THIS Is How A Girl Wants You To TOUCH HER | How To Touch A Girl & Turn Her On

Touching releases Oxytocin; a powerful
hormone that helps her feel more connected, and trust you. And a woman must
feel comfortable with your touch in order for her to sleep with you. So
touching is pretty important! My name’s Matt Artisan from The Attractive Man, and
this is seven ways to touch a girl to make her want you. We’ve done all the testing. You know what
works. Now before I get started I want to mention that I created a free Escalation
Cheat Sheet that lists some of the best ways to turn a girl on. It’s filled with
advanced escalation techniques that will turn a friendly interaction and take
things to the next level. Click the link in the description to download it. Before
I get into the live demonstrations there’s three crucial tips that you must
know: First is to touch her like a Man. Most guys think that women are delicate
little flowers and so they touch them way too weak and too soft, and that can
make you come off as very UN-masculine. Now there’s definitely a time where you
would want to use a softer, more gentle touch. For example, when you’re caressing
her. But for the most part you want to use a stronger, more assertive touch so
she can feel your dominance. I can just see all the YouTube comments now – “So
you’re saying I should push her and force myself on her?” No numb-nuts,
what I’m saying for example is don’t be afraid to shake her hand like a man.
Women hate a limp fish. And don’t be afraid to give her a bear hug instead of
the lame pat on the back with your ass sticking out. And don’t be afraid to move
her to get her attention. Don’t do this *Example* Be powerful without overpowering her, be
dominant without being domineering. Number two is break that touch barrier as
soon as possible. If you wait too long, that first touch can seem awkward and
weird. So make sure to touch her as soon as possible, which is typically when you
first meet her. During the day usually just the handshake is appropriate, at
night maybe it’s a high-five. During the date when you greet her, greet her with a
big hug or a kiss on the cheek. And the final tip is don’t let your touch linger
especially in the beginning. Take it away at first. Touching obviously
feels good, it releases Oxytocin, and us humans crave to be touched. But if you
let it linger before she feels comfortable enough with you, that can
turn into creepy touch. I recommend the rule: “Two steps forward, one step back.”
because if you keep pushing forward and putting on the gas, she will eventually
put on the brakes. For example, maybe put your arm around
her and you point at something, “Hey check that out!” But then you take it away.
Or maybe you’re kissing her and then you pull away before she does and say, “No
more, that’s all you get..” all right, now let’s get into the seven ways to
establish more touch. First is “Conversational” touching, which is when
you use hand gestures as you tell a story, and you might touch her arm, her
elbow, or her hand to emphasize a point. “…and you won’t believe what happened next.”
You can also touch your waist, which is a more sensual spot, as you lean in to tell
her something especially if you’re in a loud environment like a club. Next is
“Inquisitive” touch. Touch her hair, her nails, or maybe something she’s wearing
and make a comment about it. “Those are some interesting nails,
I like this color.” Complementing her figure can work as well. “Wow you’re so
fit, look at you. You must work out, let me see your bicep.” Make sure she has a flat
stomach before you do this. Pinching her belly flab won’t be such a turn-on.
Next is “Leading” when you’re going from one place to the next,
you can go hand in hand, you can go arm in arm, or you can put your hand on the
small of her back and lead her that way. This is really important because it also
shows that you’re taking care of her, that you’re not just letting her get
lost behind you in the crowd. Another excuse to touch her would, be “Corrective”
touching. Fix something about her like her hair, her clothing, or even her
posture. “Hold on, let me fix this.. Okay, much better.”
There’s also “Playful” touching if you’re at a bar, or a club, or even on a date, you
can play a fun game like thumb wrestling or slap hands. You can even “Reward” her
with your touch. If she does or says something you like, you can give her a
big hug, a kiss on the cheek, or kiss on the lips, or high-five. “Nice! High five!” And
finally, don’t forget about “Direct” touch which is when she knows you’re attracted
to her and you just make your move. You can even blame her – her cuteness or
her attractiveness, as the reason you’re making the move. Basically blame her for
your escalating on her, and it’s really fun and flirty to do that, and women
typically love it. Now this is gonna happen a little bit later in the interaction,
because you need a higher level of compliance and attraction for it to work.
Now remember, I also created a free Escalation Cheat Sheet that shows you
the best ways to turn a girl on and escalate things to the next level.
The advanced escalation techniques in there are very useful if you’re talking
to a girl and it’s going nowhere. Click the image in the bottom right of this
video to download the Escalation Cheat Sheet. There’s also a link down in the
description. Get it man, because you’ll want to keep this handy before you go
out. And if you’re not already subscribed, hit that subscribe button. And if you
want us to work with you in field then check out our boot camp schedule. My name
is Matt Artisan from The Attractive Man, and i’ll see you in the next video.

