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hi guys this is Zoe and welcome back to
my channel as you’ve seen in the title I’m going to show you guys how I DIYed this cute bag and a pair of pants which are so instagram-worthy first of
all I forgot to show you guys what you need to make this bag so I’m just gonna
wing it as I go I bought a small tiny black bag made with probably polyester
fabric from a thrift store for around two dollars I intentionally about the
small size bag so it kind of fits the trendy style these days but if the bag
you bought does not have the silver ring on the side to connect the straps I
recommend buying these eyelet holes. I think I bought them from eBay I don’t
need them obviously so I probably use them for another project next what you
need is this white plastic chain which I got from eBay again I’ll put the link in
the description box below this is the size of the bag it’s pretty small it’s
like one of those early 2000 bags which are coming back and style really hard
these days I mean it’s pretty small but I can fit
my Galaxy S 10 in the bag so that’s all I need you know so here in order to get
rid of the original strap from the back I’m just using a pair of scissors to cut
it off then I measured how long the chain strap has to be and using this
tool which I use to make all kinds of jewelry I cut the middle of the plastic
chain to make a gap it’s kind of hard to cut it so I had to use all my energy
from my hand to cut this thing it was so hard with the gap I pushed the chain in
the silver ring to connect the strap to the back you might worry that it might
fall off easily but since the plastic is pretty thick you don’t really have to
worry about it I did this to the both sides of the
strap and yay first part is done now since this is not actually a Nike bag I
had to draw a logo it would have been nice if I had a sticker or a patch to
make it look more professional but I didn’t so I decided to find a logo on
internet and draw it myself I used this mechanical pencil to draw a
draft version of the outline so that I have a chance to erase it if I want to
actually washes off easily with water then I used this white pen I got from my
bullet journal to draw an actual white outline then using this white fabric
paint and flat brush I started coloring the logo you know like one of those
therapeutic coloring stuff you do like for adults it was
actually like that it was very therapeutic and I enjoyed it a lot
honestly I’m not really good at drawing or painting and if I could do it so can
you it was not hard at all I painted it once
and let it dry for around ten minutes and paint it again around three or four
times then here you go here is the end result doesn’t it look
super cute like it you never can say I bought this from
first time I made it I mean like if you look at closely it’s it’s kind of
obvious that you drew the logo but I mean it’s pretty cute and as long as you
have the bag, chain and fabric paint you can basically do this DIY in a few
seconds this is how I styled this bag with my outfit and I love how is super
trendy but I didn’t have to spend so much money purchasing this just a small
bag you know this bag can add so much personality to a boring outfit and I’ve
been enjoying wearing this bag everywhere next DIY is this pair of pants what you
need to begin with is this pair boring looking pair of khaki bands I think I
got this for a dollar at a third store okay so the reason why the pants I’m
showing you right now it’s different color is that I forgot to film how I cut
it and sew it in place so I’m using like that’s different but similar looking
pants to show you guys how I did it I cut the pants on one side and folded in
has to cut it on the same spot I fold at the end then hold it in place with clips
to sew them in the right place then I use the straps I bought from a dollar
store these are actually a dog strap and I felt like this these are perfect for
this project since it has buckles on it already it also comes with a silver ring
which is like a plus for the design and I extended them so that I don’t waste
any excess amount of straps so this is my plan for my pants it’s gonna be same
length I just lengthen this one that’s why it looks kind of weird and my ugly
small feet okay so this is my plan I’m just going to sew that in and also cut
like the excess amount from when you extend then I’m gonna put it on the back
so that it doesn’t it’s not like just flopping around in the back hopefully it
turns out okay while I do it I’m gonna watch down just on that I fold
the ends of the strap and sew them in place so that it has clean finish even
though I did this I don’t know why but it still came off like the thread still
came up and looked kind of very messy so I feel like I have to use a lighter to
burn the edge off I think that’s how you do it so you make you like more clean
finish anyways I’m just gonna give you guys some ASMR sewing machine moment. now I have to hold the strap and right
spot on the pants to sew them in place then I tried them on with one side finish
and I’m like okay well it looks pretty good okay it’s not bad it fits pretty
good and then I finished the other end and try them on again to see how it
looks like and it looks pretty good and here’s the end result when I hang it on
the wall it looks kind of droopy but actually looks good when I wear it in
real life I feel like you can style this with anything because of the neutral
tone colors I’ve been wearing with all kinds of different outfits and people
have been complimenting on it where and whenever I wear it and they love it more
when I say DIYed these pants it’s always a good conversation starter so
yeah this is how I made it and I hope this video gave you guys some good DIY
ideas for your next project if you have any other suggestions for me let me know
in the comment section down below and make sure to like this video and
subscribe to my channel see you in my next video bye

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  1. 대박!! 이런스타일도 리폼이 가능하다니❤️🙊 금손이네여🌸🌸 완전 멋져요😭💕

  2. I've been looking for a tutorial specifically to make these pants for a while now and these ones turned out so cute!! Thank youuu

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