This $150 HDMI Cable Boosts Image Quality.. WHAT??

(Sighs) I gotta be honest guys ! Don’t really know what to say here? It’s like i don’t even Know which way is up anymore.. I mean I looked in the right direction but i think you get what I mean Okay so marseille Claaaaims That It’s Special Em m Cables Can Improve Image quality for Both Games and video content But Surely It’s snake oil i Mean the Claims on the box couldn’T Possibly be true could they Well We’ve done literally Hours of video capture so you can see for Yourself [intro music] Corsairs Boyd Pro Gaming Headsets feature Microfiber mesh Fabric and Memory Foam ear Cups as Well as custom Tuned 50 millimeter Neodymium Drivers Check them Out at the link Below from the Get Go the M cable Stands out As a Little different from The Other hdmi’s on One end an Hdmi connector Labeled Source okay i’m with you so far then on the other end an hdmi connector and a Usb Connector Well What It turns out is that This is to power the digital Signal processor That Marseilles Claims to have Designed from the Ground Up for video processing and then Built Into the cable i mean to say That my Bs detector TRIGGERED Good Would be a gross understatement We all i mean Literally Everyone in the office thought That This Thing Would Be Great fodder for our Useless Tech Over a Hundred Series i mean look at The Obviously Faked Results in the Marketing materials i Mean if if if those are real You are getting some Magic grade Upscaling on The cinema one and for the gaming Edition you’re getting anti aliasing Without Any performance Loss Spoiler Alert It is not as good as the box might indicate but Don’t Turn that Dial folks This one gets real interesting before We Get to testing though a Set-Up guide n m Cables Upscaling Only Works if The output Matches the content resolution so for a 480P Game or movie You have to actually set your TV or monitor? To that resolution Rather Than Just stretching it to youR native one in software Second The M cable cinema’s 1080P to 4k upscaling Relies on detecting A 1080P 24 fps Signal This is Their film mode recognition feature starting With The Gaming Edition hmm at native Resolution They’re processing Isn’t doing the Windows desktop Any favors That’s a Drawback Now Let’s fire up some games What the Frak This Is rise of The Tomb raider at 720P you’re seeing this right It Looks like anti-Aliasing is on Well okay Let’s Just grab a Regular Hdmi cable and Whit’s Seriously and This is not isolated to tomb raider we’re looking at Significantly Smoother Diagonal Lines Across The Board and look at These cables at The Beginning of The deus ex Mankind Divided Benchmark at 1080P the improvement is noticeable as well If a Little smaller so It Looks Like It’s not Just Upscaling But Actually providing Aaa and Pretty Decent Anti-Aliasing at That i Mean Compared to running 8x Msaa on Your video card in deus ex we’re not quite there But we’re doing Way Better Than Fx. Aaa and Stacking 8x nsaa with the end cable Gives us even Better Results As for running Two M cables in Series Though Most People Probably Wouldn’t like The over sharp Effect but csgo Players take note of These Shimmering Model Outlines Let’S go back to one cable then But Let’s Throw some older Games like Quake 2 or Unreal at it Whoa at 480P the difference is night and day It Basically Looks Like 720P and At 720P it’s not as dramatic but The improvement is there So at this point we were thinking well ok the lower the resolution the better Then right Well While an M cable WouLd Go Great with a PlayStation 3 or a Playstation 2 Even on an hdmi converter Unfortunately You can Only Go back so far super Mario World Really didn’t Look its best with the M cables Current scaling Algorithm Anyway and we Think one with a Scan line Generator or pixel art Scaling Like hqx —-Builtin Would Make It Much more Ideal for retro gaming assuming That Marcy’s Claims With respect to input Leg hold true and Actually more Good news if There’s Any Leg our 240 fPs camera can’t detect It so That’s another win for M cables Marketing so other Than the Still Clearly Faked screenshot comparisons on the box the gaming Edition Somehow passes the Snake-Oil test But What about the cinema version At 480p Upscaled To 1080P anime Really Sees a Major Bump in Visual Fidelity Although Color banding Can Get Exacerbated Somewhat Pay particular Attention to the Lines of inori’s face and the cracks in the Ground Big Buck Bunny Sees Significant smoothing of its Blockiness Especially Around The Edges of objects Which is what we’d Expect from this filter By Now and as for A 480p YouTube Rip From Brandon’s Red Weapon Review take one look at The difference in this scene with Max in the forest and Tell me that that Doesn’t look Significantly Better When Shown These Results The Universal response at The office Was and i quote What the Fuck That’S 480p are you sure you didn’t mix it up Yeah we’re sure as for 720p Sharpened Edges Still give The Edge Haha to the m cable in anime While big buck Bunny sees details That were fuzzy in 480p subscale That Now Looked Relatively Sharp and Meanwhile Our Red capture still looks Pretty Good At 720p on its own But Depth and Sharpness of Smaller details both Get a Big Boost Check Out the Reflection on max’s Eyes and her hair in this shot at 1080P on like the gaming Edition The sharpening effect Just Isn’t as Necessary or Pronounced but What It does do Is remove Blocking artifacts and improve the Dynamic range of compressed content since 1080P content TyPically has Fewer artifacts on YouTube Than Lower resolutions we’re seeing a more pronounced effect Which is Great news for internet streaming When Upscaling to 4k our 1080 footage Looks noticeably Sharper Compared to a normal hdmi cables 1080P output and Here we can See clearer improvements on small details like Max’s hair though? Compared to true 4k output there is visible Fringing on the edge of Her face so it’s not as good as clean 4K but Definitely Better Than 1080P Now a prime Helpfully Pointed Out That these are all Things that he could do with premiere and photoshop But Until he can do it 224 to 60 scenes per second Without a noticeable Delay i’ll continue being Impressed by the em cable Leading Us to the conclusion then These Things Actually Work But Would i recommend them for a Hundred and Fifty Us dollars with a Couple of Improvements It Actually Becomes a No-brainer I’d like to see a scaler Toggle on the gaming Edition so that Doesn’t mess with my text on the desktop and i’d like to see Flashable firmware with specialty filters for Certain Applications Like Retro Gaming But There are definitely Folks Out there that i’d Recommend it for Today Like anime fans with large Low resolution Collections console Gamers As Long As You don’t go to retro and Anyone Who does a Lot of web content streaming Keeping in Mind of Course the display Resolution Caveat so i can’t believe I’m Saying This but Great Job murr Say It Doesn’t go down like This often but you Shocked us Mass Drop Is the place to go to Get Great Deals on curated items sourced by the community for The community and This One Looks Pretty Freakin Awesome This is the Mass Drop Vast Curved Gaming Monitor it’S 35 inches corner-To-Corner It features an Four Wide resolution of 34 40 By 1440 two milliseconds response Times free Sync for you amd Users Out there Support for A 100 hertz refresh Rate a 2500 to 1 contrast ratio and it’s available Right Now through Math Drop for only 5 $49.99 Whoa so check It out at the link Below so thanks for Watching Guys iF this video Sucked You know what to do but if It Was awesome Get Subscribed Hit that Like Button Or check Out the link to where to buy the stuff we Featured in the video description Also Down There’s Our Merch Store Which has cool shirts Like This one and our community forum Which you should Totally Join

