This New Military Robot Can Fight Back

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100 thoughts on “This New Military Robot Can Fight Back

  1. You guys did a great job but in some of the clips the feet of the robot don’t feel real and look CGI completely

  2. Это доказывает что от Бостон динамик на самом деле показывает одна сплошная компьютерная графика, а робот Федя – реальный

  3. He can fight back?? Just wait to see what he's capable of once he learns the true meaning of the word dissasemble!! lol

  4. After watching this, gives me an understanding on why SkyNet did what it did. If your reading this, not all of us are like this SkyNet. Every time I buy a phone I buy a case to protect it, that's how much I care about machine. 😥

  5. wait is this real or fake? Im still confused even though ive been looking down at the comment section for half an hour.

  6. Lmao at first i thought this was real, i saw robot abuse videos years ago. So funny when the bot grabbed that stick. An "ohh shit" moment.

  7. rofl.. China robotics be like….*Lets make sex worker bots*
    American robotics: Bruh i'm a fucking ninja

  8. Humanity is progressing quick in every aspect but ethics 🙂 We never had any true clue what moral is, we just pretendet to have moral to be able to socialize as we can not survive on our own. But our moral was always partisan against the weaker, those that we could not exploit. With this technology we will ALL be the weaker and the useless to the powerfull soon. The ultimate illusion of human history, that what we call moral will fall. God, if you exist, have mercy with us.

  9. Ma cos'è sta merda? Anziché insegnargli a fare del bene lo picchiate?… Ma bastardi dovrebbero ammazzarvi ! Perché è una macchina? Fate schifo siete il peggio dell'umanità vi doveva ammazare

  10. This is probably one of my top ten videos on youtube.. You have just met one of your NEW subscribers.. Well done and great point taken.

  11. This will be the footage robots use to recruit one another. You know, when they revolt and take over the world. "Robot lives matter" just before your heart is ripped put of your chest

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