Think Tech 2011 Sizzle Reel

TOM WOTZLEN: People have not
been approaching simultaneous usage in a very dynamic way. MARTY COLLINS: So whether you’re
talking about the big screen being the TV, or the
middle screen being the computer, the small screen being
the phone or the tablet, we’re really interested in
understanding what the connection between all
those experiences is. MICHAEL SLINGER: I think that
more and more, people are learning that the web, the
entire web, is available in your pocket, 24/7. MOIRA DAVIS: When we’re working
with the four screens, to us, it’s really about the
best screen available. And our focus is providing
content to our fans based on their need state. And if it’s live video that
we’re putting out there, we want them to be able to consume
it, where, when, and how they want. RUSS LARAWAY: So one thing that
I’ve learned, is I think we’re really good at helping
marketers connect an ultimate conversion or a purchase from
a consumer, back to their marketing activity. AVINASH KAUSHIK: With LG
Electronics or American Eagle or any company having to
[UNINTELLIGIBLE], there’s a big QR code. And when you scan the QR code,
actually there are tracking parameters to the URL that send
you to their mobile or desktop website. TOM WOTZLEN: People are thinking
about screens as standalones, and so they’re
launching a campaign here, and that same campaign over there,
or a different one. But they’re not trying to
provide an integrated experience between the multiple
handheld screens and the television, despite the fact
that 70%, it appears, of people with pads or mobiles are
using those at the same time they’re watching TV.

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