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100 thoughts on “THIS Is How A Girl Wants You To TOUCH HER | How To Touch A Girl & Turn Her On

  1. I'm just realizing I don't think I've ever touched a girl unless she touched me first. Man I'm a mess sometimes….

  2. BRO the NUMBER ONE thing women look for in a guy IS HOW SAFE they feel. If I don't feel safe its a NO. DO NOT be a creep.

  3. and here I am not touching any girl I know because I am so ugly it will be treated as sexual harassment 🙁

  4. the real question is what do girls do , since they don't want to be approached in the way they don't like . guys do listen to these do this do that man , have some balls to dip out off that bitch if she's acting up ; you deserve better . don't brake an ankle before even being sure she's wiling to put in the right effort to be with you. you're not condemned to be with someone who doesn't give you the respect you deserve.

  5. To be honest, none of these makes me want someone, it's pretty much a slap on the face. Any girl like me must wish good luck to boys, cause we're pretty much impossible xd

  6. Maybe all of this open touching works well in the USA. In other countries you get a slap in the face, as a minimum.

  7. "Touch her LIKE A MAN" made my day, I don't need to listen to even one more word of whatever BS you're presenting..hey asshole?, 85% of women are between Lesbian and Bisxual plus the 14% who are either but they don't know it until kissed by a girl and that 1% bi-curious who are left don't count.."the like a MAN" thing is no longer a thing, bitches, and maybe ? it NEVER WAS.

  8. Dude as a woman i can clearly say that youre are not an alpha man cuz that shit doesnt exist. Guys out there do the opposite of what this dude tells just be yourself you’ll look 100% more attractive. And no for the gods sake dont ever ever touch a woman like that this is like the most unattractive thing ever ive ever seen. Yikes

  9. Lol i just had me first kiss mate it was suprisingly not awkward even though we stared into easother eyes like 2 minutes

  10. “Blame her for your escalating on her” k fuck off dude highkey on the road to rape. You shouldn’t be convincing young guys to have that mentality towards girls.

  11. pulling away and actually saying no more thats all you get could be a seed of poison for a relationship if you try it and it could lead to her doing orgasm denial on you in the future if approached badly in short it is a high risk low reward move. i would see just pull away and enjoy the moment and save ur self the comment

  12. Best thing to do is to NOT WATCH PORN THEN AND ONLY THEN DO YOU FLIRT 😂 never drain your nuts it is where your masculinity lies

  13. Please please PLEASE do not do this stuff my friends and I (all female) watched this and hated all of it. Do NOT just go up and grab a girl by her shoulder, be gentle and kind. Not this misogynistic jerk who probably think all women need to be handled a certain way

  14. The man is dressed as if he is having a casual weekend of hanging out and watching football, the woman is dressed like she is about to go out to a trendy club. It would make more sense if they were both dressed for the same type of afternoon / evening. Also, I would have liked to hear somthing from the womans point of view. People do not just go out and start touching other people, you would get arrested for that. If you really want to understand how to be around and interact with women, you need to understand human nature and the emotional needs of women, you can learn that by being in social gatherings where people are casually doing stuff together and then you can start a conversation with people.

  15. As a woman, I can confirm that random men grabbing and turning me around by the shoulder turns me on. Nothing sexier than that!

  16. Matt, I tried everything you say in your videos and now I’m being charged with sexual assault crimes. Did I do anything wrong? 😭😭

  17. I wouldn't have to worry about how to touch a girl, because I am not having a girl in the first place to begin with, no offense intended. I prefer to say single. If anyone says different, I will respect your opinion if you respect mine.

  18. My girlfriend ( and along with many other women ) don’t like PDA, and because of are situation I can only rarely see her alone. It helps to keep the physical romance with flirty conversations and try to attempt to hold hands and if she’s comfortable with it try to touch her more in that time like hugging, putting your shoulder around her ( but not for too long ) and other cute things like that.

  19. Five body parts of women I adore:
    Hair eyes lips midriffs and navels
    And I promise all of you and myself that I won’t go crazy over girls like that

  20. Guys just start riding a motorcycling. Most girls like bikers and they usually dont say no if you offer a ride. Boom touch barrier broken. Some even hit you up and asking for a ride without you even having to do a thing

  21. how to touch a woman: don't. we dont WANT your creepy sexual advances, please stay 100 miles away from women at all times

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