This week’s news without the bullshit (Week 13 2019)

Welcome to this week’s news without the
bullshit. Let’s get started. The European Parliament has voted in favour
of Article 13 this week, which concerns changes to online copyright laws. The new laws, will force online platforms
to be legally responsible for any copy righted content they host, and is designed to allow
smaller online sites to become more competitive, and for artists and musicians, to better negotiate
their revenue sources. This however, does pose a problem for many
online sites, including YouTube, who will now be responsible for ensuring no copyrighted
content, appears on their platform. This is where a lot of criticism for Article
13 comes into place, as it will force much tighter up load filters of what can, and can’t
be shown. From the amount of fucking times, this channel
has videos falsely flagged as not safe for advertisers, I find it hard to believe that
any tech giant, could successfully distinguish-copyrighted content, from an original creation, to an
acceptable accuracy. The entire fabric of the internet will be
left in a much less Wild West state, and it’s understandably concerning, for anyone who
uses any major content sharing site, is an online content creator, or simply a meme enthusiast. The Council of the European Union, will have
a final vote on the issue, on the 9th of April, and it may still be repealed if a key European
country, votes against the new laws. Meanwhile, drilling in the arctic gets banned
again, Sexy voice man really likes bees, and New York decides to get rid of plastic bags. Let’s check up on Venezuela. The entire country is still faced with intermittent
blackouts, humanitarian aid continues to be rejected, and the 2 main political entities
blame each other. The current president, Uncle Roscoe has refused
to reject the 100 Russian troops who arrived in the country last week, while the now United
states supported Jaws, states that a mass mobilisation is already being prepared called
“Operation Freedom”. It is worth mentioning that around 90% of
Venezuela’s export revenue comes from massive oil reserves in the country. Do with that information what you will. At the same time, 6 million signatures call
for the cancellation of Brexit, A Spanish Zoo forgets about relocating its animals after
closing, and Gibraltar decides to ban balloons. In technology, a Net neutrality bill inches
forward past pie boy, Apple wants a sesame street style show that teaches children how
to code, and AirBnB now owns 20 percent of the consumer lodging market in the United
states. In entertainment, Bohemian Rhapsody releases
in china, but removes all scenes that include any mention of homo sexuality. Audience members struggle to keep up with
the story, of one of the most famous homo sexual men of all time. An outstanding move all round. Meanwhile, Mark Hammil will be the voice of
Chucky in the new remake, the next James bond movie reportedly starts filming, Futurama
is now 20 years old, and Keanu Reeves solidifies himself as one of the most wholesome actors
working today. In other news, Boston dynamics are one step
closer to making the terminator movies real, and French people have now been protesting
for the 20th week in a row.

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100 thoughts on “This week’s news without the bullshit (Week 13 2019)

  1. So literally the world is going to end in 4 solid ways that movies have shown…..what a time to be alive

  2. Bro, you still haven’t included how the last ISIS stronghold was conquered, and that happened a few weeks ago

  3. "Boston Dynamics is one step closer to making the Terminator movies real"
    Amazing. When do we get the Handle-185?

  4. At some point the internet is going to be so bad that the "This week's news without the bullshit is just gonna be" EVERYTHING IS GOING TO SHI-" and then THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN TAKEN DOWN IN YOUR COUNTRY

  5. How about we take over the eu hq by force and hold them at gunpoint and force them to revert article 13 in the name of memes

  6. To everybody that doesn't live in the EU(and to guys that live in the EU but don't know much about the logistics and how EU works):
    Assuming it passes the EU Council vote(which is a 50/50 chance), that means the EU member states have 2 years to implement relevant legislation that follows Article 11 and 13 UNLESS either:a) there already is copyright legislation in place or b) the EU legislation would come in conflict with local laws.
    Even IF the member states of the EU don't implement this retarded piece of legislation, besides fines and cutting some of the benefits, the EU has no solid means of enforcing the said legislation.
    So keep calm and tell the EU to fuck off

  7. So wait, they took a film about a gay singer, and cut out all the scenes referencing homosexuality? What even is left of that film, a short teaser clip?

  8. You know, I really love getting news this way. It's like setting the vegetables aside, because feeding us the greens is bullshit as a kid.

  9. You got to hand it to the guy, he tried his best not to literally just say that article 13 is complete bullshit

  10. Shout out to Sukeban Games, a group of game devs based Venezuela for staying alive and informing their fans.

  11. You forgot to mention how Russia just stepped in Venezuela and said they can damn well do whatever they please there. Hm, bias I see?

  12. The internet will just adapt to Article 13. New platforms will be made most likely and the ones we use today will be shut down. Nothing bad is going to happen.

  13. Great operation freedom is just another excuse to invade destroy militarize and convert just in the name of oil. Don’t believe me? Bush did the same thing in the Middle East. Oil is the only reason.

  14. You could have talked about the ongoing Algerian “revolution”. It’s pretty interesting and deserves more screen time then it’s getting in western media.

  15. “French people have been protesting for the 20th week in a row now.”

    cue the super upbeat and happy music

  16. nobody knows. it depends on the member states now, how they interpret article fteen (its 17 now). and then there is vpn. off you go.

  17. Every one is saying how bad article 13 is but… a sesame street coding show from apple!?!?!?!?!?! is already the worst thing probabltly ever and now apple wants this?! Send Help!

  18. Venezuela: no help is needed for our obviously shitty socialist society
    USA: but wait… I SMELL OIL

  19. That feeling when London
    This comment has been deleted because it contains copyrighted material from London, England, which is a Trademarked Nation, and doesn’t follow the rule of Article 13.

  20. I don’t care if Article 13 turns Euro-tube into a trash heap of nothingness or the exact opposite. The only thing that matters is that Article 13 wasn’t an elected decision. The citizens did not vote for it.

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