This week’s news without the bullshit (Week 34 2019)

Let’s rap kids. The Amazon rainforest has now been burning for several weeks, which has caused the current Brazilian government to come under criticism by the wider international community. On the surface, these fires are considered a very normal part of the region, with the dry season in Brazil seeing an increase in fire activity. With this being said, the number of fires has been significantly more than recent years, which has turned the attention to the current president, Jair Bolsonaro. Who has previously expressed his interest in developing the Amazon, rather than conserving it. Mr. Bolsonaro has commented on the situation, stating that the non-profit organizations criticizing him had started the fires, in an attempt to damage his image after recent funding cuts. Not only could no evidence be found to substantiate this claim, but a leaked Powerpoint presentation has shown that Mr. Bolsonaro has specific development projects for the region. Not only does the Powerpoint go into detail over specific infrastructure installations, but it also planned to use hate speech to isolate minorities living in the Amazon region. This is detailed further in the sources in the description. But the main takeaway is that Brazil, like other unnamed countries, is currently being run by someone who closely resembles a James Bond villain. Since the situation has come to light, the Environmental Minister of Brazil has been booed at a climate event, France has blocked a European trade deal with the country, and Finland has considered banning Brazilian beef. São Paulo also saw thousands of protesters in the streets, and estimated half a billion bees died in the fires, and Mr. Bolsonaro tells everyone to f*** off, and mind their own business. It is in the best interest of every person on Earth to preserve a forest, that provides 20% of the Earth’s oxygen. Which is why experts believe, that by simply banning Brazil from the FIFA World Cup, the entire situation would be resolved by this time next week. If we are on the topic of protesters, then we might as well give some attention to the current undisputed reigning champions. For another week the citizens of Hong Kong take to the streets, in protest against Chinese influence over the region. This week’s highlights include: The formation of a 2 million person human chain, which spanned for 50 kilometers, the dismantling of surveillance lamp posts, and more general, wholesome acts of protest. Meanwhile, YouTube took down 210 channels aimed at promoting Chinese propaganda, and protesters raise nearly 2 million dollars for an international advertising campaign. This week also saw Hong Kong citizens confirm the presence of cyanide in tear gas, footage of an old man being tortured in hospital, and a British consulate official being detained in China. At the same time, France can’t comprehend why companies making billions aren’t being taxed, the US president plans a pro-gamer move, and European nations prepare a farewell party for Britain leaving the EU. In technology: YouTube is still, unbearably, undeniably, absolutely fucking garbage, Twitter terminates 200,000 accounts for disinformation over the Hong Kong protest, and Apple hires people to listen to shit you say. In entertainment: Matrix 4 is confirmed, and will feature it’s original cast, the next James Bond gets a title, and a Breaking Bad movie is confirmed to be coming to Netflix in October. We also get a f*** ton of Disney news. The upcoming streaming service, Disney+, is confirmed to be releasing on November 12th, and will feature offline viewing, 4k streaming, unlimited downloads, and allow for simultaneous streams on up to 10 different devices. The company has also confirmed the Obi-Wan spin-off, featuring Ewan McGregor, and release trailers for The Mandalorian TV show, and The Rise of Skywalker. Meanwhile, both Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk series have been confirmed, as well as an upcoming movie featuring Kit Harington and Angelina Jolie. At the same time, Marvel also loses the rights to Spider-man over a dispute with Sony. In gaming: Kerbal Space Program 2 has been announced, a gameplay demo for Cyberpunk 2077 will release at the end of this month, bees come to Minecraft, (from the amazon rainforest lol) and Australia bans fun for the 3rd week in a row. In other news, Nestlé is still being dodgy, and Australian authorities ponder whether the nation’s most famous sex offender, should be stripped of one of the highest honors in the country. “Come Home” by Tim Minchin starts playing Thank you all for watching the video!

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100 thoughts on “This week’s news without the bullshit (Week 34 2019)

  1. Turns out the Amazon rainforest only provides around 5-10% of the earth's oxygen my mistake. Also here's the continued list of sources that didn't fit in the description:


    Matrix 4


    Breaking bad

    Disney plus

    Mrs Marvel

    She Hulk

    Kit Harrington




    Hotline Miami


    George Pell


  2. "ITS THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT, IIITS THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT, *sounds of a nuclear blast echo through the background * AAND III FEEEL FIIIIIIINNNE"

  3. Reddit recently accepted an $150 million investment from a Chinese company, Tencent. Now, r/Hong_Kong, a pro china subreddit with only 1.6k subscribers, shows up first when searching for r/HongKong. r/HongKong doesnt even show up when typing a search.


  4. President of Brasil mr balls out here has some daddy issues if he’s gonna be choking everyone on earth like that by killing the amazon and 10% of our oxygen.


  6. Just a friendly reminder if those of you in Australia want to experience the best games ever made the devs for Hotline Miami gave you guys permission to pirate the game!

  7. Hey guys, I wanted everyone here to know that the widely unknown fires in Central Africa are even more numerous than those in the Amazon. Look it up guys. Scary shit

  8. boycott disney plus!!!! They're going to destroy all other competition, netflix, amazon prime, etc, and monopolize the market. Then, they are going to raise prices to absurd amounts once its the only decent service!!

  9. The Amazon rainforest consumes most of the oxygen it makes during the night when it can't use photosynthesis to create usable energy stores. If we lost 10-20% of our oxygen production in the Amazon, we'd also lose 10-20% of our oxygen consumption. Not too big of a deal, save for native species.

  10. Hongkongers are resilient as fk.
    Detecting cyanide in tear gas??? Universe brain move

    Hope things turn out in their favor.

  11. The Onion is going to shut down because they can't make fake news thats crazier then real life

    "Nuke the hurricane"

  12. And they wonder why the younger generations are fkn depressed constantly. There's everything short of a world war going on at the same time!

  13. Hey guys I’m in a gc on Instagram and need to win this vote for the gc to continue please go here and vote gamer on the story please bros this means a lot

  14. What I find incredible is that these news topics show more and more how big corporations and governments are increasingly working against the interest of individuals.

  15. the amazon doesn't make 20% of all the oxygen in the planet, all forests in the world only makes 24% of all the oxygen in the planet, seaweeds make 80% of all the oxygen in the world, yet we're still polluting, now fuck off with the "lung of earth" shit

  16. Uh, doesn't the trees use the same ammount of oxygen they provide? I believe most of the oxygen we use comes from phytoplanktons >3>

  17. "You're depressed??? You're a young kid full of spunk!!! How can you be depressed?!?!"
    take a wild fuckin' guess, debra

  18. Australia is really infringing on the freedom of speech of game devs at this point lol.
    I would expect nothing more from a country that allows itself to be disarmed

  19. Nothing about the international 9 even though an Australian on the winning team??? although yes arguably more important news was here. Thanks Sir Swag

  20. Damn haven’t been coming up in my feed in a while. Glad to get this channel back after I had forgotten. Love your videos

  21. What about the stuff happening between India and Pakistan regarding Kashmir? Still fantastic video

  22. 1:12 at this point the title is ironic.

    “Use hate speech to further isolate the minorities in the Amazon” who the fuck thinks of that as a plan?

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