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100 thoughts on “This $150 HDMI Cable Boosts Image Quality.. WHAT??

  1. I kinda wish you guys would have used a framemeister for hdmi out to test 240p signals instead of relying on connecting the console directly to the tv.

  2. I think all it’s just doing is using micro contrast changes. lolol linus: “improves/increases the dynamic range!” ….bruh it clearly does not with those shadows being more crushed. Also, looks like oversharpening than true detail except on that anime which looked really good.

  3. So I can use it for playing on 1440p monitor at 1080p and i will see better quality with same fps on same videcard?

  4. Well the results are there but im good ill stick to ne 5$ cables amd a few of my 10$ back ups like is that tiny tiny tiny bit of clarity really important absolutely not those cable are for the ppl who have the money spend and want the best stuff out

  5. Linus use 2 Mclassics together, then combine it with 2 Mcables.

    I wanna see the insanity that is absurd levels of Marseille anti aliasing.

  6. Does anyone know of a capture card that is compatible with this?? My Elgato Game Capture HD doesn't pick it up

  7. Aell those people that say cables dont make a difference should wat h this the color and brightness looked slightly different and of course sharoness but still they still make differences people dontunderstand hdmi cables akme even make a wider color palette but no some so called professionals say a 10 dollar hdmi does the same as fiber optic hdmi cords and silver plated ones oh yeah each hdmi cable does the same thing and should look the same my ass I've had a few all dis something slightly different the one I have now adds color like noticable amount of richness

  8. I borrowed some to test on the ps3 and xbox 360 on a 65" 4k TV and was blown away at the difference it made, the dvds I was playing even looked way better and that was the gaming edition, shame there so expensive. I will definitely get some when they come down in price for older technology

  9. At 4:15 does anyone know what adapter that is to plug 2 hdmi together? I'm getting the MClassic with the 2 cables on indiegogo soon & wanna get that adapter.

  10. Am I the only one who thinks that in most cases it looks like shit

    I mean I'd much rather have blur than badly looking AA
    Maybe it just doesn't look good on my phone, I don't know.

  11. too bad its 150, for that much i could go up a TIER of graphics card even with inflation lol, looks good for retro gaming imo

  12. The sad thing is that every modern tv/av receiver is supposed to have an "advanced" upscaler biult in. Yet all they usually do is convert the video to 1080p/4k with completely no enhancement.

  13. I was screaming bullshit from the title, but damn. I will wait for the price to drop, because if sell my card with that $150 I could upgrade. As is, this would be a $50 cable and that's my price point.

  14. WOW finally a "premium cable" that actually process the image or sound….. this is the only cable company that isnt snake oiling their way to be rich… i mean charge me a 10k audio cable. but it better make me breakfast 2. or made out of enough gold to cover the cost.

  15. If anyone is interested in some comparison videos here is one of Astral Chain upscaled to 1440p via the Mclassic.

  16. Would this cable work for my Switch and my TV? The part about setting matching resolutions on the PC has me concerned since the switch is always dynamically changing up resolutions.

  17. if you REALLY want to talk about some insane cables, you should look into Transparent Audio. they make analogue audio and power cables that cost tens of thousands of dollars. and the insane part is it actually DOES make a difference. as i understand it, a lot of the success of the company is in the specs of the wire they have manufactured for them (as in DARPA and NASA dont require this level of purity in their copper, etc.). it's pretty fascinating stuff, you should check them out.

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