Thone of Eldraine Brawl Decks Unboxing

We just announced the
Throne of Eldraine Brawl Decks, releasing on October 4th. These battle-tested 60 card decks allow anyone to jump into the fray! Brawl is an accessible multiplayer format with a focus on fun! Decks are led by a legendary creature and, aside from basic lands, contain only singleton
Standard-legal cards. Brawl events are a great way
to grow your community! Each deck is headlined by
a legendary foil creature and contains handpicked rares and cards designed specifically for Brawl. The decks also include
the brand new “life wheel” and two helpful inserts. Let’s unpack one deck to show what makes this product so special. The white, blue, and black
“Faerie Schemes” deck is helmed by Alela, Artful Provocateur. Each Brawl Deck is led by a commander that sets the deck’s “color identity”. These “face” cards are showcased
on the front of the packaging and all four are foil, multicolor,
legendary creatures. The deck includes a handful of cards designed to shine in multiplayer Magic, such as Banish into Fable
and Shimmer Dragon. For a new player or a player
new to the format, these decks are a great jumping-off point. Each deck also includes
powerful rare reprints. Faerie Schemes includes
Kaya’s Wrath, Smothering Tithe, and a Watery Grave. Watery Grave is part
of the “shockland” cycle, a set of two-color lands
used across many Magic formats. Each Brawl Deck contains one! The Brawl Decks have been
overloaded with incredible rares, a brand-new “life wheel,”
Brawl-ready cards, and a foil legendary creature. The decks release on October 4th,
so preorder today!

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