“This Accessory May Not Be Supported” on iPhone, iPad, or iPod? The Fix!

Hi guys, David and David here from Payette
Forward, and in this video, we’re going to explain why your iPhone says “This Accessory
May Not Be Supported”. And real quick, I’ll just show you what that
looks like. A little pop-up appears, “This Accessory May
Not Be Supported”. You can tap this to make it go away. Now, why is this happening? Right, this happens because the accessory
is not MFi-certified, usually. There are other reasons, but this is the main
one. So, MFi certification and it stands for made
for iPhone, iPad, and iPod and it is given by Apple to certain companies that produce
very high-quality iPhone accessories. As you can imagine, a poorly made accessory
will damage your iPhone. So Apple shuts off the ability for those accessories
to work with your iPhone. So, how do we know if the accessory is MFi-certified? Great question, because if you go to your
gas station, you’ll see a bunch of Lightning cables for four dollars a piece. Yeah, probably not MFi-certified. But if you find cables like the one in the
Payette Forward Shop this little thing that says Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod. Yep, you’ll see this logo on every MFi-certified
device. You might have to look for it, but it’s usually
on the back or in this case, it’s written on the front. A lot of iPhone cables are not MFi-certified. Look for this. If you don’t see this on an accessory that
you’re going to buy for your iPhone, don’t buy that accessory because even if it works
for today, it’s not going to work in a month because of software updates. Yeah a lot to do with MFi certification. So before we jump into the other reasons why
this could happen, we just recommend restarting your iPhone real quick. It could be a minor software issue a restart
could fix. iPhone 6s and earlier, press and hold power
button swipe slide to power off across the screen. Yep, 7 iPhone 7 & 8, press and hold the power
button everything slide top of the screen. iPhone X, side button and either volume button. Hold it. Slide the power off. So what’s the other reasons why your iPhone
may say “This Accessory May Not Be Supported”? First of all, maybe there’s something wrong
with your charging port, right? So as I said before the MFi certification
is only detected if the authentication chip is able to be read by your iPhone so the port
can’t be dirty. You have to brush out debris. A lot of times debris, gunk, or lint can accumulate
in there. Use an static brush or an unused toothbrush. That’s probably is the best bet for most people. Yep. Third reason could be the accessory itself. Maybe, that’s the right. Yeah, if the end of your accessory is corroded
or if there’s some dirt on it and one of these little tiny pins can’t be read by your iPhone. If you have one of the Apple Lightning cables
and it gets frayed like this, well, then even the Apple may say “This Accessory May Not
Be Supported” because it’s really damaged. So the next step is to update iOS. Yep. How do we do it? Well open the Settings app. Here, we’ll do it together. Yeah, scroll down tap General. Tap software update. And if an update is available, right, tap
download install. David’s a little bit ahead of me right now,
and I’m stuck in iOS 11. So if you updated iOS and this is still happening
or if an update just isn’t available, it’s time to explore your repair options. If it’s a problem with your accessory go to
that manufacturer, right and we’re saying repair it but generally these types of Manufacturers
aren’t exactly the most reputable great. I mean if you did get an accessory that is
definitely MFi-certified from a good company, definitely go to them and say, hey it’s not
working! They probably need to give you a new one,
but if you go the gas station to try and return it at the gas station because the person at
the gas station could have absolutely no idea what you’re talkin about. Right? If it’s an issue with the charging port, the
Lightning Port, we recommend the Apple Store or Puls, an on demand service. They’ll send the tech to you fix the problem
on the spot. And I used to work at a gas station, so like
it’s not that I’m saying the gas station people, you know, they don’t know what they’re talkin
about because I would have known, but most people in the world don’t know. So sorry gas station employees. That’s what to do in your iPhone says “This
Accessory May Not Be Supported” and how to fix the problem. Usually, it’s just a MFi certification issue. Thank you guys for watching this video give
a thumbs up. If you enjoyed leave a comment down below
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100 thoughts on ““This Accessory May Not Be Supported” on iPhone, iPad, or iPod? The Fix!

  1. I'm using my friends phone, but that's not the point. I powered off my iPhone like you said, and now it's dead. I don't even think it's charging anymore at this point. I swear, iPhones are giving me more and more reasons to hate it. I might as well buy a Samsung.

  2. This is a really bad help video
    This is obviously a sponsored video
    Don’t put the word ‘fix’ in the title If it doesn’t fix the problem
    All you have done is said how to avoid it possibly happening

  3. It helped its cause there was something on my phone charger ty for not making me buy a new one i scrapped it off and I didn’t even see it so guys it dowas s work

  4. I need help. I have an iPhone 7plus and my past chargers have been acting up like this. I have had like 5 chargers this year because they seem like they don’t wanna work with my phone. And my dad thinks I’m just not letting my phone charge by itself. I’m thinking it’s my phone. Please help…

  5. You can just dismiss it then put it back in and do it again till it doesn’t say that you can’t use the accessories then it will charge by itself, that’s what I did and it worked but it kept stopping but you could just put it back and repeat so the message leaves and you can charge in peace😴

  6. This slightly helped but I don’t have any of these problems other than I bought this iPhone it came with the phone and now it won’t work

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  11. I give it a shot 1st i get a hair blower to clean my iphone 7 plus charging plug . 2nd cleaned the plug pin charger and it worked.

  12. i was using my computer and left my phone charging it went to 98 now it’s 80 percent when i went to check my phone it said accessory may not be supported

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  15. Cables came with my iPhone is triggering this error. Most of us are having this issue not because the accessories are not MFI certified.

  16. Guys try this plug the charger in that don’t work then unplug then if you have another charger plug that one in unplug that then shut off your phone turn it on plug the charger in that didn’t work and that should do it

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