart watch? I am currently using a Huawei Watch 2 Sport edition, and it's ok but it's a lot slower than I'd like. Also the battery life rarely gets me through an entire day unless I turn off the always on display. (Which seems counterintuitive for a smartwatch)

  18. I really don't know why you lot voted for him to review this watch over the others. It's hardly any different and isn't really interesting.

  19. MrMobile your woice is like Ray Porter's, first time I was listineng for audiobook with Ray Porter I thought it was your voice lol 😀

  20. With all other tech review channles having millions of subscribers, the only review format and the voiceover I actually like is Mrmobile.

  21. All things considered, which is a better buy: Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle or Tic Watch Pro 4G? (Primarily for GB OF RAM, not for 4G connectivity)

  22. I'd love to have the possibility of a smartwatch that can replace my smartphone from time to time! Somebody pls announce Google to pay more attention to wear OS!

  23. From a HUGE tech nerd (I’ve owned every iPad, iPhone, at least 10 Androids, etc) but also a HUGE watch guy (started with a Tag, and after several years moved up to my current collect of Rolex/JLC/IWC (and no….. not “bragging” since I’m a random guy on the internet) and realized that this thing is NOT a watch. Sure, my wife says “why do you need to spend $XXXXX on a watch when you can just use your phone?” Well, there’s no explaining it other that “I’m a watch guy.” And if you’re not, that’s cool. But this is NOT a watch. It’s a tiny, almost unusable computer on your wrist.

  24. Great watch…I purchased it. Still a little bummed that you can't sent text messages with your voice on the watch using the Google assistant…it just crashed the watch software. But all in all its a great watch if your looking for simplicity and all day battery life…. true all day battery life.

  25. Wear OS isn´t where it should be. Could be a lot better but I feel like Google doesn´t care that much like it does with Android for Phones. It´s a shame.

  26. I have this watch after returning the laggy Tic pro.
    Using the essential mode is like buying a car and not being able to use the options. Not going to happen!

  27. The continuing lack of rotating crown in any Mobvoi Wear OS Watch is the thing that has stopped me buying one already and I agree that knurling on the top button is a bit of sneaky “false advertising” even if they didn’t advertise it, otherwise what the heck purpose does it serve? A tactile difference in low light to aid one in determining which button is on top and which is bottom? I wonder if they were considering it and only left it out at a very late date, after tooling for hardware was already locked in? As such, Leaning very much toward the new Fossil Gen 5 which – for the first time EVER in Wear OS Watch model history – appears to not have left any significant feature out of the mix! I know, I couldn’t believe it either, but it’s all there so if you want further suggestions for Watches to review, I e is wholeheartedly for the Fossil Gen 5! But yes, I have to say I finally just couldn’t get the TicWatch Pro. It is close, so close as to feel remorseful – but maybe they’ll do it with the 3rd version of TicWatch Pro (ahem, Rotating Crown!!! And 3100 for the 3rd version is a must, giving the ultimate combination of modes, as I do want the ability to have a better always on experience at times (work, gym, etc). The Mobvoi Screen is slightly but appreciablely bigger and looks better than Fossil’s even with the LCD overlay (in this newer version version anyway) as the Fossils all have an annoying and pointless screen rim of non displayable screen (or non screen display) for a few mm’s around every screen which is the only negative I’m thus far aware of. But would love your expert opinion and experience with the device, and thanks muchly for this review!!! The polish and detail is much appreciated!!!

  28. I have tried the TicWatch before, AndI think it has lagging and double screen was a negative thing for me, there is not better the clear OLED screen, the battery is so bad
    I lastly choosed Samsung Frontier and happy with it.
    TicWatch looks good, as a big screen but the experience is so bad.

  29. Apple is still smart watch king. I think almost everyone can agree on that. Samsung brings compelling options to the table, but only Apple nails pretty much everything, even battery life which is usually 2 days in my use.

  30. While a rotating crown IS a convenient feature for navigating menus and notifications it also creates a problem … At some point it'll stop working the way it should. From experience with 4 different Fossil smartwatches. I prefer this two button set-up and using the touch for navigation

  31. I love my Galaxy Watch (not the active), more n more after Wear OS watches' reviews. OneUI on Tizen is just amazing and buttery smooth. Be it the watch faces, the music controls, connectivity, activity tracking, changing slides with the rotating bezel (yup, I give a lot of presentations) and most of all the 4 day battery life with workout. The S-Health Android app sucks but that is easily solvable.

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