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Hey what’s up? It’s Tom from Pack Hacker. In this video we’re going to be taking a look at the Cavalier T-Shirt. An
ordinary-looking t-shirt with some special coating on it that’s going to help
repel dirt and grime. To be honest with you, when I first got this shirt I didn’t
think it was going to work, but it actually kind of does what it says it’s going to do.
So let’s check it out. [upbeat music playing] So to start off with the look and feel – the look of this shirt is going to be similar to any other t-shirt out there on the market. So they
do have this grey version that you see me wearing right now, and they also have
a black and white version at the time of publishing this review. As far as
branding on the shirt goes, there is a slightly scratchy tag in the back. They
have their emblem on the sleeve here in the form of another tag. And then there’s
a bit of a rubbery emblem on the back side of the shirt. As far as the branding
goes, I think it’s pretty tasteful and it’s fine even though the logo is in
three different places. It’s minimal enough to where it’s okay.
The shirt does have an interesting quality to it. It’s not quite as flowy as
cotton, and is a little bit tackier and feels kind of rubbery in comparison to
other shirts out there. This is likely due to the coating on the shirt. Now you do get
used to this feel after a little bit; it’s not like I’m sitting here like
crinkling around in this thing. You get used to it. And it’s just something minor
that we kind of observed. It’s overall not a big deal. [upbeat music playing] So we did a bunch of testing with
different liquids and food items. Threadsmiths says this on their site, and we’ve also found it to be true, the shirt will repel water-based liquids a lot easier
than anything oil-based, and we generally found that to be true. So let’s check out
the tests. Orange juice test – even with a super potent very orange juice that just
kind of rolled off the shirt, which was cool to see. Soy sauce test – when drizzled onto the side of the shirt it really worked like a charm, but we also tried it
with like a projectile force and that soaked right into the shirt and started
creating a weak point for other liquids to begin to seep into the shirt. Now is
there going to be a real-world case when you have soy sauce hurled at you?
Probably not unless you’re in a crazy food fight. But we wanted to test this
shirt and really put it to the limits. Sriracha test – the sriracha didn’t roll
off immediately due to its thicker nature, but with a little bit of water it
came off like a charm. Mustard test – mustard is pretty thick and
this worked well once we got a little bit of water on it. [upbeat music playing] Coca-Cola test – this rolled off like a
charm, even when sprayed all over most of the
shirt. Red wine test – this worked well too. There was a lot of, kind of little
droplets were remaining because it’s red. You could see it on the shirt pretty
well. But again, just some water and this poured right off. Guacamole test – I think some of the guac started interacting with the properties
of the shirt, and upon washing it off we definitely noticed that the water did
not roll off. So maybe it was a little bit oily and it started to seep into
this shirt. Ice cream test – totally worked. Ramen test – the Ramen just kind of rolled
off the shirt and slopped onto the floor below me. The shirt generally repelled an
entire cup of broth and all the noodles. (the reaction from Lauren is also awesome)
Pizza test – just gross! This was one of the grossest tests.
I thought the oil on the pizza would do more damage to the shirt, but it ended up
washing off decently with a little bit of water. Okay so some of these tests are
a little bit ridiculous. And unless you’re living a crazy lifestyle where you
have a food fight everyday, in which case please comment below and let me know
what you do for a living. But we really wanted to kind of put this shirt to the
test and see how it interacted with different liquids, different solids,
whether it’s oil or water-based. So generally we came up with a couple of
observations. Number one – oilier products tended to seep into the shirt a little
bit more compared to water-based products. So a lot of the water-based,
it just kind of rolled off the shirt and it was pretty easy. Number two – if
liquids were thrown by force onto the shirt, those tended to penetrate the
coating a little bit more versus if they’re just kind of drizzled on top. So
if you think about an everyday spill, if somebody like throws a glass of wine at
you it’s probably gonna soak into your shirt and might even stain it. However, if
you just get some spilled at you at a party, you know somebody bumps you and gets a little bit of wine on you, it’s just going to roll off the shirt which is
actually pretty hilarious if you think about a scenario like that.
So after all this testing I felt pretty gross and dirty so I just hopped right
into the shower with the shirt on. And it kind of surprised me because the back of
the shirt that we hadn’t been testing at all, that kind of stayed dry and the
water just rolled off even despite full water pressure from a shower. [upbeat music playing] We were skeptical that the shirt would
continue to work after a bunch of washes in the washer and being through the
dryer as well. So on tumble dry low, that’s actually supposed to kind of
restore some of the liquid-repelling properties of the shirt. And it still
actually worked after that process. Now how long will this last? Will it last
months, will it last years? We’re not really sure. But depending on the time you’re
viewing this review, head over to, and we try to keep that durability
and usage timeline updated with our notes. And we’ll kind of keep track of it
and see how long it actually works for us. So thanks for taking a look at the
Threadsmiths Cavalier T-Shirt and we’ll see you in the next
review. If you like these gear reviews please consider subscribing. Support the
channel and thanks for taking a look! We’ll see you in the next video. [humorous outtakes]
Easier for the shirt to replat, repel. Water-based replel, replel. So I was skeptible. Skeptible? [snap fingers] That’s a wrap [claps]. [upbeat music playing]

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5 thoughts on “Threadsmiths Cavalier T-Shirt Review | Tech Wear & Smart Fabric Tee

  1. keep doing these videos! read your one backpack list a couple of days ago. Just ordered one wool shirt, underwear and socks. I hope I can survive with so little garment haha thank you so much for the great work

  2. I suppose you could reapply a water repellent product like what you would use on rain gear to maintain the repellent property.

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