Thrive Market offers affordable organic goods online

– [Voiceover] The focus of the business is to make healthy living
accessible to everybody, so whether you’re low income– – Whether you’re in, you know, rural Kansas or you know, metro New York. – Our model is for every paid membership, we give a membership away. – The way the Thrive market works is we charge a $60 annual membership fee, kind of like a Costco, so think about a wholesale buying club only we’re online and we’re only for healthy,
natural, organic products. So we basically take the
Costco membership model with a Whole Foods type catalog, and then we ship those products
anywhere in the country, and because of the membership model, we’re able to charge wholesale prices that are about 25 to 50
percent below retail. About half of our membership base is in the Midwest and the Southeast. Places that are called
health food deserts. Typically, no Whole Foods nearby, often no other health food retailers. So we’re really targeting
those non-consumption markets. – Right now, Thrive is
a marketplace for food, but you also wanna expand beyond that and be a lifestyle brand. What are you gonna do beyond selling food? – So we’ve actually
been investing in being a lifestyle brand from the very beginning, but we’re first known
as a utility to be able to access all this food
at wholesale prices online at,
but we’ve also invested in recipes, courses, and videos. Our videos today are getting
about 20 million views a month. It’s DIYs, it’s, you know,
recipe, it’s fitness videos helping people understand the lifestyle and how they can get healthy very easily. – First, we launched only
with third party products, so we were selling the
best selling products from the top brands in the
natural and organic space. Now we’ve actually
launched over 60 of our own Thrive Market branded products. – The Thrive branded products, can you get those anywhere
else or only exclusively– – It’s only on our
website,, and the way that we approach it is we really look for unique
stories and supply chains so our coconut oil’s all fair
trade, ethically sourced. Our olive oil comes straight from a multi-generational farm in Greece. It’s a major part of
our business in terms of really delivering a lot
of value to our members. – So you started Thrive Market
less than two years ago. Today, you have a pretty robust business. What inspired you to
start an organic business when there’s already so
much competition out there? – Well we didn’t see anybody doing exactly what we’re doing in the market, and the mission of the business comes from a very personal place. I grew up very poor with a
single mom as a Latino immigrant and saw how hard she worked
to make healthy choices, and my step-father was
running a food co-op out of a hippie commie,
a little organic farm in Ojai, California, so
I got to see first-hand the power of group buying
as a way to make food more affordable and build a community. – The growth rate has
been absolutely breakneck. I mean, when we launched,
we were literally fulfilling out of a garage
that doubled as our office, and now we have two 350,000 square foot plus fulfillment centers. We’re doing over 200,000
dollars of sales everyday and, of course, a lot more on top of that in membership fees. That said, for us, the goal
is to solve the problem that we’re out to solve,
which is making healthy living affordable and accessible
for every American family. If that means going public, great. If it means staying as a
profitable private company, that’s fine too.

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